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Here’s an updated and extended version of this guide.

The discussion about where to have the best coffee in Berlin is a highly emotional one, supporters of the Third Wave Coffee movement demand elaborate technical brewing methods and lovers of the Italian style ask for the softest foam – we’re left in between: Appreciating a cold brew on hot days, as well as a comforting espresso with smooth milk as a pick-me-up on slow work-day afternoons. Lucky for us, Berlin’s coffee scene is thriving to say the least. While the ultra-hype might have cooled off over the past two years, having a delicious coffee is still a big concern for many of us. In this list, we’re covering our favorite places (sorted from A-Z) for a caffeine kick, from new-comers like 19 grams, big hitters like The Barn, to the established institutions like Double Eye. Just to make sure you’ll get a good coffee wherever you are. (At least almost, beyond the park is a whole other story.)

Photo: Mary Scherpe
The Barn’s siphon brew bar managed by a barrista in their trade-mark plaid shirts.

Ralf Rüller and his crew have installed themselves as the reference point for Third Wave Coffee in Berlin, despite only being open since end of 2010. But their distinct interior style and serious devotion to the art of coffee making (and maybe one or two exaggerated “scandals” about their policy regarding strollers, dogs and/or laptops) has made them to internationally known ambassadors of Berlin coffee enthusiasts. Read our reviews here: The Barn and The Barn Roastery.

Auguststraße 58

10119 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00,
Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00

Schönhauser Allee 8

10119 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Fri 08:30–18:00,
Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00

Coffee, Bonanza, Berlin's best coffee
Talking about perfect pores at Bonanza.

Located just off Mauerpark, queues are common at this stalwart of coffee culture. Founded back in 2007, this very small venue hosts not only a coffee bar but also their own roastery, providing delicious beans to many of Berlin’s cafés and for you to take home. Read more in our interview with Yumi Choi.

Oderberger Straße 35

10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Mon–Fri 08:30–18:00,
Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00

Cory Andreen is an award-winning Barrista who opened this coffee place in Prenzlauer Berg in 2009. Besides offering delicious coffee for you to enjoy, Andreen is eager to educate his audience in the art of tasting coffee and arranges regular cuppings with treats from roasters from all over the world.

Marienburgerstraße 49

10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Mon–Fri 08:00–18:00,
Sat 09:00–18:00,
Sun 10:00–18:00

Under Czech and German ownership, this cafe’s specialty is slow coffee, offering a Siphon Brew Bar with a huge beans menu for you to choose from. But don’t fret, the staff is always available to guide you through the coffee specialities to find the brew of your liking.

Mittenwalder Straße 30

10961 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Sat 09:00–18:00,
Sun 11:00–18:00

Shawn Barber pouring milk in a cappuccino.

Shawn and Chris, the barristas behind Companion Coffee, came to Berlin to do coffee – starting out at The Barn in 2010, they went on to start their own bar a year ago. Located inside of Kreuzberg’s fashionable concept store Voo on Oranienstraße they are serving the best coffee in Kreuzberg 36 – see more in our review.

Oranienstrasse 24

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Sat 10:00–19:00

The agency-people working in this classic Kreuzberg industrial-turned-office-loft structure must have jumped for joy when this very small coffee placed opened its doors just at the street-entrance of this yard last year. Taking their name from the former inhabitant of this 15sqm hut, their flavorful coffee is a big hit by the canal.

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Fri 08:30–18:00,
Sat 12:00–17:00

coffee bar in Berlin Mitte

Serving strong, double shot coffee in a beautiful industrial yet pleasant interior on Bergstrasse, Distrikt Coffee is a new addition to Mitte’s speciality coffee scene. They mark their territory with much more than delicious brews of beans roasted by The Barn Berlin, Belleville Paris or Ozone London, and serve delicate tea by Companion Coffee, breakfast and the very rare treat called bread pudding!

Bergstraße 68

10115 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Fri 08:30–17:00,
Sat–Sun 09:30–17:00

Double Eye is (arguably) the oldest cafe in Berlin serving high-grade coffee. Having opened in 2001, they’re excused from not having a proper website or Facebook page. There is also no “proper” seating, but that’s how espresso was meant to be drank anyway.

Akazienstraße 22

10823 Berlin Schöneberg

Mon–Fri 8:30–18:30,
Sat 9:00–18:00

A new kid on the blog, this little coffee haven keeps us giving reasons to visit Münzstraße. Tucked away in the courtyard, they’re serving delicious coffee brews using Five Elephant’s roasts. Read the full review here.

Münzstraße 21, 1st backyard

10178 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Fri 09:00–18:00,
Sat 10:00–18:00

stilinberlin five elephant-0906FIVE ELEPHANT
Besides making the best cheese cake in Berlin, Five Elephant is famous for excellent roasting and supplies many of Berlin’s prettiest cafés (see Aunt Benny or Westberlin) with coffee. Their beans are direct trade, meaning they deal on a one-to-one basis with the growers. And their cheese cake…

Reichenberger Straße 101

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Fri 8:30–19:00,
Sat–Sun 10:00–19:00

Godshot in Prenzlauer Berg is about more than coffee. Owned by Kai-Uwe, a self-trained barrista, Godshot is also a popular destination for wine-lovers – hosting a regular traubenreich wine bar after finishing the caffeine-business in the evening.

Immanuelkirchstraße 32

10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00,
Sat 9:00–18:00,
Sun 10:00–18:00

No Fire No Glory is also located in Prenzlauer Berg’s Kaffeeviertel. They not only offer very good coffee drinks in a laid-back atmosphere, but also super-yummy sweet treats made by Laura of Tausendsuend.

Rykestraße 45

10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Sun–Fri 09:00–18:00,
Sat 09:00–20:00

This one might feel a little ab vom Schuss as we Berliners like to say, but its pairing of a super-relaxed atmosphere with a reduced yet refined coffee menu make it a top-choice when roaming the streets of Mitte-Nord.

Eichendorffstraße 13

10115 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Fri 8:00–19:00,
Sat 10:00–19:00,
Sun 10:00–18:00

stilinberlin silo coffee-8268
Coffee is love at Silo. Literally.

Until the arrival of Australian owned Silo and its signature red coffee cups in Friedrichshain was sans third wave. Supplied with beans from The Barn, this lovely place has just recently ventured into the art of elaborate breakfast making.

Gabriel-Max-Straße 4

10245 Berlin Friedrichshain

Mon–Fri 08:30–17:00,
Sat 09:30–19:00,
Sun 10:00–19:00

Another really tiny, easy to miss coffee place in Kreuzberg, which are all about mastering the art of espresso, or “bloody good coffee”, as they call it. Read our review here.

Schlesische Straße 38

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00,
Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00


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  1. Pelle on


    Hi, very nice blog post and list of coffee places (kinda looks like my 4sq TODO list :P)!

    I would like to recommend Café 9 too ( They don’t do their own roasts but they import from all over the world (I’ve had Blue Bottle from San Francisco and Drop coffee from Stockholm).

    Keep up the coffee drinking! :D

  2. Kajsa on


    Being a native Norwegian I approve the name Oslo Kaffeebar ;) I am curious about that particular coffee shop.

  3. Ulrike on


    A nice Third Wave newcomer is also Café Kraft in Prenzlauer Berg.

    1. Britta on

      I recommend Giro too. He now added a second café in the Bikini-Haus, though I prefer the Kneesebeckstraße – “Best coffee in this street”, as he proudly a(and rightly – I tested the other cafés) nnounces it.

    2. Myrto on

      yup, Giro is just great!

    3. Celeste on

      We recently visited Berlin and like any Australian coffee enthusiast, researched coffee hotspots. Our first stop was Giro as we read comments on here about it being great and it was close to where we were staying. Sadly, my boyfriend and I were very disappointed. His ‘cortardo’ was pourly made and bitter. My flat white was burnt and undrinkable. So, best coffee in Berlin was a stretch to say the least.

      After a fail on our first coffee stop, we ventured across town to The Barn. Well… one of the best coffees we have both ever had. The staff knew what they were doing, the venue was awesome and the pour and taste of our coffee was unbelievable. We followed their baristas recommendations and were happily served 2 more exceptional coffees at Comparison and Five Elephants. If you want a great tasting coffee that is made well, I couldn’t recommend these places enough. Thank you to the boys at The Barn for steering us in the right direction!

    4. Mary Scherpe on

      Interesting, thanks for your comment! I never even heard of Giro before…

  4. Sarah on


    Wieder mal eine ganz tolle Liste mit interessanten Tipps. Ich freue mich darauf die Cafés auszuprobieren. Bin schon seit 10 Jahren in Berlin und kannte die meisten nicht. Das werde ich bald ändern! Danke

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Das freut mich! Sehr gern!

  5. Bertista on


    Finde, die Röststätte in Mitte verdient voll und ganz hier mit aufgenommen zu werden.

  6. Daniel on


    You should visit Koffäin (Skalitzer Str. 62) some time. Hakan is a great host, plus it’s close to your office :-) and most of all gorgeous coffee & homemade cakes and tartes.

    1. Chris on

      Yes, Koffäin gets some very good coffee from JB in Hamburg..

  7. MrsPrindle on


    Although DoubleEye has been around the longest, I would highly suggest Mi Onda in the same neighborhood on Goltzstrasse.

    1. Inga on

      My feeling is the same. Mi Onda (Goltzstr. 34) serves decent espresso rich on details (you even got three to choose from), compared to a Double Eye espresso, which burned my taste buds more than pleased them (maybe I was just unlucky). The atmosphere in Mi Onda is very friendly and seducing, even the place is small.

  8. Julia on


    Silo’s new breakfast is freaking da bomb. Plus eye candy behind the bar making the coffee. yumm

  9. Maxi Luisa on


    This may not be a place specifically for coffee and their coffe-making methods are not as complex as some other places’ but Cafe Liebling (Raumerstr. 36 in Prenzlauer Berg) make a really great latte with amazing foam and their breakfasts are rather simple but consistently delicious! Croissants are great too! I don’t think it has been reviewed on this blog but maybe some people know it and have been there!

  10. Alex on


    Nice list of places to get good coffee.
    But I miss the Coffee Star!
    (Wörther Str. 23, Prenzlauer Berg and Müllerstraße 146, Wedding)
    They roasting their own Coffee …. have a try!

  11. Matthew Toogood on


    My regular coffee haunts definitely include the Barn on Auguststrasse, however I equally recommend Antipodes at Fehrbellinerstrasse 5 and KW 69 on Auguststrasse, despite not being Third Wave Coffee. I simply appreciate a very well made coffee, as when we first moved to Berlin from Melbourne it was difficult to find good coffee in Berlin. Since then the market has expanded exponentially, and I have even been inspired to write my own blog at bitsofberlin.blogspot with my own personal recommendations.

  12. Tante Bea ( on


    Meine Empfehlung ist das Café Schöneweile in Oberschöneweide !!!

  13. Usar Berlin on


    I love PURE ORIGINS-ESTATE COFFEE (Georgernstraße 193 / Berlin Mitte).
    Because you know you have good coffee and the location is also nice designed and comfy ! 
    I know that they do not make much of advertising. I first enter because the library i study in, was in the near :)
    You should try it

    1. Chris on

      I agree – they get a taylored house blend from Bonanza and have a second roast only for the Americano.. Just got two new Lineas..

  14. pista76 on


    OK, I was reading thru this (nice) guide, just wandering if that was going to happen as I approached the S…. I was sure it did, and YES, it did. Silo. Now I ask myself who is the protecting angel of these guys? or maybe they are well connected with the bloggers/critics scene? this bar is constantly featured everywhere as the new revelation, the coffee miracle no one should miss. Now my opinion: it’s utter rubbish, plain sh*t. The decor is nice and the place/waiters enjoyable, just one thing is missing: decent coffee. I am italian and (humbly, really) I do have a taste for good coffe, but their has a constant burned-ish and metally back taste, we call this combination a “ciofeca” coffee. But the best came when I asked for a macchiato. I was served a cappuccino (in tall cup). I complained, and I get an elaborate explanation as of why THEIR macchiato il like that, and it shouldnt be compared to the italian macchiato, because their foam is like such and such, differently from the italian foam of blah blah. a non sense attitude form people that know nothing about coffee….

    1. FFF on

      I’m italian too and I used to think Italy have the best coffee : that is not true. Not even in Naples. If you know where to take a good coffee in Italy let me know. As far as I’m concerned, there’s still no “third wave” in Italy. It is probably true that in Italy the average coffee is better than in Paris or Berlin : baristas and machines for expresso are usually better. But in Italy they still miss the real point : the coffee. That’s what the “third wave” is about : to taste the quality of the (different) coffees. By the way, I have’nt been at the Silo, but I really enjoyed The Barns and Five Elephants (my favourite). I took some expressos and filters (v60).

  15. Sophia on


    Berliner Kaffeerösterei am Uhlandstraße 173?
    Dort gibt es Berlins beste heiße Schokolade.

  16. Chris on


    Kiez Rösterei K61 in Gneisenaustr. 68 is worth a try (just arond the corner from Chapter One). Own roasts, getting their raw coffee from Quijote (?)..

    1. sehrsehr on

      The Kiezrösterei isn’t just worth a try – it is one of the best addresses in berlin regarding coffee (its history, its present and the future). The owner also runs the Kaffeemuseum at Nostitzstr. They are mostly trading directly with the coffee farmers.

  17. Taylor on


    Silo is hands down the best coffee shop in Berlin. As a native New Yorker and daughter of a coffee house owner, finding a good coffee shop was first on my list when I moved to Berlin. While I’m not a snobby coffee drinker, I feel like too many of the places in Berlin were pretentious and not even about the coffee (The Barn doesn’t even let you put milk in their iced coffee, COME ON). Silo on the other hand has a great cup, awesome food, atmosphere, and above all NICE STAFF.

    On that note: Skip Double Eye, the coffee sucks and the baristas suck even more. Mi Ounda in Schoneberg is the place to be. The owner Gonzalo welcomes his regulars with a hug, lets you get your coffee the way you like it, and mingles with the crowd on busy mornings. I couldn’t ask for a more welcoming spot in Berlin.

  18. Dominic on


    Why is Röststätte not on the List for best coffee places?!

  19. BEN RAHIM on


    Dear Friends,

    I have some good news! I have opened my own little coffeeshop at Hackesche Höfe. When you take a turn from Sophienstrasse into Hackesche Höfe, I m right there!
    I would be very happy to welcome you there! :)


    BEN RAHIM Speciality Coffee

    Hackesche Höfe
    Sophienstr 7
    10178 Berlin

  20. dan on


    would be also happy to see Cafe9 in the list – great knowledgeable place!

    1. Mary Scherpe on


  21. Peter on


    not in the city center, but I really like this one:
    Garcia Kaffeebar in Moabit

  22. Henrique Silva on


    I also really like Garcia Kaffeebar. The best place in Moabit for sure and also they have my favorite cold brew which is called brewhund. You should check it out! really tasty cakes and vegan muffins :)

  23. B. on


    All well and fine, but how can this list possible miss out the world’s best coffee from the fabulous Café Windback, near S Charlottenburg. Not Even in Italy you find such a coffee. Leave alone their croissants. And all at unbelievable decent prices.

  24. Max Cox on


    In Rome a beverage called Espresso is short and dry. What you get when you order Espresso in Companion Coffee is watery and sour.

  25. Céline on


    Café KRAFT in Prenzlauer Berg gives you lots of Kraft for the whole day, guys! Amazing coffee and delicious brunch on weekends, the staff is always lovely and cheerful.
    My favorite: the delicious Banana Bread with fruits and yogurt – I could die for it!

    Schivelbeiner Str. 23, 10439 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
    Mo-Fr 8.30-18.00
    Sa,Su 10-18.00

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