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A trashy scene seen in a Berlin park

As much as I love the whole very-early-spring-thing of this year, it has a down-side: very-early-park-littering. Some of the people who enjoy the sudden warmth by celebrating and bbq-ing in the parks think it’s totally fine to leave their trash behind. And it’s not only the plastic wrappers of convenience food, but one stumbles over blankets, balloons, cups, bags and I even saw the part of a hoover resting on a bench in a park. The city’s government is hardly to blame, there are giant bins almost everywhere and every Monday tireless workers hurry to remove most of the weekend’s debris. But this is on us – the people using and enjoying the parks are also in responsibility to leave them as pretty as possible. Without wanting to sound overly Leslie Knope here (I wish I had her stamina) – but thanks to a sudden rush of energy on Twitter, we decided to found a group on Facebook to discuss further action – it’s called Keep it Green and you should all join.
And after, take your time to click through the best links of the past week:

Peter Klann’s sudden death happened almost a year ago. The loss of the genius baker of Soluna bakery can still be felt. Stuart Pigott now published two long articles about the baker extraordinaire quoting him with delightful wordings like “You have to give yourself up to the dough when you are kneading it, rather than try to dominate it.”

Oh Berghain, despite its dismantling by Rolling Stone and BILD alike, the fascination surrounding this magical bunker is still alive – Slow Travel Berlin found the work of photographer Vincent Voignier, who depicted dancers after one night of Berghain with a large format camera.

Invaliden1, now residing in Kreuzberg, has been an important part of Berlin’s independent art scene – Bpigs talked to current curator Beatriz Coloma Castaño about all the changes it went through in the past 10 years.

And in more art-news, the Berlin Art Prize is coming up again. Although the application’s deadline for artists is already over, you can still take part by chipping in – money is needed not only for the prize money, but also for the organization of the awarding, lectures, exhibition, the catalogue – they’re only aiming for 6000 Euro, that should be totally doable, right?

Out West one finds loads of weird architecture, one of them is the so called Bierpinsel, a tower-like and colorful structure in Steglitz, whose absorbing past and uncertain future is described in pictures and text by Abandoned Berlin.

The past week saw the giant opening of Bikini Berlin, a former office structure that was rebuild into a so called “concept mall” just next to Zoologischer Garten. Berlin Reified visited its Monkey Bar and it does look like a rather pleasing experience.


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