Food in Berlin: Two Planets

Update: Two Planets was sold and is not making bagels anymore, very sad. 

Amidst all the latest food trends, sometimes, simple is best. Like a bagel. Although it can be difficult to find a good one. So good that only one bite can take you back to that one morning in New York: when it was raining like cats and dogs and you found yourself stopping by a small deli. Thanks to some freshly brewed coffee and a bagel, it was still a beautiful start into the day. Here in Berlin, when the owner of the recently opened Two Planets in Neukölln couldn’t decide what to do with her life, she made it her priority to introduce Berliners to New York style bagels.

Offering homemade bagels, it takes up to 2 days to prepare the dough for what then becomes the signature bun with a hole in the middle. The secret is to first boil them before baking, so that they get their special chewy texture. Then, the creations are limitless: plain, everything, poppy seed, sesame seed, cinnamon raisin. But since there isn’t any other way than combining a bagel with some fresh cream cheese, at Two Planets, there’s a wide selection to choose from: from jalapeño to sundried tomato.

stilinberlin-twoplanets-icedlatteI went for the classic combination of plain cream cheese and lox. Sitting by the sunny window, it was the perfect light lunch on one of those summer days: still filling, but not too heavy. No wonder that the salmon comes from Glut und Späne, one of the city’s best smoke houses for sustainable fish at Markthalle Neun. Their coffee is from Bonanza Coffee Heroes  and washing down the bagel with some iced latte just made my day. Be warned: from time to time, they’re running out of bagels. But of course there is also a sleek selection of American style sweets: from homemade oreos to brownies, praised with a sign that says ‘Oprah’s favorite recipe‘. Best enjoyed with a good read thanks to the ‘The New Yorker’ subscription! stilinberlin-twoplanets-oreos
Two Planets

Two Planets

Hermannstraße 230

12053 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

daily 09:00–18:00


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  1. Giulia Pines Kersthold on


    Those homemade oreos look a thousand times better than the store-bought variation. (Although I was the only American kid I’d ever met growing up who absolutely hated oreos!)

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