Links in Berlin: Against the Rain

Instagram's Loewe7's view of Berlin.

It wasn’t an especially great week for summer, but let’s not talk or fret, just look at the beautiful sunset instagram user loewe7 submitted using the hashtag #linksinberlin!
And maybe that weather also inspired me to find even more links to suggest for your weekend reading (and to-do list), read away:

Sylee of Berlin Reified re-discovered an subtle yet unsettling memorial by Renata Stih and Frieder Schnock in the Bavarian Quarter in Schöneberg bearing witness to the suppression of Jews in Berlin from 1933. Even more info by Ian Johnson here.

A group of Christians, Muslims and Jews is trying to crowdsource funds to build a place where they can all worship: “House of One”, the guardian reports.

I love paddling, I’ve expressed that before. Now CeeCee has a pretty good looking suggestion for a new route.

I also love Lauren Lee’s Kimchi, and I’ve also expressed that before. Take your time and read up on the interview At The Table just published with her.

Berlin has always been better they year before you moved here, you knew that already. And here are the pictures to prove it. (Das derzeit beste Buch zur Zeit nach der Wende hat meiner Meinung nach Ulrich Gutmair mit “Die ersten Tage von Berlin” geschrieben.)
As said.

“Das System ist sowas von abgefuckt” sagen zwei der wichtigsten Player des Systems, Nicole Hackert und Bruno Brunnet der Megagalerie CFA, zu Monopol im Interview. Ein Ausschnitt davon ist jetzt online.

Fitness-freak-artist Helga Wretman gave another of her personal fitness-courses for artists, this time she exercised with Hanne Lippard.

Griechisches Essen kann so toll sein, ist es aber in den meisten griechischen Restaurants nicht… Julia von Nimmersatt hat jetzt eine Ausnahme in Prenzlauer Berg entdeckt. Kommt sofort auf die To-Do-Liste!

Feel like a little activism for the weekend? I recommend you join the “Wir haben es satt!” (We’re fed up) demo against the factory farming with over 36.000 pigs planned in Haßleben, Brandenburg. More info here.

2000sqm is what you would get if the earth would be fairly shared with everyone living on it. What could be done with such a field is the task taken up by Carla Giardini, a farmer, and Ben Wissler, a biologist. And you can join them here.

Bees are having a hard time, you have probably heard of the dropping numbers and the ambiguity of the reasons behind that development. Plan Bienen is a research project investigating those reasons and documenting their methods and results on the blog. (Via Slow Food Berlin)


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