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lunch in kreuzberg anaveda

Update, April 2018: Unfortunately, Anaveda closed its doors for good.

Oranienstraße is the prominent street that is crowded with people searching for drinks and fun at night, and hundreds of hungry working lot looking for a good lunch during the day. Hence the street is filled with restaurants, cafés and bars. Many of them rather unspectacular and living off circumstance that people have to eat somewhere. And then there are the little foodie havens, which I enjoyed to discover since we moved our office to this part of Kreuzberg. One of the first places I went was Anaveda, and I have loved it ever since.

The name Anaveda might already lead you to their philosophy: Ayurvedic food. I won’t even start to lecture you about the specifics and perks of this kitchen, or approach to life, because I am not a follower myself and you might have already read about it in lifestyle-magazines. What I will tell you, though, is that their lunch is amazing. They offer a daily changing menu – today it’s Palak Paneer with rice and yoghurt or vegetable tajine with couscous. One of them is often vegan, as well as gluten and lactose-free, like the lentil stew with spinach and rice topped with cilantro you see in the picture above. (5,90 Euro)

Ayurvedic salads, lunch in Kreuzberg
Assortment of five salads.

Their dishes are mostly vegetarian and often vegan, Wednesday’s is fish and Thursday’s is meat-day. And then there’s the salad. Freshly assembled from a counter, you can get an assortment of five for 6,90 Euro – like chickpea or beetroot, lentil or cabbage and so much more of very delicious salads making a light and healthy lunch.

Anaveda Kreuzberg

Anaveda renovated their store just recently, now including a pretty community table and a shelf offering their own products like Ghee (only 17 Euros for a litre!), Ayurvedic spreads as well as teas by ManuTeeFaktur (Indian Masala Chai or Kahwah Kashmiri Chai), Ayurvedic spices by Rosenberg and oils by the Ölmühle an der Havel.


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  1. Katharina on


    Anaveda is also on the market at Nordbahnhof which takes place every Wednesday.. So another good lunch place (especially in summer as it’s outside) in Mitte!

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