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food in Berlin, Berlin, Lokal, German food in Berlin, lunch in Mitte
Monday night at Lokal, Mitte.

It’s weird how some restaurants that are clearly on my list of all time favorite places in Berlin never appeared on this site. Maybe it’s because I take them for granted? Or maybe it’s because I expect you to know them all and thus consider it not necessary to “introduce” them? But well, it’s about time I at least express my love for this Mitte restaurant serving local and seasonal dishes. It’s my go-to place if I want to make sure I’ll have a nice, affordable and delicious meal in a pleasant and pretty atmosphere. It’s one of these places that rarely, if ever, disappoint.

food in Berlin, Berlin, Lokal, German food in Berlin, lunch in Mitte

When the former canteen of Chipperfield Architects was closed for the construction of a new building, the crew around Maren Thimm searched for a new location and found it on the corner of Linienstraße and Kleine Hamburger Straße on premises formerly run by a Spanish restaurant (if I remember that correctly). After a complete remodeling, the new restaurant with its cosy yet chic white interior and a menu featuring local and seasonal ingredients in signature dishes quickly gained devotees from near and far. Like me.

After the new building of Chipperfield Architects was finished, the former canteen moved into a beautiful new rear house and re-started their lunch services. But lucky us, Lokal persisted.

food in Berlin, Berlin, Lokal, German food in Berlin, lunch in Mitte

I like their weekly changing small yet delicious menu that features two vegetarian mains. One of them is usually a dish with noodles and a plethora of vegetables like fennel, broccoli, celeriac and goats cheese or whatever the Brandenburg farms offer. The other is often a creation with a soft cheese and loads of vegetables like pickled beet roots, lentils and loads more. Their way of cooking can certainly be called updated, or “New German”. (I’d love if that became a real thing in cooking, or is it already?!)
Lokal’s chefs aren’t afraid to tackle the by now rather uncommon pieces or species of animals, serving sweetbread and veal tongue with apples, parsnips and broccoli as a starter or squabs with Sauerkraut and bacon as a main (back in February, you can see some of their menus on their blog).

In the hot temperatures beginning of June, they served me a lovely refreshing cold cucumber soup that went very well with my Weissweinschorle and the still warm yet much more bearable temperatures past 8pm. The place was crowded once again, it’s very recommendable to reserve a table, no matter whether it’s Friday or Monday.



Linienstraße 160

10115 Berlin Mitte

Oranienburger Tor

Opening Hours:

daily from 17:00-23:00


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  1. hansa on


    this is my all time favorite too :) just correct info above, this place was the Brazilian restaurant & bar before

  2. Magda on


    Next time in Berlin I will go there! Looks delicious!

  3. James on


    I absolutely love this place so it’s great to read your positive review. This is my first choice to take friends visiting Berlin. The staff are super friendly too.

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