Links in Berlin: May weather

Pretty May-blossoms we received this week from Mary Lennox.

Up and down we go, there’s rain, then comes shine and then rain again. Whatever, Berlin’s bloggers produced loads of nice articles this past week, aside from all the May 1st celebratory and Gallery Weekend bragging posts. In case you like surfing the net while lying on the couch and listening to the rain falling, we’ve got something for you:

Brandenburg is my true countryside-love, seriously, so I was very happy to find this blog called Liebling Brandenburg thanks to Mit Vergnügen, who recommends an Ausflug every month and I can’t wait to do them all.

One of my favorite restaurants in Berlin is Pauly Saal (read up here, here and here) and so I am glad Sarah from Mit Vergnügen enjoyed it too.

Oftentimes I here praise about certain new restaurants from various people, may it be my office colleagues having a delicious lunch there, friends telling me I need to go  or other bloggers raving about it – as in the case of Le Bon, about which James from überlin raved, so I can’t wait to try it myself.

Bread-lovers listen closely: It’s the week of the open bakery! You can visit the bakeries and mills of your favorite bread-makers, join guided tours, baking courses and so much more – check the program here. (German only)

R.S.V.P. has been one of the absolute favorites on many must-shop-lists and rightly so – read owner Meike Wander’s essay about her love to Berlin on Best Wishes from Berlin.

Ignacio Uriarte’s work is currently presented in a new installation at Berlinische Galerie and artfridge used it as an opportunity to interview him.

Nhu Duong is certainly one of the most interesting up and coming fashion designers in Berlin, her new winter collection was photographed by Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff behind the scenes of their New Theater. Darryl Natale of 032c asked her about the backgrounds.

Time flies! CeeCee, your most favorite Berlin-newsletter, celebrates its 3rd anniversary with a big birthday bash this coming Saturday at their studio on Leipziger Straße – they invited Wild.Kräuter, Ban Ban and many more to party with them – so come early and feast! (There will be cake.)


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