Vegan in Berlin: Café Vux

Although many of you might know this blog as a source for hunting down Berlin’s Best Burger, a have-to-eat-list of the best ice cream and elaborate bread tastings, what is actually also close to my heart is healthy vegan food. Not so much the vegan fast food, which seems to be had on every corner of Neukölln and Friedrichshain (granted, stellar exceptions exist), but the delicious clean vegan food. Not only am I trying to push the popularity by doing my superfood breakfasts at Markthalle Neun, but also by collecting reviews of the nicest places for vegan food in Berlin. And one of them is finally on the blog: Café Vux.

stilinberlin cafe vux-9425

Almost an institution in the Kiez of South Neukölln, this one’s a cutie. Furnished in very white, with many tables inside and in front of the café, I reckoned many guests spend hours here. Devouring bagels, cookies, cakes or one of the smoothies. They have loads of special sounding drinks on the menu – like a Matcha ginger soy latte with cream or a Graviola celeriac smoothie (Graviola is actually a fruit, I just googled this…)

I didn’t dare to go too crazy (just had a giant Burrito) and only went for a soy milk cappuccino (they also have a variety of nut milks) and a cheeze cake with raspberries. Which was both delicious. Gotta come back for one of those fancy shakes or the Sunday brunch (every Sunday 12:00–15:00).
But beware if you want to sport your latest plushy fur coat, fur is decisively not welcome here. This isn’t fancy-fashion vegan just for the looks of it, this café is fair and considerate inside and out.

stilinberlin cafe vux-9429
Café Vux

Café Vux

Wipperstraße 14

12055 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Wed–Sat 12:00–19:00
Sun 12:00–18:00


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  1. nadine on


    wonderfil article! <3 café vux is one of my favorite places for good vegan food, coffee and cake. Another great place for clean, biological and regional vegan food is the lovely bistro Laauma in Friedrichshain:) you guys have to check it out;)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Just went there today! Can’t wait to write about it and send people to Friedrichshain :)

  2. Max on


    sorry, but the kiez you write about is totally not in south neukölln. it is located in the south of north neukölln, which makes a big difference. berlin is so much bigger than a lot of hipsters think. and does neither begin at hermannplatz, nor ends at richardplatz.

  3. Diana on


    “South Neukölln”….O_o?!?

  4. Annaa on


    Do they have glutenfree cakes and co.?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Actually, I am not sure – maybe call them before and ask…?

  5. Sarah on


    Great vegan café! Thanks for the article.
    I also love Café Velicious in Friedrichshain. Very small place but great indidividuall cakes and some of them also glutenfree.

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