Links in Berlin: Summer doesn’t mean a thing.

Beautiful urban wasteland: Rosenthaler Platz as seen by Jessica on Instagram.

I’d love to start this one by moaning about the weather, but I can’t because one of the links in Berlin has done a way better job (read below). So I retreat to choosing a photograph of Mitte, depicting the beauty of a grim crossing: Jessica of Best Wishes Magazine took this one of Rosenthaler Platz (and tagged it #linksinberlin for all of us to see, thank you!). And I recommend you push play on Dena’s new hit – Summer doesn’t mean a thing. Because, really. And then read away:

Viel zu wenige können sich heute noch vorstellen, einen Bauernhof zu führen. Philipp ist einer dieser Mutigen und hat sich von Regisseur Tobias Müller dabei begleiten lassen. Herausgekommen ist ein Film mit dem Namen Sauacker, der nächste Woche in die Kinos kommt. (Mit Dank an Slow Food Berlin für den Tip!)

Fun fact – you can cycle from Berlin to Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful route through pancake-flat German and Danish country sides – Slow Travel Berlin shows you some photographs from along the way.

The Berlin Art Prize opened its doors last Saturday (the exhibition will be on view for another week) and Monopol has all the winners for you.

Berliner’s ability to moan, complain and whine about the weather is unparalleled – Joseph Pearson of The Needle tackles the question why the ever-so-freezing Berlin-winter is strong enough to erase all memories of summer heat.

Berlin sollte zur essbaren Stadt werden – zumindest wenn es nach mir geht. Kreuzberg macht jetzt mit dem Projekt “Essbarer Bezirk” schon mal den Anfang, berichtet der Tagesspiegel Kreuzberg Blog.

Today’s Midsommarafton! (The day before Midsommar, the longest day of the year.) And the city’s Swedes will celebrate no matter what temperatures… Join them at our (and Martha’s) favorite Swedish hang-out, Café Valentin. They’ll have Smörgåstårta. (SANDWICH-CAKE!)


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