Mexican in Berlin: Burrito Baby

GVB (Grilled Vegetables Burrito), 6,80 Euro

As it lay there before me in all its glory, I couldn’t help but remember the words of one foursquare-review, which called those bulging bundles newborn-sized. Wrapped in an almost white corn tortilla, white paper and nicely resting on a white plate with a slice of lime, the visual association easily crosses one’s mind. I mean, look ath the results of a short google picture search for “Burrito Baby”…
Tales surrounding this Neukölln burrito bar are heard throughout the city: eulogies of their delicious food as well as struggles with their inconsistent opening hours and at times impossible waiting lines. And finally I made it there (tried before, it was closed), to the place where the best Mexican food is served. And it’s vegan!

stilinberlin burrito baby-9422

Yes you read it right, I am calling a vegetarian and, if you like, vegan place the best Mexican food in Berlin. This might be due to my lack of experience with Mexican food (I wouldn’t call myself a fan), but even more due to the amazing GVB burrito I had: beneath the tortilla were pinto beans, grilled vegetables, homemade green salsa, sour cream (cashew cream for the vegans), rice, salad and fresh cilantro. The waiter warned me it would be loads (when I also ordered the nachos (not homemade) with a very fresh and creamy guacamole), but I finished it all. And that means something when it comes to me and Burritos.

Nachos with Guacamole, 3,70 Euro
Nachos with Guacamole, 3,70 Euro

In rush-hours, the place is packed with people (if it’s open, as said, they’re not always sticking to their opening hours, check their facebook profile for updates) and waiting times can be arduous. The menu itself asks for patience with its motto: “Mexican street food, just slower”. But when I went there one sunny afternoon last week just past 3pm, there was only one other table and my food was served within minutes.

By the way, don’t expect to eat anything else on that day. This stuff is filling.

Burrito Baby

Burrito Baby

Pflügerstraße 11

12047 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Tue–Fri 17:00–22:30
Sat–Sun 15:00–22:30


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