Lunch in Kreuzberg: Prinzessinnengarten

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Photo: Mary Scherpe

We already took you for a walk around Prinzessinnengarten almost two years ago – and needless to say, it’s still one of our most favorite places in this city: what used to be an abandoned and almost forgotten lot right in the middle of Berlin has turned into one of the most popular urban gardening projects with international acclaim. It’s a great place to plant and harvest your own fruits and vegetables. (If you ever tried to grow your own food, you’ll know how much joy it brings to take care of, let’s say, a small radish – when at first, you only see the green but then it gets bigger and then there are more and more of until you’re running out of ideas for recipes including radishes) But it gets even better: what makes us come back again and again is their magical garden in the middle of the planting beds where they’re serving a delicious and super-healthy lunch.

Instead of sitting inside when the sun is out, we love sitting down on one of the wooden benches surrounded by trees, that radiates an almost magical atmosphere and is surprisingly quiet considering the busy Moritzplatz roundabout just 10 meters away. No wonder many guests wander around taking photos in awe of the place.
The menu of the small kitchen changes on a daily basis, always offering a dish made from produce harvested in the garden itself. There’s just one dish, and while that might not appeal to those who need a big choice, it is certainly making it easier for those who have difficulties deciding. The offered meal often doesn’t sound spectacular at first – like roasted root vegetables with bulgur. But the roots being cooked in curry sauce and garnished with a spicy chutney, turned it into a very pleasing lunch. The only thing that prevented us from scraping our plates was the anticipation of the dessert: a polenta cake with raisins, that looked a bit dry on the plate, but was wonderfully soft and moist.

Prinzessinnengarten is not the place for fancy, but for honest food made from ingredients you could have watched growing, and then prepared in a simple way to preserve their flavors – and what more could you wish for?



Prinzenstrasse 35–38

10969 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sun 11:00–18:00
(depending on the seasons)