Links in Berlin: Trouble Trouble

instagram user tigramgros' view of Berlin.

Though looking all content in instagram user tigramgros’ picture (submit yours with the hashtag #linksinberlin!), Berlin has been a troublesome place this week: while parts of Kreuzberg 36 were occupied by police from all over Germany because of refugees occupying a school, Alexanderplatz was not so much occupied by crazy-cheap-shoppers for the opening of a certain new crazy-cheap-clothing-shop but by protesters and a counter-event promoting the use of second-hand-clothing with a trade party (thank you, Berliners). And then there’s Fashion Week coming up, which had to move to Wedding because the usual space is occupied by crazy-soccer-fans who want to watch the games while riding a ferris wheal and eating currywurst (seriously).
This is what happened on the blogs this week!
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Is this the year of gallery-shut-downs!? Joanna Kamm decided to close her space on Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße for good this September…

Equally melancholic is this new discovery of Abandoned Berlin – the Elisabeth sanatorium in Stahnsdorf.

In more uplifting news, the German Wired is obviously happening and they’re looking for young editors in Berlin!

Sand, Berlin’s prettiest and most intelligent English magazine for literature and all kinds of inspiring things is about to publish its tenth issue and they’re looking for submissions!

Are you a food saver? Or better, do you want to become a food saver? Berlin’s food sharing network is offering a workshop for newbies, this Sunday at ACUD in Mitte!

Ursula Heinzelmann is one of the most eager supporters of German food culture (you can and should follow her on Twitter), At The Table interviewed her about the love for cheese and her new book “Bratwurst and Beyond – A History of Food in Germany”.


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