Links in Berlin: April slowness

We slow, so slow.

It’s been a slow week on this very blog, maybe that’s due to the slightly lower spring temperatures, reminding all of us that summer is still about two months away (if we’re lucky). However, while I’ve been busy doing everything but working for this blog, other’s blogged away and have created some beautiful pieces you shouldn’t miss:

Finding perfect Chinese dumplings is a mission we eagerly follow, and there’s a new contestant that popped up in our instagram feed and now also on a blog – Shaniu’s House of Noodles (far out West, of course) not only got the approval of one of my favorite Chinese chefs Ash Lee, but also the appraisal of the “Then we take Berlin” blog and is now ranking no.1 on my to-do-list.

The unbelievably high temperatures inspired some very early ice-cream researches. Since our own guide seriously calls for an update, I am keeping my eyes open for new places selling frozen delicacies – Sylee has some pretty amazing suggestions for you.

Andrej Holm is one of the most prolific opinion leaders in the debate about Berlin’s gentrification, and while his blog is usually in German, he now re-published an interview he gave for uncube-magazine on his book “Reclaim Berlin”, discussing Berlin housing politics and people’s initiatives to put a hold on rising rents.

Closing with beer – Slow Travel Berlin portrayed crowd-sourced craft beer brewery Vagabund in Wedding.



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  1. Sylee on


    Chuffed to be included, thank you!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Very welcome, can’t wait to try your recommendations!

  2. Paul Sullivan on


    And thanks for including us also – and in the Slow edition too :)

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