Berlin’s Best Burger: #4

District Mot's three burgers going into the race

Burgers & Hip Hop happened at Prince Charles last Saturday and it was a hot mess. Literally.
While it started out a little slower than usual, the place filled quickly in the early evening with loads of burger lovers (sorry we had to close the door for a short time). Not only the grills were burning but the whole club – thanks to the sun, but also thanks to a hot competition. All vendors were eager to beat two-time-winner District Mot and their experimental steamed bun burger, and one of them put the stakes even higher: much acclaimed newcomer Tommi’s Burger came to the party with their classic, clean cheeseburger that many fans already call the best burger in Berlin.
As always, the public has voted – over 340 votes were handed in and we had fun counting them (see some samples here). And you might not believe, what they decided:

Here are all contesters and the top three:

Pettirossis Chicks, Cash & Mortadella

Serving a chic burger in real Italian style was Pettirossi, calling it Chicks, Cash & Mortadella and combining beef meat with rucola, tomato and a home made special red pesto that was a big hit with voters.

stilinberlin berlinsbestburger-4618

Juicy Lucy’s was in with their Deep Flow Burger: 100% Beef, delicious cheese, spicy Kimchi, intense bacon, yellow radish & Korean BBQ sauce – an almost classic combo with the Burgers & Hip Hop event that was professionally prepared and had a surprise that many voters loved: cheese in the beef patty!

stilinberlin berlinsbestburger-4597

Eddilicious’ Machete burger served by Pablo was a true Mexican: grilled Duroc pork, avocado, tomato, pineapple (!), feta cheese, refried beans, salad & Mexican sweet chilli sauce – the plethora of ingredients made this one a little hard to eat, yet the voters loved the deliciousness of the beans. And the pineapple (who would’ve thought?!)

stilinberlin berlinsbestburger-4615

The most surprising burger ingredient this time was certainly the pineapple, especially since two contesters used it – all-time-potato-favorit Bixels served up a Beef Marley – bedded in a Turkish pita bread with pineapple, guacamole chili, onions and parsley. Garnished with their famous potatoes. This unusual mix scored quite high, and just barely failed to make the top three.

stilinberlin berlinsbestburger-4626

A very well earned third place goes to Mr Susan’s No Sleep Till Brooklyn burger, made with local beef, a deliciously crunchy cheddar & bacon cheese crisp, their own special preserved lemon mayonnaise, and “Brooklyn” caramelized red onions (preserved in all kinds of alcohol) & finished with fresh baby spinach. The caramelized onions and the crispy cheese bacon invention won them a glorious 4,17 of 5 total points!

stilinberlin berlinsbestburger-4609

Tommi’s Burger Joint’s very classic burger was a long-awaited big hit with the audience. Many called it an “honest burger”, delivering “just what it takes”: medium rare Black Angus Patty, freshly grilled and topped with melting cheese that “goes great with a beer”. Which is why they received a dazzling 4,38 of 5 possible points and when I left the party after our tasting happened I was sure they’d win, but…

Lil Bao Bow
Lil Bao Wow

…that wasn’t enough to beat what is now a three-time winner. Yes, you read that right, District Mot has done it again. Not only by serving their two burgers from last time, the De La Sauce with beef or tofu, but by adding a chicken burger: Lil Bao Wow. A steamed yeast-rice cake bun hugged a patty made of minced chicken drumstick deep fried  in a crispy green rice batter, combined with vietnamese pickled vegetables, pickled red onions, fresh coriander, fresh mango, two house made sauces (egg yolk garlic mayo & lime-chilli-tomato sauce).
What might have been a risk, proved to be the best bet: District Mot received 4,56 of 5 possible votes and also was able to collect the most votes of all vendors (100! and 72 of them were 5 star ratings!) Congratulations!

See you next time!


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  1. Chris on


    You have to try the “Blutwurst-Burger” at the Herz & Niere (Fichtestraße, Berlin-Kreuzberg)! They make their own black pudding.

  2. Michael on


    My List :)

    1. Mr.Susan’s No sleep till Brooklyn burger
    WHAT a great compilation! Loved the crispy cheese together with the caramelized red onions. And the Patty was the best one I’ve ever had! Just perfect.
    Easy Nr.1 for my burger taste! ;)

    2: Tommis burger Joint
    I really thought this would be my Nr.1, regardless of any other burgers served this day.
    But they just had the buns and Pattys a little too long on the grill. My friend said it needs to be like this….manly and such. ^^
    But the Brooklyn burger simply owned them all, so no Chance for Tommis this time. But still, an excellent, if not, THE best Cheesburger in Berlin.

    3: Chicks, Cash & Mortadella
    I only bit one time (already full from Tommis and Susans burger) but I really liked the Italien flovour in that burger.

    4: District Mot
    Havent tried it this time. But I had it on the last B&HH
    It tastes surprisingly well, but not how I imagine a burger. Still, well deserved and great Job from the Crew.
    Congrats to the Hattrick :)

    5: All the rest
    I havent tried the others, so I wont judge them too much.
    But for me, there were some NO-GOs!
    For example, the BeefMarley wasnt a burger at all. I’m sure it tasted good, but propably more like some kind of wrap!?
    And I’m no Kimchi fan at all, or pulled pork as replacement for a Patty!?
    But thats just me and my taste. :)

    Anyways, thanks everyone for the best Burger & Hip Hop yet!

    Till next time, Michael

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thanks for your list and thanks for coming and enjoying the burger-fun!

  3. Mandy on


    Does District Mot also serve this burger at their restaurant?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      The De La Sauce yes, (also the veggie version)

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