Links in Berlin: Easter happiness

This weather, I mean.. my gosh.

Finding good links is like finding hidden eggs on Easter sunday, sometimes it takes you a long time, but in the end you get the Easter egg made of the best chocolate with the sweetest fillings.
This week, thanks to Easter, the Links in Berlin come early: a decorated basket full of lovely interviews, photo essays and some tips for delicious food…

Have you seen Wes Anderson’s “Grand Budapest Hotel” already? You have, of course you have… (I didn’t…) And now you’re looking for a place with equal odd grandeur? Atlas Obscura found it hidden in the woods of Brandenburg.

David Bowie loved and loves and will always love Berlin – Martin Gropius Bau will open an exhibition on Bowie’s life and work in coming May, Monopol now published a little preview for what will be on view. (His Berlin keys, for example.)

A couple of weeks past I’ve been to an opening in a basement at Molkenmarkt, where I felt like entering a Techno club in ca. 1996 somewhere in Dresden, descending steel stairs with the rattling techno music getting louder and louder the deeper you go and then downstairs it’s all raw concrete and bright laser lights. Without knowing, I visited KM Temporaer, an independent art space founded by Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolff, who are actually based in New York but like to spend their times in Berlin – artfridge interviewed them on their current exhibition “surplus living” and the economical value of leisure and pleasure.

Another sweet discovery comes from the folks over at Cee Cee who seem to roam the streets of Neukölln for new stores and cafés on a daily basis. Now they found a store for Polish mid-century furniture. You read that right, and it looks great.

THAI PARK IS BACK. (Once you’ve been there, you know why this announcement requires capital letters.) And Sylee seriously recommends to look out for the “leaf-lady”.

Another crazy Thai place in Berlin is Samakki Talad, a Thai Imbiss on Kantstraße, which I heard many ravings about but thought was closed by now, but Exberliner found out it’s still open. For all days when the weather is too bad for Thai Park.

I’m not a lover of Mexican food, I like it, but it will never get my foodie-heart jumping for joy… Luckily, other’s aren’t as clueless and James from Uberlin has a pretty good sounding suggestion on Urbanstraße (of all places…).


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  1. James on


    Thanks for including us in your write-up!

    We think La Ultima Cena would be a great idea this Easter… and all your other suggestions kick arse too. :)

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