Links in Berlin: Summer’s here

Pretty skies, gritty city. Accurate Berlin depiction by lieber_honig.

With temperatures way above the 30s, the last week was spent outside or at one of the many lakes around Berlin as often as possible. Nevertheless, we found the time to collect the latest #linksinberlin, with – of course – many more ideas to spend these beautiful days in Berlin.
And we loved all your contributions to the #linksinberlin hashtag on instagram – lieber_honig’s pretty sunset over gritty tracks happened to depict our current Berlin-mood the best. Thanks for the picture and keep them coming!

This little Kreuzberg coffee spot made it into our updated coffee guide, not only but also because Marta is a fan.

Sylee recommends one of the best summer activities ever.

Niche Berlin published a short review of two performances that happened at the ongoing 8th Berlin Biennial.

Great news! Original Unverpackt, the new supermarket that will sell everything without packaging, reached their funding goal on startnext. Counting the days till their opening!

The most talked about opening this week was definitely The Factory – Mitte’s new start-up Schlaraffenland, already housing the most successful Soundcloud and the German office of Twitter.

(German only) Die Zeit entdeckt Henry F. Urbans Berlin Feuilletons: “Von New York kommend, (…) muß man durch eine Unmenge Sand hindurch, um Berlin zu erreichen, und wenn man glücklich (…) angekommen ist, so erfährt man zu seinem Entsetzen, (…), daß es Berlin genau genommen gar nicht gibt, sondern nur einen Haufen von Dörfern, die Berlin heißen.” So wahr.

(German only) Zitty schreibt über Kai Seekings Insl, ein gastronomisches und Projekt auf einer Insel bei Kyritz.

Tonight will see the opening of the show for the Berlin Art Prize – don’t miss it!

A serious “Meh” to the World Cup, but if you’d ask us where best to watch it, we’d say Tiki Taka or Protzen&Sohn.


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