Food in Berlin: Asparagus

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Asparagus for lunch at Jolesch

It’s THE produce all Germans are waiting for each spring – this year the season started a lot earlier than usual, the short weeks of white-root-fun are treasured in many households. And I also tend to order asparagus every time I see it on a menu – I prefer the white queen classic style, with boiled potatoes and either brown butter or sauce hollandaise, nothing more. But fresh herbs are much appreciated.

The question remains – where to have the best asparagus in this city? Many might suggest eating it outside of the city, traveling to one of the many Spargeldörfer surrounding Berlin, the most famous one being Beelitz. Other’s recommend visiting the city’s high class restaurants, some seasons ago I had a delicious plate at Borchardt’s, for example.

Pictured above is a lunch I enjoyed at Jolesch in Kreuzberg, a really nice Austrian restaurant – while the asparagus itself was good, just not great, I enjoyed the wild herbs on top of it a lot. Even better was the classic German asperge dish I was served at 3 Minutes Sur Mer, my favorite French bistro on Torstraße. Surprised? Me too, but then this bistro’s food is outstanding throughout, that they’re exceeding in asparagus is not that surprising. (Of course, once again they made us ask for a vegetarian main dish instead of putting it on the menu. A bit annoying, but let them have their French blasé.)

I want to know, where do you go for Spargel?


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  1. Atahu on


    walked by Basim on Immanuelkirchstrasse last week and they had a wooden sign with their weekly asparagus menu out…so we gave it a try.

    food takes ages, it took them 45min with us at least…but the asparagus was the best one I’ve ever had. seriously. so much so, that my boyfriend was convinced they must’ve sprayed some asparagus aroma over it or at least enhanced the taste with some yeast thing. dunno if they do anything else well in there, but at least this particular asparagus last week was amazing. maybe they still offer it?

  2. Morgan Roderick on


    I made my own white asparagus soup this weekend, an adaptation of this one:

    I used more asparagus, added an onion and some wine, and wen’t a bit easier on the flour/butter. It was delicious (and very rich).

    The people at Basim certainly knows good food. But, it’s just so SLOW, that I’ve given up going there for lunch anymore. I haven’t been there for dinner, as I can’t imagine speed improving with more guests and more elaborate dishes and several courses per guest.

  3. Katharina on


    An update on this for 2016 – would be perfect.

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