Guide: Veggie & Vegan Burgers in Berlin

Oh the veggie and vegan burgers, what a high art cuisine, tried by many, failed by most, and mastered only by a chosen few. While nearly every burger place in town also has a vegetarian and oftentimes even vegan burger on their menu, that doesn’t mean the choice of good ones would be plenty. Rather the opposite. There’s also no correlation of meat-grilling-talents and vegan artistry, a place serving a great beef-burger doesn’t necessarily (or possibly never?) also has the skills to do a good veggie one.

Despite the fact that I am by no means a die-hard-burger-lover, I was invited to join the jury of Zitty’s latest Essen Gehen magazine to judge the vegetarian alternatives. But I went further, and ate my wabrioy through the city, managing to taste-test ten vegetarian options. Which doesn’t mean I’ll stop here, this post will be updated with even more burger-glory every time I meet and eat a burger I like. Please join in the fun and let me know you favorite vegetarian and/or vegan burger in the comments!

As a novelty, this list doesn’t only include the ones I’d recommend, but I reviewed some I rather say you don’t have to try. Either because they’re praised by so many and still failed to impress me, or because the place is so ridiculously famous for their meat burgers, one would expect they’re good in veggie’s as well.

Angry Chicken

I didn’t know they even had burgers until I went there with a no-gluten friend, who had the bibimbap for lunch. Their happy vegan burger (pictured above, 5,50 Euro) certainly sounds delicious with its kimchi, polenta and tofu patty, spinach and cucumbers and nori-wasabi-majonaise. Although a bit too shy on the wasabi for my taste, I enjoyed the little one and its kimchi and nori mix served in this very cool spot just off Oranienstraße. Furnished in neon-yellow and designed to the bone, this place still has a laid-back vibe, obviously, since their main treat is still fried chicken, spiced from friendly to furious. (Angry Chicken, Oranienstraße 16 in Kreuzberg)

ban ban kitchen

Ban Ban Kitchen

The Korean food craze may forever continue. Especially when it’s as delicious as Kimchi-fries and veggie bulgogi burger with ice-cold ginger beer as in the case of this small take-out on Hermannstraße.

Schillerpromenade 32

12049 Berlin Neukölln

Mon- Tue 17:00-22:00,
Wed - closed,
Thu-Sun 13:00-22:00,

stilinberlin bbi-9246BBI

I’ve never understood the appeal of this place, not only was the music and mood too bad to be ignored every time I went there, and although the burgers look great in photographs, they fail on almost every taste level. Pictured is the Veggie-Burger (5,50 Euro), but yes, I’ve also tried the Halloumi burger before. Besides being impossible to eat (they’re just stacked too high), the bread and salad have almost no taste, and while the curry spice in the veggie patty was nice, the overall note is just blah… (BBI, Pannierstrasse 5 in Neukölln)

stilinberlin the bird-9250The Bird

The Bird has every right to call themselves the most loved place for beef-burger-lovers in town, I have only met a handful of people who’d even dare to criticize what they do in the meat department (and then it’s mostly about them using English muffins as buns). But… this is what they should stick to. Pictured here is a portobello mushroom burger I had in their fairly new spot in Kreuzberg, and it was as lousy as the veggie-bean patty I had a while ago in Prenzlauer Berg. Their veggie burgers literally go by the name Lousy Hunter (though the price is everything but, 12 Euros with fries and thus more expensive than their house burger). While the veggie-patty had the rather displeasing trait of growing in my mouth while I chewed on it, the portobello was just burned. Not enhanced with lovely roast aromas, but black and chalk-like burned. (The Bird, Kottbusser Damm 95 in Kreuzberg)

Am Falkplatz 5

10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Mon–Thu 18:00–24:00,
Fri 16:00–24:00,
Sat–Sun 12:00–24:00

stilinberlin burger de ville-9253

Burger de Ville

Another veggie burger filled with a portobello mushroom. Seriously, I never had a really great portobello mushroom, no where. Does it even exist? This one’s actually saved by the halloumi and the grilled peppers. But that’s not enough. Burger de Ville has a tragic history, it started out as a enthusiastic adventure on the construction site of a West Berlin mall, but then had to move once the building was finished and they had struggles finding a new place. I visited them when they parked their beautiful silver truck on the rather horrific “urban beach” just by Checkpoint Charlie, a field of sand decorated with branded sunbeds and parasols. It was just an overall sad experience. But who says there can’t be a comeback? I heard so many people rave about their potential, so my fingers remain crossed for them. (Burger de Ville food truck, check their facebook for updates)

stilinberlin district mot-9384
District Mot

Three time Berlin’s Best Burger winner District Mot might have won their title mainly thanks to their beef version, but the veggie one isn’t behind in neither taste nor looks – served in a steamed bun, with fresh mango and a crispy cracker, the main star is the marinated tofu. I loved it every time I had it (which was many), may that be in the restaurant itself, or at Burgers & Hip Hop event at Prince Charles.

Rosenthalerstraße 62

10119 Berlin Mitte

daily from 12:00

stilinberlin let it be-0776

Let It Be

This fully vegan food place all the way down Weserstraße is somewhat of an expert when it comes to vegan burgers – they not only offer five varieties with either soy, falafel, black bean or vegetable patties, they also named them after famous vegans like Peter Dinklage and Mike Tyson. Plus, you can get a sweet crepe for dessert (but won’t have to, their burgers are filling). Read more here.

Treptowerstraße 90

12059 Berlin Neukölln

Mon–Wed 17:00–22:00,
Fri 17:00–22:00,
Sat–Sun 13:00–22:00

stilinberlin piris chicken-7819


This pretty burger’s name is KRS-Bun, it’s Piri’s newest addition to their veggie burger menu and it is really delicious. Filled with tofu bathed in melted cheese, it has a surprisingly sultry “cheese-steak”-like texture, which is then smothered in sauteed red onions and generous Chipotle mayo, giving this one a nice spice. You might know Piri’s as the winners of Berlin’s Best Cheese Burger, no wonder they’ve got some cheese-pertise.

Wiener Straße 31

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Sun: 12:00–22:00

stilinberlin schiller burger-6301Schiller Burger

Schiller Burger earns extra points by having a vegetarian and vegan menu almost as big as the meat one (6 to 9). Pictured here (horribly thanks to my iPhone) is a vegan sweet potato burger called Anmut und Würde (like the philosophical text by Schiller dealing with Kant) I ate in the Kreuzberg location for a whooping 6 Euro. I liked it, yet it didn’t manage to make me excited. No problem though, I got five others to try.

Herrfurthstraße 7

12049 Berlin Neukölln

Mon-Sun 11:30-midnight

stilinberlin shiso burger-9283 Shiso Burger

When I went there for the first time mere weeks after the opening last summer, I wasn’t convinced. Not only was the service rather inattentive and not really friendly, but the food left me unimpressed as well. (If I remember correctly, I had the toad burger, with portobello, again!) I never went back until the before mentioned test by Zitty asked me to. And while the kimchi and coleslaw we ordered as starters once again left me underwhelmed, the veggie burger (4,50 Euro) was more like whoa! They’re not huge, but filled with flavor! Maybe thanks to the tiny black sesame seeds on top of the bun? Or maybe because of the grilled eggplants, the fried tofu, the red onions or the cheddar cheese? Anyhow, this is a serious recommendation! (Shiso Burger, Auguststraße 29c in Mitte)

vegan in Berlin, Sun Day Burgers, burgers in Berlin, food in Berlin, Markthalle Neun, vegan food in BerlinSun Day Burger

Despite the overall success of Asian-style burgers with my taste buds, I am nonetheless open to other flavors when it comes to veggie and vegan burgers. Proof is my favorite vegan one at this stall in the Markthalle 9. Equipped with a gorgeous bun embellished with loads of seeds and served with a plethora of pickled vegetables and very dainty grilled tofu, this one would be my most loved “clean” burger, if that category exists. Order it with a green smoothie to get even more points on the health scala. (Sun Day Burgers at Markthalle 9, Eisenbahnstraße 42 in Kreuzberg, and with a truck at Sunday’s Mauerpark flea markets, Bernauer Straße in Prenzlauer Berg)

stilinberlin tommis-9295Tommi’s Burger

Much awaited like only few other burger places in Berlin, Tommi’s finally opened in the beginning of this summer and won Berlin’s burger-hearts by storm. Unless you’re a vegetarian. Despite the high marks with meat-lovers, the vegetarian version (5,25 Euro) has still loads of room to improve in my opinion. But with a crew that enthusiastic and a place with such a nice atmosphere I strongly believe they will, one day, be able to apply their beef-grandeur to this speciality – Go Tommi!
If you’re there, don’t miss out on the divine coffee milkshake. Seriously. (Tommi’s Burger Joint, Invalidenstraße 160 in Mitte)

stilinberlin white trash-9243White Trash

To call this place an institution in the Berlin food landscape would be an understatement. By now in their third location, a giant hall with an even bigger garden at Kreuzberg’s Flutgraben, this restaurant is probably mentioned in every Berlin guide available. And many people love it, which is why I’ve been there more than once (you know, invites, friends…), although it never convinced me. I find the music annoying, the waiters a bit too ignorant and the food just bland. (White Trash Fast Food, Am Flutgraben 2 in Kreuzberg)


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  1. Michael on


    Meat & Beat (Sonnenallee 67) is relatively new and definitely has one of the best burgers in town. It has several veggie options as well. Check it out!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Thanks for the tip! Heard about it already, but have you tried the veggie versions? As said, a great meat-place does rarely mean great veggie burgers

  2. Alexandra on


    Obviously it’s hard to make a good veggie burger. I think it is becaue most ‘burger chefs’ are meat eaters and don’t know that it’s not enough to have a non-meat patty between salad leaves and bread. Sadly none of the burger tested blew you away-… Me neither: I’m on your side regarding bbi, schiller, burger de ville… nice try, boring in the end; I will try the versions you mentioned to be interesting. I haven’t given up hope, yet – the veggie burger of my dreams must be out there somewhere

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I really like District Mot and Sun Day Burgers, try those first!

  3. Ursula on


    Woah! Thanks a lot for this great guide! I ate my first vegan burger at “Fräulein Burger” and really liked it – to be honest it has been the first burger of my life. ;) And I will definately try some of your suggestions next time.

    1. Way on

      as the Berlin pioneers in slow-food burgers they’re obviously missing in this list: Their vegan & homemade & organic beetroot burger is the most delicious I’ve ever eaten

    2. Mary Scherpe on

      will put it on my to-do list!

  4. Marlene on


    Best veggieburger in town: Yellow Sunshine (Wienerstrasse 19, 10999 Berlin)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I used to go there years ago, but it’s always been a bit too “fast food-ish” for my taste.. have they evolved? as in, is it more refined by now?

  5. Luis-Manuel Garcia on


    The recently-opened MJ’s Foodshop on Sonnenallee has become my new favorite. They don’t even have a ‘meaty’ burger on the menu (they’re around the corner from BBI and less than 1km away from probably 10 other burger joints), but their veggie burger is really special. It doesn’t try to replicate the texture and taste of meat, but instead offers a crispy-soft patty (beans and rice, I think) that is intensely flavorful, topped with avocado and a side of American-style coleslaw and ‘hausgemacht’ pickled peppers. And the bun (like all of the bread at MJ’s) is baked in-house. You can add cheese, an egg, and even bacon on top of the sandwich (for those who want more protein). As a carnivore myself, the veggie burger will all three of the add-ons is the perfect hangover cure.

  6. No on


    Interesting reviews, but why are the usual suspects – all veggie places like the above mentioned Yellow Sunshine and Yoyos Deli (?) (near Boxhagener Platz) missing? Because it’s fast food? Then I have news, burgers are considered fast food.
    I love the patty they use e.g. on the sumatra burger (I have to admit anything w/ saté sauce is a winner for me).

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I’ve never been a fan of Yellow Sunshine, but must admit my last visit was years ago – but there are loads of other places I wanna visit before that one.

  7. Bernie on


    Rosenburger also had some great vegetarian options when I was living there last year! You should try their tofu burger.

  8. Lydia on


    Thanks a lot, especially for giving vegetarian burgers some attention – this might also help, to get them improved! Have you tried the asia burger of les 3 veuves ( It’s my favorite.

  9. Fickle Sense on


    We like the vegan burgers at the Moerchen Park (Holzmarktstr. 25. Friedrichshain) and are looking forward to trying a veggie burger at a new little place in Friedrichshain Rembrant Burger . It is crazy to think that 5 years ago, there were hardly any quality burgers to try! Loving that there are a heap of options now.

  10. Max on


    As far as the usual suspects go, the Vego hasn’t been mentioned. Great Burgers. Although I prefer to eat burgers at vegetarian or even vegan restaurants, I tasted a few other good ones: Ring Burger at Neue Bahnhofstraße in Friedrichshain (The “Grünburger” is vegan and costs 5,50€ but they also have vegetarian burgers for less than 4€. At Marienburger in Prenzlauerberg you get a fine “Grünkernburger”. The “Wagenburger” at “Vöner” is very well known, although not my taste. I recently hat an incredibly tasty sandwitch in Neukölln with avocado, grilled onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and apples (yes, you heard right!). Unfortunately I don’t know where to find it anymore, but it was unbelievably good and big. If someone knows what I am talking about, please help me out!

  11. tammy on


    Lupus on Pannierstrasse does a fab veggie burger, sans the obligatory “curry sause” that seems to permeate burger / culinary culture in this strange and wonderful city.
    and Hamburger Heaven does a decent take too…but you have to ask for no curry sauce….yeah.

  12. Ingrid on


    Let it Be has great veggie burgers!

  13. Anne on


    Thanks Mary for this – I agree with pretty much everything you say and had almost given up on veggie burgers but after a couple of G&Ts I recently popped into Heat & Beat and found their vegetarian option extremely lecker… Not sure if it was because I was super hungry or because my tastebuds were not in fine form as a result of the gin… Therefore, I’d love to hear your verdict…

  14. Katrine on


    I had a great vegetarian burger at Roots in Kreuzberg. A “fried chicken” type of thing that really managed to almost feel like chicken (in a good way!), and to have that delicious fried crunchiness that I sometimes miss after giving up the meat.

  15. Jules on


    Hi there,

    Thanks for this review; I’ll most certainly try some of the better rated ones! ;)

    However, a special favourite of mine is missing in your list: Glück to go, located in Friesenstr. in Kreuzberg just at the end of Bergmannstr., next to the Marheineke market, offers delicious vegan burgers, home made fries, and surprisingly tasteful recipes! Check it out, I think you won’t be disappointed…


  16. Jess on


    You should definetly try the “Caulifornia” Burger at Laauma in Friedrichshain!!!

  17. Rosa on


    Try the green-spelt veggie burger at Pêle-Mêle whenever you are in Neukölln!
    You can also have it with homemade potato wedges as a side.
    All vegan and aorganic!

  18. Sophia on


    I think Let It Be should be on the list, not because I know these people, but because they have a menu with 4 regular vegan burgers and always weekly specials, and actually I am NOT into burgers at all – but I love love love them very mucho!!! Best vegan burgers!

  19. Morgan Roderick on


    Minor correction for the entry about The Bird, they use English Muffins, not Brioche buns. (I am sure that people would also complain if it was the opposite).

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      my mistake…

  20. Dave on


    Have you tried the “Nicht Burger” and Haloumi Burger from KUSS KUSS in Neukölln yet? I am no vegitarean but I love them!

  21. Henriette on


    I just went to Hans im Glück for the first time last night. I was impressed by their great veggie burger selection and found the “Feuerring” super delicious!! They have 10 veggie choices :)

  22. Rose on


    Thanks for this! You MUST give Schillerburger another try! Next time go to the Neukölln location (you can sit in the Schillerbar next door and enjoy the burger there with a drink) and order the Halloumi Burger. I’m sure this one will manage to impress you a lot more!

  23. Rob on


    MJ’s Foodshop! Barley&Parmesan patty on homemade bun, unbeatable really…

  24. daniel on


    nice article!

    too bad you are missing the NICHTBURGER, Berlin’s best veggie burger :/


  25. Emeline Drelon on


    An einem Sontag im August, subway : Eberswalder straBe.

  26. Ali Wilson on


    Have you tried lily Burger?

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