Breakfast in Berlin: Mary’s

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The Green Bowl filled with superfoods.

I don’t even know if this is a big announcement or not, but I do know that only few things are able to make me as nervous as this new idea. Spending my days discovering, watching, testing and writing about all the foodie-endeavours happening in Berlin right now, lead me closer to this idea of trying out my own food-idea. The best place to try it is the upcoming Breakfast Market and so it will be: Mary’s will premiere this Sunday at Markthalle 9 and we will probably go down in a green smoothie chaos… but at least we’ll have fun!

Obviously I will venture in the field of vegan, raw and gluten-free superfood – inspired by the #decoratedmush movement. I plan to offer three healthy yet delicious (that’s what the tasters said) breakfast dishes I’ll hope you’ll like as much as I do.
I am very lucky to receive great support of Keimling, a web shop for all things healthy and raw, who lent me one of those beautiful and powerful Vitamix blenders. You should also check their blogs with a ton of recipes on Green Smoothies and raw food.

So what will we offer, you ask? First is the Green Bowl (pictured above), a spinach-celeriac-apple smoothie topped with homemade buckwheat-sour-cherry-granola, strawberries, soy yoghurt and almond butter as well as mulberries and goji berries.

Berlin breakfast, breakfast in Berlin, The Breakfast Market, food in Berlin, Markthalle Neun, Mary's superfood bowls, vegan in Berlin
Chia-oat-pudding with mango

Second is the White Bowl, a gluten-free and raw buckwheat-chia porridge made with homemade almond milk and topped with heaps of superfood.
And third is a chia and oat pudding served in a jar and decorated with fresh mango and strawberry and layered with homemade granola.

In case you’re at the Market on Sunday, join us in the bowl-fun!


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  1. Sylee on


    Love this, Mary – can’t wait!

  2. Moche on


    Looks extremely nice!!!!!! I admire “the big breakfast” thing also but this healthy clean breakfast caught my both eyes pretty hard :) this is exactly what I want to have for breakfast, lunch, after yoga snuck, and even dinner;)
    Thanks a lot for this great vender and since I was not in Berlin this time, I am looking forward to catch this beautiful food next time!!!!!!!x

  3. daisy on


    These look amazing!! Especially the green bowl, although im very into my raw vegan superfood mush :) i was wondering if your still selling these and where/prices? Also any tips on healthy vegan eating berlin? Am here for a week and have a couple places on my list like laauma and funk you foods, but on happy cow its alot of vegan fast food and deep fried falafel.
    Thanks and danke for the articles :)

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