Vintage in Neukölln: The Good Store

While a few years back the centre of clothes-buying was certainly Mitte around Münzstraße, this area today seems to be entirely occupied by H&M owned stores. (Well, not entirely… One small street of indomitable fashion heroes still holds out). But don’t fret, Berlin is still vast enough to offer space for young entrepreneurs, courageous enough to start their own stores with a small budget. Like Gerda Jünemann, who just opened a small paradise for lovers of vintage treasures: The Good Store.

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Announced by posters in the windows claiming “Good Things Will Happen Soon”, the store already attracted eyes (like mine) long before opening. Gerda chose a street that was nothing more than a trough-road a couple years back and has since then developed into a hot-spot for new restaurants, delis and shops. Pannierstraße is now home to one of our favorite cake places as well as highly overrated Australian cafés and burger places, but also offers the best croissants in the area and a long-standing organic bakery. And now also a shop for vintage fashion.

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Inside of the beautiful store Gerda chose to present the well selected items together with pretty flowers in giant vintage vases on steles. To both sides, dresses, shirts, pants and more hang neatly organized on brass poles, in the back a giant mirror behind a plywood cupboard makes the rather small place look twice as big.
The Good Store offers women’s as well as men’s second hand clothing, not so much chosen by brand but more by taste. Which is why Jil Sander dresses hang next to no-brand shirts, Isabel Marant shoes are placed next to high-street handbags.
But the mix isn’t eclectic, rather reflecting the way we dress today. Magazines might still offer us one-brand looks, but seriously, who’s dressing in high-fashion brands only!?

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Gerda’s concept is to draw from commission, she choses from clothes brought into the store by friends and neighbors alike. With a big stock in the back, she can easily react to changes of weather or mood in Berlin. All while not creating a place that seems snobbish or inaccessible, which was perfectly proven by various people stopping by when I was visiting, stepping in for a quick chat or a short look through the racks.

Looks like you should put Neukölln on your shopping list, good things are happening.

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The Good Store

The Good Store

Pannierstraße 31

12047 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 12:00–19:00


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  1. Susie Heron-Halliday on


    This shop looks amazing! I was in Berlin not long ago, wish i had known about it when i was there.

  2. Jenny on


    I’m a British teenager coming on holiday to Berlin for a week, we’re staying near Tiergarten. I like second hand/vintage clothes but obviously on more of a budget, any suggestions? Thanks x

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