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When one of your favorite things to do is standing at the stove, letting your thoughts simmer like the sauce in front of you, then you might have already stumbled across this shop on Invalidenstraße – at Kochtail one can spend as many hours as in the kitchen, a paradise for everyone who not only likes but loves to cook and bake.

shop in Berlin, kitchenware in Berlin, Kochtail, cookbooks in BerlinKochtail is in good company of fine delis and patisseries lining the street. After opening already a while ago, it has become one of the city’s best-selected stores for cooking and baking and thus a favorite of local chefs. You’ll know why, when the owner instantly wants to show you his favorite pot as soon as you enter.

shop in Berlin, kitchenware in Berlin, Kochtail, cookbooks in Berlin, wooden boardsOnce you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful Riess enamel and Le Creuset cast iron ware, Weck jars and wooden boards in endless varieties, recipe ideas start to flow. For those of you who want to be a bit more adventurous, Kochtail also stocks loads of little helpers for American baking, like the obvious measuring cups (also in the form of Matryoshkas), pink cake pop moulds, pie funnels in the form of birds, ceramic baking beans, cake pans in the form of gnomes, as well as a big choice of home bar supplies, eco-friendly cook’s tools (an avocado holder, for instance) and much more. The shop is filled with things you never know you needed and once you own them can’t imagine how you did without them. (Like the Silpat reusable baking paper Mary just got and now can’t live without.) And for those of you who live outside of Berlin, do not fret, because there’s also an online shop!

As if you’ll need any more excuses to buy another ceramic bowl or baking pan, there’s also a sleek selection of cookbooks from Cynthia Barcomi to Donna Hay and Ottolenghi.
shop in Berlin, kitchenware in Berlin, Kochtail, cookbooks in Berlin



Invalidenstraße 150

10115 Berlin Mitte

Rosenthaler Platz

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat: 11:00–19:00


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  1. multikulinaria on


    I love stores that supply not just fancy bot most of all useful kitchen ware. Kochtail has been on my radar for long, but I never made it there. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

  2. Clare on


    I spend sooo much money in this little shop, its the only place I can find in Berlin that sells utensils that allow me to measure for American recipes and they sell ready to roll icing!

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