Links in Berlin: All rain

All rain, few shine.

Since starting this new series, every week it made me just happy to find so many inspiring links all around the web which expressing the city’s spirit. With summer just around the corner, there are already more than 10 editions of Links in Berlin and we’re looking forward to many more. Feel free to share your own favorite reads about this beautiful city tagging them #linksinberlin on twitter or Facebook and I’ll be happy to include them in future editions. Until then enjoy our round-up of the best of Berlin’s blogs (and some news):

I have never heard about microgreens before, but thanks to Cee Cee’s recommendation, I really want one of the Infarm’s hydroponic growing systems to finally plant my own intense herbs indoors.

It’s no secret we consider Schwarze Traube one of the best bars in Berlin, At The Table now sat down for a long interview with its mixologist Atalay Aktas about his childhood neighborhood and the rise of Berlin’s cocktail culture.

Kochtail, a small and very well sorted shop for all things needed for cooking and baking, was one of the first food-related new openings on Invalidenstraße a couple years back and has been thriving also thanks to the rediscovered love for food of the people in the area – read Luisa’s review of the little place and make sure to visit it sooner than later. (Because no one wants to shop baking trays at Karstadt.)

(German link) Die Frage wird ja immer wieder gestellt: welche Zukunft hat die Spitzengastronomie in Berlin (und sonst überall). Das Manager Magazin hat ein Interview dazu aus “Der Feinschmecker” mit den Köchen Michael Hoffmann, Tim Raue, Klaus Erfort, Daniel Humm und Rainer Becker wiederveröffentlicht.

(German link) Habt ihr euch je gefragt, wie es bei Food Shootings für Magazine zugeht? Der Blog Was Machen Die Da hat dem Food Stylisten Stevan Paul und dem Fotografen Andrea Thode bei einer Produktion für Effilee über die Schultern geschaut.

(German link) Superinteressant klingen die Pläne der Markthalle 9 Macher für den Kreuzberger Viktoriaspeicher, jetzt können wir nur hoffen, dass der Berliner Senat das genauso sieht.

The main thing happening this week was certainly the opening of Berlin Biennale – the curator Juan A. Gaitan chose to present the art works at three locations: at the KW in Mitte (where the Biennale was started back in 1998 by Klaus Biesenbach, Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Nancy Spector), at the Museum Dahlem (home to the ethnological museum and the museum of Asian art) and at the beautiful Haus am Waldsee. I haven’t read many reviews yet, and I haven’t been at any of the exhibitions. Maybe others neither (Dahlem is just very far off), which is why while the big newspapers and magazines have already published reviews, the bloggers seem quite quiet. Head over to Monopol for a first tour through all three exhibitions. (In German only)


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