Kitchen Tunes: Big Stuff Smoked BBQ

The other day, when we were filling our bellies at Markthalle Neun, Anna of Big Stuff Smoked BBQ came up with the following idea: what if we could sneak into a chef’s kitchen, not only to see but to hear what they’re listening to? Taking a look behind-the-scenes, listening to the same music that’s playing when the chefs do their magic. Many of you know how much we love the combination of food & music and there’s supposed to be a connection between the music a chef’s listening to while getting inspired for culinary creations.

And just like that, a new series on this very blog was born: Kitchen Tunes! We asked our favorite restaurants & cafés in Berlin to send us a playlist of their favorite songs to listen to in the kitchen – from now on, we’ll publish a new one every week! First up, obviously: Big Stuff Smoked BBQ itself! Serving the city with their delicious pork belly sandwiches, their playlist contains American classics from The Andrews Sisters to – of course – Billie Holiday’s ‘Big Stuff’. Give it a listen and enjoy!
Big Stuff BBQ

Big Stuff BBQ

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof

Opening Hours:

Tue–Wed 12:00–18:00
Thu 12:00–22:00
Fri–Sat 12:00–21:30


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