Berlin’s Best: Ice Cream Guide

ice cream in Berlin, Berlin's best ice cream, ice cream guide, Die Eismacher
Ultra-violet Ube ice cream from Die Eismacher. A favorite!

We live in glorious ice cream times in Berlin, with new and creative parlors popping up all over the city while the troupers still excel in their craft. From Wilmersdorf to Neukölln and back, from vegan to Italian to sugar-crusted, it’s a paradise for everyone with a sweet and cold tooth. In order to supply you with the best frozen experience, we’ve compiled a list of Berlin’s best ice cream (from A to Z)! All strictly subjective, of course!

Nevertheless, we love your recommendations, so please leave your favorite ice cream place in the comments if it’s not included here!

If you’re still dreaming about ‘that best gelato you ever had while in Italy’, try Anna Durkes in Kreuzberg. Just a stone’s throw away from the canal, this small shop serves big scoops of its signature flavor ‘Anna Durkes’: a mixture of vanilla ice cream with peanuts and chocolate bits amongst the classic Italians and such specials as licorice.

Graefestraße 80

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg

Tue–Sun 13:00–18:00h

Totally off the beaten track, this small parlor tucked away in a side street in Schöneberg serves the blackest black sesame ice cream in all of Berlin and a whole other range of no-bullshit-ice-cream with no artificial flavors or other additives.

Elßholzstraße 10

10781 Berlin Schöneberg

Mon–Fri 12:00–19:00,
Sat–Sun 13:00–20:00

What always surprises us is that while we have a plethora of great ice cream makers, we only have a few that also offer actual ice cream bowls. Like the ones we had at the small town Italien café back in our childhood – Caffé e Gelato in the rather dreadful Potsdamer Platz Arkaden serves exactly that: giant creations filled with ice cream, fresh fruits or sweet chocolate and loads of whipped cream. So yummy, you’ll forget all the shopping-craziness around you.

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden

10785 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Thu 10:00–21:30,
Fri 10:00–22:00,
Sat 10:00 - 23:30,
Sun 10:30 - 21:30

Cuore di Vetro is close to our hearts thanks to their beautiful Affogato, an espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But this Mitte parlor can do much more: everything’s made in house in a true Italian style, you can even watch them do it in the back of the shop – outstanding are their pistachio flavor and the dark chocolate sorbet. Some say it’s the best dark chocolate in Berlin.

Max-Beerstraße 33

10119 Berlin Mitte

Mon 12:00-23:00,
Tue–Fri 9:00-23:00,
Sat–Sun 10:00–23:00

ice cream in Berlin, Berlin's best ice cream, ice cream guide, Eisbox
Strawberry-Mint of Eisbox.

Eisbox is not only a neighbourhood favorite, but attracts people from all over the town thanks to their delicious creations without any additions or artificial flavors. The organic ingredients only add to the flavor of strawberry-mint or Tonka bean. And we will definitely come back for their weekly specials like saffron with orange blossom!

Elberfelder Straße 27

10555 Berlin Moabit

Sun–Fri 14:00–20:00,
Sat 12:00–20:00

Have you ever heard of ice cream flavors like Ube or Pandan? We neither, but Die Eismacher in Kreuzberg specialize in unknown tastes like the Philippine sweet potato Ube (pictured above) – and we’re glad they do! Don’t worry about the rather unusual and very strong violet color, this is nowhere near artificial Schlumpfeis. Ube has a very natural, creamy and nutty taste, incomparable to anything we’ve tried before. And if you’re not that courageous, try their Tahiti Vanilla, Quark or Valrhona chocolate flavors. No wonder this one’s high on the top-list of most ice cream lovers in Berlin.

Körtestraße 10

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg

daily 14:00–18:30

This is probably the most popular and known of all the artisanal ice cream vendors in Berlin. With already four shops spread throughout the city, Eismanufaktur has earned its fame with its delicious classics (the pistachio…) and its new creations (the matcha…). It’s always a safe bet. You can also find it in Kreuzberg at Graefestraße 7, in Friedrichshain at Simon-Dach-Straße 9 and in Neukölln at Weserstraße 6.

Auguststraße 63

10117 Berlin Mitte

daily from 12:00

The location of this icy miss can not be missed thanks to the crowds assembling in front of it. Fräulein Frost is especially a favorite among neighborhood children with its blue walls and pink interior. If you’re more for a quiet ice cream enjoyment, make sure to come in the evening for a sweet treat like Guzimi (cucumber-citron-mint) or Caramel beurre salé.

Friedelstraße 39

12047 Berlin Neukölln

Mon–Fri from 13:00,
Sat–Sun from 12:00

By adding “patissier” to their title, this shop in Prenzlauer Berg prepares you for its elaborate treats: their gelato is outstandingly delicious (and sweet) with fancy flavors like tonka bean, cinammon lemon and sugary treats like Rocky Road (caramelized pecan and para nuts, marshmallows and chocolate) and Hokey Pokey (vanilla with crunchy caramel) on offer. Opened until late at night this is also recommendable as dessert option, if you’re eating out in the area, but expect long lines…

Stargarder Strasse 73

10437 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

daily 12:00–22:00

ice cream in Berlin, Berlin's best ice cream, ice cream guide, Monheim Berlin
Super delicious currant and super creamy chocolate ice cream from Monheim.

What might look like your average ice cream shop around the corner is in fact a lot more – founded in 1928 and (arguably) the oldest ice cream shop in Berlin, this parlor doesn’t rest on its historic laurels – their chocolate ice cream is so creamy and rich in flavor, it’s out of this world! Although in Wilmersdorf, we will definitely be back for more!

Blissestraße 12

10713 Berlin Wilmersdorf

daily 10:00–21:00

Can you imagine anything more beautiful than ending a summer’s day by watching the sun set over the Tempelhofer Feld? Even better if you can enjoy some ice cream with it from just around the corner. Mos Eisley’s owner learned from the best in Italy and serves up classic Italian flavors and spins like creamy Cheesecake. Read our full review here.

Herrfurthplatz 6

12049 Berlin Neukölln

Mon–Sun 12:00–20:00

ice cream in Berlin, Berlin's best ice cream, ice cream guide, Rosa Canina Berlin
Rosa Canina’s black sesame and Bonvodou chocolate ice cream in a rosa cup, of course.

Rosa Canina might be the latest addition to the organic ice cream shops sprouting in Prenzlauer Berg. Good news: they are also located at Markthalle Neun! So if you’re in for a sweet treat after your weekly market stroll, be sure to try some of the rhubarb ice cream, so natural you can actually see the pieces of rhubarb in your scoop. They are very experimental with their flavors, read: Vanilla with pumpkin seed oil, black sesame or chocolate made by Berlin chocolate experts Bonvodou.

Hufelandstrasse 7

10407 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

daily 12:00–19:00

Tanne B is always a safe bet if you want to enjoy some ice cream on a sunny terrace and you’ve cut milk from your diet. There’s an unparalleled range of vegan flavors to choose from – all made with soy milk. And then there’s the crazy asparagus ice cream (seasonal) or the sea buckthorn or try the rose flavor, you’ll have a hard time deciding…

Eisenbahnstraße 48

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Sun 09:00–22:00

The name basically tells you what to go for – their Marille, apricot, flavor is intense. But there’s even more: among their specialties are peanut butter with homemade brownies or walnut with figs.This tiny shop is super popular in the neighborhood, long lines should always be expected, there’s a reason some call this their favorite ice cream in Berlin.

Hagelbergerstraße 1

10965 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Sun 11:00–23:00

Fresh from the nitrogen bowl – poppyseed raspberry ice cream from Woop Woop
Fresh from the nitrogen bowl – poppyseed raspberry ice cream from Woop Woop

Making ice cream fresh by your choice using a a blast of liquid nitrogen close to -200°C might first sound a bit too fancy to be good, but oh how wrong we were – choosing your own ingredients (like poppyseed-raspberry or blueberry-cheesecake or…) and then watching your delight being made is taking a bit more time than usual, but it’s worth it. By now only available in a truck, you’ll find Woop Woop at Protzen & Sohn, Bite Club or The Breakfast Market at Markthalle Neun.

Last but not least, there’s Zwei Dicke Bären. Although they don’t serve traditional ice cream nor have their own place, we just couldn’t leave them out of this list. Because: ice cream sandwiches. Who can resist the combination of homemade cookies and ice cream made by Mos Eisley. Keep an eye out for them at the foodie events all around the city like Street Food Thursday or Bite Cub!


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  1. Lyd on


    Great list and some truly beautiful places on here. I don’t want to leave too much of a negative comment here but I thought it a good place to share some information about EISMANUFAKTUR. I’ve had several friends who have had handed in job applications to their newest store in Neukölln and been given a day to work there. After a 9 hour shift they were told they would not be getting paid and that it was just a trial. Surely for a trial, especially an unpaid one, it should not exceed more then a few hours. If this was an isolated incident I would be less inclined to publicly shame them but as it turns out it wasn’t and I know of a few people who have had the same treatment. It seems very unfair to treat people like this just to make a profit (maybe this is how they can be creating this sort of monopoly over Berlin with 5 stores) Just something to consider as their are many other great places, as you can see from this list, to go to for when you need your next ice cream fix.

    1. Angel on

      Hi Lyd,

      many thanks for your words. I have no attachments to Eismanufaktur, neither have I tried their ice cream, as my favorite ice cream spot is LIDO Eis on Böckhstraße. Though I would like to comment on your accusations in regards to Eismanufaktur’s trial policy, as I have family and friends with bars & café´s and have worked in restaurants myself for more than ten years. One thing I can tell you: These businesses do not make money with trial shifts. It is hard enough finding responsible, honest, reliable and competent staff. Not everyone is made for hospitality, although most people think everyone can do it. When someone is trialling on a shift, you work with the same staff, as when this person would not be trialling, as you actually need to teach this person the processes of the daily business.

      In Berlin, but also in other parts of the world (e.g. Sydney, London, Auckland), it is quite usual to do an unpaid trial shift in hospitality. If the person turns out to be really great in what they are doing, I am sure, every café owner would also be more than merry to pay them for that shift or at least give them a generous tip, as those rare people are to be kept.

      For the future I recommend, your friends agree on the policy incl. payment, hours, etc. with the businesses beforehand, so no one leaves the shift with disappointment and unfulfilled expectations. Maybe you should also speak to the owners directly to clarify the differences of both sides. I don’t think it is very fair to openly badmouth these businesses, as I know myself, how many years of hard work, passion and effort lies in these businesses. Seek the dialogue directly, if you feel there are better ways to deal with trials.

      Best wishes,

    2. Mary Scherpe on

      thanks for your considerate words, Angel!

  2. Giulia Pines on


    Great list, but I find that every such list I’ve ever seen tends to leave out my favourite, the adorable little Bio Eis Manufaktur at Kleine Hamburger Strasse, just across from Clärchens Ballhaus. A long time favourite, this one is also good for dessert after a dinner in the neighbourhood: they seem to stay open until the last late stragglers come in. I have had fantastic strawberry mint, green tea (!!!) and other unusual flavours there, as well as spectacular chocolate and vanilla.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      That’s actually the Eismanufaktur with the address at Auguststraße!

  3. Alexandra on


    ERSTE SAHNE on Kienitzer Str. 117 is the far better option for Ice Cream than Mos Eisley when you are wandering the Schillerkiez.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Hmmm… We tried this one but were not convinced….

  4. Giulia Pines on


    Ich bin doof :) I never would have thought that little shopfront still counted as Auguststrasse. The matcha flavor should have tipped me off though…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Ich war auch immer verwirrt, weil der Laden ja eigentlich auf der kleinen Hamburger ist… aber die “offizielle” Adresse ist Auguststraße

  5. Ela on


    There’s another Vanille & Marille in Steglitz!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      uuh! good to know, thank you!

  6. Ullilui on


    You missed probably the best in town… Actually you can’t miss it just follow the cues! Aldemir Eis, Falckensteinstraße 7, 10997 Berlin – they serve scoops and bowls

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I used to love Aldemir, especially the atmosphere around it… but haven’t been there in ages, it’s time for a re-visit!

  7. resa on


    Ohhhh you really have to try Süße Sünde! Friedrichshain, Niederbanimstr! Its a new one and im so in love with the flavour Grieß Himbeere

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Gries himberre! Sounds delicious!

  8. Sam on


    Yesterday a friend introduced me to SWEET 2 GO ( Pfalzburger Straße 79, am Ludwig-Kirch-Platz, 10719 Berlin). I had Quark mit Palmhonig (a kind of cottage cheese with palmhoney) and my friend rasberry sorbet and chocolate. So delicious! Its a little Cafe at the Ludwig-Kirch-Platz (which by the way is such a beautiful and very “Italian” location) very near the Ku´damm. I love also the icecream from Caffe e gelato (but not the Arkaden) but the Eisbox icecream is not my favourite…maybe I miss Italy ;-)

  9. Peter on


    Hi there, great list and I used to enjoy some of them for quite some time. Unless, well unless my wife opened her own Icecream Parlour about one year ago. It is in the Afrikanisches Viertel mid Wedding, so maybe that is the reason why you didn’t show up yet. Maybe you’ll find the time one day and have a try… – Cheers from Wild Wild Wedding!

  10. Peter on


    … it’s called “Eiscafé Kibo”…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Thank you! We’ll definitely put it on our to-do list!

    2. Poppy on

      Yes, Eiscafe Kibo is a great place, but unfortunately you need know the place as it is on a quiet street in the middle of Wedding ;)

  11. ogmb on


    “Although in Wilmersdorf…”


    Even if it might be the dachshund capital of Berlin, it’s not nearly as much of a cultural wasteland as it might appear…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Oh don’t worry! We love Wilmersdorf

  12. Maike on


    What about “Henriette” in Halensee?!? They have best-in-town orange-basil icecream *yumyum*
    defenitly a to do for your list if you haven´t tried yet ;)

  13. ilka on


    Ital Eis :  it is just a very normal and really not fancy or beautiful place, it has no fancy flavors, it’s not chic, but I really love their home made italian ice cream.You find it in the most narrow house in Berlin on busy Müllerstraße 163. ”The place” if you live nearby in Wedding. Apart from that I really also love the Hockey Pockey not only for its very best ice-cream but for its beautiful little place.

  14. Juan on


    Just check out “Jones ice cream” in here lovely ice cream truck with phantastic ice cream!!

  15. Andre on


    I don’t know “Henriette’s” orange-basil ice cream – but I can very much recommend the 100% natural basil ice cream in the charming ice cream shop “Leck mich”, Ackerstr. 144! Absolutely delicious :-). And unexpected: you can try also 100% gluten-free ice—even the waffle cones!

  16. WC Reiniger on


    As cool as these newer Ice Cream establishments noted here appear to be, and having lived in Berlin 1977-1982, I never tried FloridaEis. Since 1982, I have lived in Florida, and I often joke that I must return to Berlin to try FloridaEis.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I’m not a fan, I think it’s too sweet. Way too sweet.

  17. Izabela on


    This is just heaven for me : Gelateria Tosoni, Planufer 92d, Kreuzberg

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thanks! will try :)

  18. Bonne on


    Inka Eis, Belziger Straße 44 in Schöneberg: Here you can have flavors like Chicha Morrada (Blue Corn, tastes like berries), Lucuma, Algarrobina, Guanabana, Acerola, Tamarindo und Chili-Naranja (check out what they taste like here : Also they have the creamiest dairy-free coconut ice cream ever! You should really try it, won’t find that anywhere else!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Hi Bonne, tried Inka Eis last year during the big research for this article and wasn’t too convinced. I’ll make sure to try it again as soon as I am in the are

  19. Cristina Piza on


    I love your blog and follow and try often your suggestions! Here is one of mine!
    Franken und Grunewald (Schöneberg)
    Gossowstr. 6
    10777 Berlin

  20. Nicole on


    Awesome list! A lot of them are on my top 10 list too.
    What could be better than ice cream on a warm summer day? So I will definitely try some more ice cream shops this summer and there will be also some of your recommendations, so thank you for that!
    Nicole from CicoBerlin

  21. Barbara on


    I suggest you to stop by at the Early Birds Café in Prenzlauer Berg to try their gelato. It’s creamy and made fresh every day (this is not something you’ll find everywhere in Berlin). Tschüss!

  22. Thomas Berres on


    I am surprised that you didn’t include Cholila at Gleimstr 54. I would consider it one of the top three places for very pure Sorbets. Actually the fruit taste is so pure (40 to 80%) that you need to get used to it .The absence of all those taste enhancers seems to be irritating to some first time customers . If Hocky Pocky is some sort of Baroque than this is the Bauhaus of Eiscream . Try Kalamansi or Yuzu – both are citrus fruits – the owner is really into Bitter Orange Sorbets . Or Bergamot , or Grape, Or Berg Pfirsich,. Actually there is also one non Sorbet I recommend: Karma (cardamom / almond )

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