Vietnamese in Berlin: Saigon Green

Berlin Vietnamese food, best Vietnamese in Berlin, Saigon Green, Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin

Just as I thought I did my fair share of Kantstraßen-exploring and covered all things worthwhile, I discover something so exciting, I couldn’t stop talking about it for days. I think I found the best Vietnamese food in Berlin, I repeated to my friends over and over again. But it’s true, I had the best Vietnamese lunch in Berlin ever.
And yes, I’ve been to Dong Xuan Center and ate at numerous restaurants there. But none of them was as fresh and flavorful as the Súp Rau I had at Saigon Green.

Some over motivated guides to Berlin call Kantstraße the Chinatown of Berlin, and this is certainly an exaggeration, offensive to all “real” Chinatowns of the world. And also quite short sighted, since this long and rather ugly road starting at Bahnhof Zoo and leading all the way to ICC, is featuring more than Chinese restaurants, but a great choice of Thai and Japanese as well. And this Vietnamese gem, I would’ve never entered, if not Luisa Weiss of The Wednesday Chef once told me this was her favorite.

Berlin Vietnamese food, best Vietnamese in Berlin, Saigon Green, Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin, spring rolls

The outer appearance doesn’t promise much – the place looks nice and clean but also oozes this 90s lounge vibe too many Vietnamese places choose as interior style. I visited during lunch time, the place was well visited, yet not overcrowded and enough waiters seemed to handle orders and dishes quite fine and quick.

The menu made me even more excited, it featured a smaller choice for lunch but a big selection of fresh juices, lemonades and shakes. Like an iced tea with fresh lime juise, hibiskus blossoms, ginger and basil seeds. Or a shake made of fresh mint and pineapple. I went for the homemade lemonade with fresh lime juice and cane sugar, and chose Saigon Rolls (3,50 Euro), vegetarian summer rolls with tofu and fresh herbs as a starter. They came with a dipping sauce so delicious I asked for refill to finish the second roll.

Berlin Vietnamese food, best Vietnamese in Berlin, Saigon Green, Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin
Súp Rau – You had me at vegetables, neatly arranged in a circle.

And then the soup, advertised as a traditional Vietnamese soup or Súp Rau (7 Euro), with the first view being already so mouthwatering, I was flushed with happiness: fresh vegetables were arranged in a circle around a bed of glass noodles topped with tofu and filled up with a broth so delicious and hearty. I enjoyed it so much, I hoped I’d never finish this perfect mixture of crispy broccoli, zucchini and carrots with soft noodles, aromatic herbs and rich broth.

Well, of course this was only lunch (where most dishes are a Euro off) – what made me even more excited to come back, was their choice of small dishes they offer after 16:00. For 3,50 Euro each you get delicacies like lotus stem salad, duck with hoisin-sauce rolled in pancakes or homemade buns filled with pork and much more. And then for dessert they’ve got black sticky rice with mango. I love sticky rice. And I love Saigon Green. Can’t wait to go back.

Saigon Green

Saigon Green

Kantstraße 23

10623 Berlin Charlottenburg


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 12:00–23:00
Sun 13:00-23:00


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  1. mia on


    Looks amazing! I will definitely check it out. Another amazing Vietnamese restaurant is Ben Thanh, also in Kantstraße (#78) near Amtsgerichtsplatz. You should try their soup and the pineapple mint shake! And do you know the Thai place Sakorn (Kantstr. 105)? Don’t judge the places by the outside though, they might not look like much but the food is sooo good :)

    1. Vince on

      Mia, you just recommended the two restaurants I immediately thought of reading this article, Ben Thanh and Sakorn – both ‘unscheinbar’ from the outside but serving delicious, authentic food! Ben Thanh has a decent selection for vegetarians too! Glad these places are being appreciated, as they seem to fly under the radar a bit – only really noticeable from frequently travelling Kantstrasse…So worth it though!

    2. Mary Scherpe on

      Wow, both sound amazing and will instantly get a spot on my to-do list :)

    3. Mary Scherpe on

      So, went to Ben Thanh a couple weeks later but weren’t convinced by the three different dishes we had, the flavor was rather dull, very flat and not as nicely layered and composed as we’d liked .. Saigon Green still remains our fav..

  2. dudu on


    I was a little disapponted: I tried the Súp Rau thinking that was a vegetarian one…but was not.

  3. Elle on


    Looks yummy!


  4. hmmm on


    I have a question about Vietnamese food in Berlin.. it’s not like the Vietnamese food I’ve had in other cities (NY,London,Paris,LA, SF) …. Basil, beans sprouts, mint etc on the side with pho or almost any dish about a bahn mi? nem w/ bo bun noodle bowls.. will someone pls enlighten me? or tell me if there is somewhere here that does this style i miss it..

  5. Emelie on


    The coconut milk + lime + pineapple + mint shake… to die for. Order 2 at once, that’s my advice!
    Oh and extra plus for the aaaamaziing 2000-2002 hip hop that was played at my visit, with the matching interiour it made me feel like I was in a Ashanti video <33

  6. Alexandra on


    I followed your recommendation and checked out Saigon Green – I was impressed! It was a little different to the Vietnamese I have been accustomed to from Sydney but mainly due to the use of fresh, refreshing ingredients. Thanks!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Happy to hear that!

  7. LL Cool J on


    This does not look really Vietnamese to me :D…

    If you get your hands on the following, try it out:

    Bun Rieu
    Banh Quon
    Canh Oc
    Cha Ca La Vong

  8. P on


    I was there today because Pho is one of my favorite dish so I wanted to try it out and I’m not diappointed! I ordered Pho Bo and it ‘s really tasty. The broth is amazing. I have no complain about the food at all but the service is miserable. Our waitress was very rude. we went there during the happy hour that evrything from the main course will be 1€ less. When the bill came. He tried the charge us the normal price eventhough the reciept said otherwise. so i pointed that out and i think he felt embarrassed and upset over that so he gave me back my 4 € change all in 20cent coin plus some 5cents , 2cents and 1 cents. I don’t know. If both of them don’t want to do this maybe they should do something else. I can say this be cause i used to be a waitress myself. It is not my dream job. it is not what i always wanted to be when I was a child and I only did that for money but hey you gotta give your best shot , if you gonna do this. or at least dont take everything personal because it’s not about you. I dont know if I will be back though. The food is good but I don’t feel good afterward.

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