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A short week of jolly Berlin crowned by crazy thunderstorms on Wednesday is almost over and we’re heading into a weekend with weather forecasts being so so, but still warm enough to thank the Saint Peter every moment and every day for this unbelievable temperatures (remember last year, folks). However, if you wanna use the slightly cloudy prospects to read up on Berlin related articles that popped up the past week, we might have something for you:

First is a German gem, a short essay depicting a talk between two women in a private Salon of 1905. It was written by Maria Holma and has many delightful google tasks like “Peignoir” or “nursery jovernen” in it. Tagesspiegel republished it this past week, and it might be even joyful for those of you studying this wondrous monster language.

Back in 2010 Darryl Natale started a dog-style blog called Doggies, die ich mag. Sadly the project faded  after only four postings – if you loved it as much as I did, Zoë Noble has something for you: (yes, that’s an url now). Via überlin.

Have you heard of this crazy art project / theater installation called MEAT, that lasted over 240 hours in the studio of Schaubühne and was directed by Thomas Bo Nilsson? It was an immersive hyper-reality staging of night-clubs, Chinese restaurants and flats inhabited by the strangest people. One might never be able to understand it unless one’s seen it. Nevertheless, The Needle’s Joseph Pearson is trying to explain it to you in a long essay including interviews with the director and the actors.

On to easier to digest content, Cee Cee is with us in the endeavor to find new yummy ice-cream parlors and has suggested Rosa Canina. Sounds fab.

Also easier to handle, although it will probably be very busy is the Plaisir Vintage Market happening this weekend at Prince Charles featuring a plethora of second hand garments for boys and for girls.

Pepper, fennel and sausage breakfast casserole sounds like something you might like? Berlin based foodie blog Eat me. Drink me. got you covered.

I know, it seems like I feature every single article from this blog – but once again Abandoned Berlin presents a super interesting place of Berlin’s (and Germany’s) history, which I will probably never visit myself, so it’s even better the blog shows a ton of photos and long texts to introduce its findings.

Despite it oftentimes seeming like the dark decades are long past, once again we’re faced with a Nazi demonstration in Berlin (in Kreuzberg, of all places!) this Saturday. Get your rainbow flags out and peacefully show what today’s Berlin is really made of.

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