Café in Berlin: Charlie’s Asian Bakery & Coffee

Edit, Charlie’s is closed.

There seems to be a never ending supply of new cafés opening every week in Berlin. And while we definitely have our favorite places to enjoy a cup of coffee, we’re also happy to try the new ones. Especially, when they offer something original and are located just around the corner from the office on Oranienstraße. As new and exciting as the newest addition on busy Oranienstraße: Charlie’s Asian Bakery & Coffee.

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It was on one of those pretty summer days when we stumbled upon the sign that said ‘Asian bakery’. Curious about the menu (and induced by a reader’s recommendation we received on instagram), we went in for a sweet treat. The vintage counter was filled with everything Matcha, from muffins to cupcakes, as well as brightly colored cakes and tarts, sticky rice pudding, coconut milk and water chestnut tartes. We were told that it’s all about “fusion food”, combining the best of the best to make something special: for instance a cake that resembles the German Frankfurter Kranz, but is enhanced with ingredients like ginger or lemon and carefully decorated with chili threads and rose leaves. Sounds a bit all-over-the-place? Might be, but it’s certainly delicious! (We already tried a lot, as said, it’s around the corner from the office.)

We went for some Matcha chocolate cake with lemon zest, ginger and said rose decoration. Of course, we also had to order the Vietnamese coffee which also comes as espresso and iced coffee. Unlike the coffee we’re used to, it’s made with condensed milk (not the short espresso version, though). The longer the coffee drips threw the small metal French drip filter and into the mug, the less sweet it gets. The dark roast Vietnamese coffee has a special touch – a certain nutty flavor. Together with the Matcha cake, it was not only a nice break during the day, but a welcomed change from the usual ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ (and a much stronger coffee).


The owner actually had the idea for this café when she got a bit tired of all the same cafés lining the streets. And unlike just another café with minimalistic Scandinavian design, the interior is as special. What in another scenery might look a bit weird (read: bird cages, giant branches), makes sense thanks to the white wooden floor and brightly colored vintage furniture. Besides the sweets and coffee, the shelves are filled with Japanese pottery and ceramics and the back has a beautiful selection of kimonos.

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  1. pc on


    ok but can someone please tell them they spelled smoothies wrong on their window? have to look at the word “smooties” every day and i can’t bear it any longer

  2. Lena on


    I always highly value your recommendations, but after going to this place twice ( the first time was terribly disappointing, but I wanted to give it a second chance as I live close by) I seriously disagree here. It is so terribly overpriced and the staff was both times so ignorant and rude that I really can not recommend this place to anyone. Obviously it serisouly must have changed since the time you’ve been there. Pity!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Oh that’s not good news… Will go back and see for myself. But you’re right, the review and recommendation posted here always refers to the time I went and wrote the article. Hope you’re having a better time with my other recommendations!

      all the best

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