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Get that art photographed.

It’s that time of spring again and this time it’s an anniversary – Gallery Weekend is turning 10 years already! Who would’ve thought… There’ll be plenty of amazing gallery shows, opening, performances and events. But where to go first!?!?
However, most of the mega-shows at the big galleries will be on view for a couple of weeks, and they’re always a bit too crowded during Gallery Weekend, so you won’t see much of the actual works anyway.
We suggest you go for more fun activities and discover the lesser known spots of the Berlin art scene in the coming days. We asked Berlin’s art connoisseurs extraordinaire – Niche Berlin – to let us know which galleries and performance we’d better not miss.

In case you want to know more about this city’s artists, art spaces and studios, we seriously recommend you book a tour with Niche Berlin!


The Contemporary Food Lab states to be a platform for those hungry for knowledge, and investigates how diets shape relationships to nature and vice versa. Important to their interdisciplinary approach are – of course – artistic collaborations. This time they invited Berlin based artist Alicja Kwade to create a piece reacting to their quarterly changing theme »stagnation«. We’re curious to see both, the CFL space and of course Kwade’s new works 24 Stunden and Stellar Day (23 Stunden, 56 Minuten, 4,099 Sekunden).

Contemporary Food Lab
Bergstraße 22, 10115 Berlin Mitte
Opening 30.04., 7 PM

Berlin gallery weekend, Niche Berlin guide, Berlin art weekend
Kerstin Cmelka at Praxes, all rights reserved.

Kerstin Cmelka at PRAXES

Kerstin Cmelka, an artist whose experimental films, photographs and performances blur the line between staging and reality, will perform a live DJ-set and radio broadcast at the non-profit institution PRAXES. If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right…, explores female emotional desires and their attempts of expression in pop music.
But there are even more reasons to not miss this space: We love the Werner Düttmann building, the research-based program by directors Rhea Dall & Kristine Siegel and the current, fun shows of Judith Hopf and Falke Pisano.

PRAXES – Center for Contemporary Art
Alexandrinenstr. 118-121, 10969 Berlin Kreuzberg
DJ-Set: 30.04., 8 PM

Berlin gallery weekend, Niche Berlin guide, Berlin art weekend, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann
Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann at NEW ART CLUB, all rights reserved

Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann at NEW ART CLUB
Game for a little adventure? Then you should definitely attend the opening of Cliffhanger by Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann at New Art Club hidden in Wedding. Established in 2014 by Johannes Behlen and Noah Klink, New Art Club originates from the project space The Kings of B and refers to Art Club 2000 initiated by Colin de Land in New York in 1992. 
Cliffhanger is a show about expectations, potential and performance including installations made of tumbleweed and tickets of paralleling events as well as cardboard collages with firecrackers. Sounds fun enough to us.

Lehrter Str. 30, 10557 Berlin Wedding
Opening: 30.04., 6-9 PM

Berlin gallery weekend, Niche Berlin guide, Berlin art weekend, Berlin art guide
Seth Price at Eden Eden, all rights reserved

Seth Price At EDEN EDEN
An opening everyone’s excited for: Eden Eden is the new project space by Isabella Bortolozzi in Schöneberg. We heard the location is amazing – and Seth Price’ show will be great. Probably enough said.

Eden Eden
Bülowstr. 74 (Ecke Blumenthalstraße)
10783 Berlin
Opening 30.04., 6 – 9pm


The Cable Guys at FUTURE GALLERY
New space, iconic works – Future Gallery presents Alice Channer, Paul Sharits, Seth Price and Spiros Hadjidjanos aka. The Cable Guys with their views of a codified world and their respective strategies of appropriation and data procession.
Interestingly the show has a rather nostalgic touch, featuring a 16-mm film by Paul Sharits (1966) and a screenprint of processed internet footage on polyester film by Seth Price (a series started in 2005) beside the beautiful, yet unusually physical Network Sculptures by Spiros Hadjidjanos’ (2010-2014) and Alice Channers embodiment pieces – since all four artists work with – already back then – dated media and images.

Future Gallery
Keithstraße 10, 10787 Berlin Schöneberg
Opening: May 1, 7 – 10 pm

Julien Ceccaldi and Leila Hekmat at NEW THEATER
Something more experimental in Kreuzberg: Artists Julien Ceccaldi and Leila Hekmat invite you to their guest play at non-profit space New Theater where they present the performance theatre piece It’s just us written by Ceccaldi. You never know what you get at New Theater, but this one might be fun – and at least the costumes will be inspiring for sure. Ceccaldi creates unique hand-painted garments and accessories starring muscular manga heroines, you might have seen at Mathew gallery last year.

New Theater
Urbanstrasse 36, 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg
Wednesday, April 30, 10pm
Thursday, May 1, 10pm


Admittedly, tastes are different and there are plenty of exhibitions we are looking forward to, are curious about or will just end up at by accident. Anyways, we will surely head to BQ very early to get a glimpse of Richard Wright’s installation at the Volksbühne Pavillon lent to BQ on the occasion of the opening of the second „chapter“ of his year-long exhibition Nine Chains To The Moon.
Also we will make sure not to miss the Wu Tsang performance Boychild (20:00) at Isabella Bortolozzi gallery. And hopefully we’ll manage to stop by at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler for Katja Novitskova’s show.


Saturday is a perfect day to visit galleries that are not officially on the schedule of Gallery Weekend: Alexander Levy shows Felix Kiessling’s Ausdehnung, Chert presents Petrit Halilaj’s of course blue affects my way of shitting and Galerie Thomas Fischer presents Marcel Frey’s z.B.u.s.w.
And don’t forget the opening of the new Galerie Neu space with 20 Years Galerie NEU in Linienstraße 119 abc (11:00–19:00).


In case you can’t get enough: On Sunday, Schering Stiftung Projektraum hosts an artist talk with Pinar Yoldas (15:00), Project space Braennen on Stresemannstraße opens their show of Charlotte Dualé (16:00) – and Schinkel Pavillon might exceptionally be able to present Grosse Fatigue by Camille Henrot – the video Henrot won the Silver Lyon at the Venice Biennial for. But double-check on the website.
By the way: Today is your last chance to see And Life Goes On… curated by Karl Holmqvist at Wolfgang Tillman’s space Between Bridges.

ENJOY! And see you around.


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