6 Places To Not See The Game: In Berlin

Very likely to be futschibol-free: Tempelhofer Feld and its many urban gardening initiatives.

Avoiding the game seems to be not only a difficult thing, but also an idea that mostly evokes astonishment (“why in hell wouldn’t you want to see THE game?!”) if not even total lack of understanding (“what are you, crazy?”). But it’s true – I like to not see any games, because I just don’t care. And get even a little intimidated by the crowds cheering for a certain national team. But I still like to go out, instead of backtracking into my home, closing all windows and watch a movie with headphones on.
However, the solitude and quiet you experience when visiting a place during a game that is actually not showing it, is priceless. Like this time during the first game of Germany when I went grocery shopping and there where no lines. Or during the second game when the park was so empty it felt like Christmas (only with better temperatures). However, finding those places is not easy, since football seems to be everywhere. This is why I made this little list for those, who are joining my disinterest.

Dining out seems one of the hardest thing to do for those trying to avoid futschibol, especially during games including Germany. But it’s not impossible to eat without the TV shouting at you. You might have to dip a little deeper into your pocket, but will be rewarded with a relaxing dinner – neither Katz Orange nor Tim Raue are showing any games. (If you thought fine dining would be the solution, we have to disappoint, even Pauly Saal has a screen in their bar…)
A beautiful West-authority is also not going to bother you with any ball sports, the waiter at Café Einstein was almost offended when I asked whether they showed the game. How wonderful, I responded, already foreseeing delightful hours in their pretty summer garden.

The green fields in our parks will not always reward you with soccer-free time (huge (and loud) screens at Café Schönbrunn at Volkspark Friedrichshain for instance…) but I am pretty sure you’ll have Tempelhofer Feld all to yourself. One game means you can surround the field at least twice (one round is 6,3km).
Retreat into curated nature with a trip to Botanischer Garten, open until 9pm and filled with gorgeous looking and scenting flowers this will certainly take your mind of anything ball-related.

Shopping is one of the best ideas during games, it’s very likely you’ll have the store (and the changing rooms) all to yourself. You can go for your weekly grocery shopping, or roam the aisles at luxury temple KaDeWe (they recently updated their fashion section with high fashion names like Victoria Beckham, Carven, Miu Miu and so many more – you should try them all!)

Where do you like to not see the game?