Links in Berlin: Now it’s too hot.

Summer hit Berlin, pushing us citizens with temperatures that can only be called “too hot” – where is this weather-glory leading, you might ask. Will we have an endless summer? Weeks of sun and shine ahead?
At least, tomorrow there’ll be rain and slightly cooler temperatures. A good day to read all the links we’re suggesting in this very post. Because Sunday it’s great weather again (!), so we’ll head to the parks and lakes (after we fulfilled our citizen-duty and voted, of course).

Sunday’s not only the day for the European Union polls, but also for the long awaited referendum on the Tempelhof Airport – I still haven’t made up my mind and am more and more confused about how to vote. One of the more interesting articles about the poll was published by The Needle. Joseph Pearson tells the story of a memorial for a Nazi Forced Labour Camp on the site, that was installed just a year ago and is now part of the premises that will be build on. Enough to vote against the city’s plans?

I like to follow a blog called Auguststraße, where Robert Engelhardt documents his observations of the developments in the Mitte area around Auguststraße. There are so many changes happening, most of them remain unnoticed. Like last week when Engelhardt published a little background on a tore-down house in Sophienstraße. (German only.)

As you might already know, we seriously recommend Weichardt Brot as one of the best bakeries in Berlin – At the Table now runs a full feature-interview about the bakery and mill, the family and its history.

If baking with flour is not your thing, try this delicious sounding baked oats recipe, originally published by Green Kitchen Stories, and modified for all kinds of food-allergies by Our Food Stories. It looks so good.

In case the Berlin food hype has made you eager to produce your own food – head over to Green Friday, where Anna tells you about her little Brandenburg garden exclave at the Bauerngarten Mette. (German only.)

Back to drinking – Cee Cee visited a fancy sounding bar (serving drinks made of beetroot, pineapple and gin!) out West.

And to flowers – the Australian florist Ruby Barber just opened her own flower studio (beautiful!) and Jessica of Best Wishes Magazine asked her to describe her Berlin experience.


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  1. Xenia on


    Not sure how to vote – s e r i o u s l y ??!!!
    Oben JA (Initiative) – unten Nein (Gesetzesentwurf Abgeordnetenhaus)
    The government housings are a joke by the way because it only concerns a small percentage – most of is for luxury apartments. And yes – the expulsion of historical sites is enough to vote against the city’s plans. Ciao!

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