Vegan in Berlin: Fast Rabbit

Berlin vegan food, Fast Rabbit, vegan soup, food in Berlin

Vegan spots are on the rise, not only in Friedrichshain. This little deli is located just off Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg and thus makes the perfect vegan alternative, and despite calling itself a haven for all vegan junk food lovers, its offered dishes are a lot more healthy than your usual vöner.

Fast Rabbit adopts a rather casual look and feel with the staff delivering a friendly and personal service, no-where near the hectic grumpiness of usual fast food places. The menu is short, but adequate. I was especially excited about their rolls made from freshly baked corn tortillas and filled either “Oriental” (serious “Ouch” for careless wording), Mexican (rice with black beans and cilantro), Italian (with balsamic mushrooms, potatos and marinated leek in tomato sauce) and even German style (with potato and cucumber salad). The fillings are  delicious, the combinations spot on and the added salad very, very good. I went for the “Oriental”, combining spiced lentils, lemony hummus and grilled vegetables with a salad on the side.

Berlin vegan food, Fast Rabbit, vegan soup, food in Berlin

The assembly of the wraps take a while since everything is made fresh – if you want to get your food even faster, go for one of their soups, also served with salad, if you like and then finish your meal with one of their vegan sweet treats.

Fast Rabbit is a great place for a quick vegan bite if you’re on the go. And I am looking forward to see how they develop.

Fast Rabbit

Fast Rabbit

Eberswalder Straße 1

10437 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Eberswalder Straße

Opening Hours:

Tue–Sat 11:00–21:00
Sun 10:00–20:00


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  1. ebe on


    I’ve noticed “Oriental” tossed around a lot on German menus. No surprise the Germs aren’t very sensitive to the word, but still makes me cringe each time.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I know… The German language is indeed not sensitive and it is used all the time when it comes to food. Even people from Lebanon or Syria or Turkey use it to describe their restaurant style – instead of Lebanese or Turkish food, it’s Orientalische Küche everywhere. I guess it’s because they expect people to not understand “Syrian food”, or be repelled by it!? No idea.. one can only hope this will pass.

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