Coming up: Burgers & Hip Hop

We are approaching the end of summer, that is true. But instead of suffering from premature winter-depression, we should all get together and celebrate those final days of sunny bliss and jolly heat. And how better than with a big bash of Burgers & Hip Hop, your favorite party. Coming up this Saturday, this one’s bigger than ever, with more food, more DJs, more special performances and stunning surprises. We can’t wait – can you!?

We have seven entirely new contesters – from the French masters of 3 Minutes sur Mer, pie-enthusiasts Hellogoodpie to our beloved Korean Ramen burger artist Fräulein Kimchi, the burger varieties are more multifaceted than ever. We’ll see Ban Ban Kitchen serving a burger with Korean BBQ chicken and aioli (plus a veggie version), Heat & Beat will show off a veggie burger made of red beans and olives plus mango, cilantro and a sweet chili sauce (plus a beef version with Aberdeen Angus beef), Gorilla BBQ will combine a beef patty with goat cheese and honey-mustard sauce in a brioche bun (plus a veggie version). Sounds amazing? I know! And I haven’t even told you about Zwei Dicke Bären’s double chocolate cookie with chocolate ice cream sandwich!

Besides all the fun, there’s the serious task of finding the new best burger in Berlin – after three wins, we mutually agreed that District Mot will leave the field to new players to stir up the competition. The race for the trophy is all open again! Come VOTE!

Join us on Saturday at Prince Charles for loads of Burgers & Hip Hop fun starting at 15:00 – entry is 2 Euros before 21:00 (no re-entry) and 10 Euros after 21:00. Join here!

And, of course, we’ll have an official Stil in Berlin tasting table to which we want to invite you! Come and taste ALL the burgers with us and enjoy fun patty-ology discussions. We’re looking for 4 additional eaters, leave a comment proving your burgxpertise under this post until tomorrow 16:00 to join!

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  1. isabel elia on


    I would love to join the event and contribute as an eater :)


  2. KT on


    My burgxpertise is of the scale… I eat all burgers, big and small, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, flame-grilled, spicy, fusion, greasy, and hip-hop pun-laden too.

    Oh, and I’ve attended every Burger & Hip-Hop event to date, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

  3. val on


    okay, let’s try this!
    1-it’s my third time burgers&hiphop
    2-my friend and i meet for burgers&beer at least once a month
    3-food was my first love and still is my greatest
    4-i’d be happy to share burgers with my friends, so you could get even more opinions!
    5-it just turned out to be fall, so we all need more delicious food, obviously
    6-i mean, we’ll be there anyway, looking forward!

  4. Barbara on


    I recently spent a year making my way through street food stalls across Southeast Asia, and am now excitedly working my way through Berlin’s street food (note: burger!) scene! Favourites so far are the Mogg & Melzer pastrami reuben, and Bun Bao’s stewed porkbello bun. I’d love to be part of the tasting table, but am looking forward to chowing down and exercising my palate/democratic voting rights in any case :)

  5. Andrew on


    damn it, looks like I don’t stand a chance here.
    but still, you know?

  6. Chloe Marshall on


    I didnt like Burgers when I was younger, now I do and I eat all the burgers.

  7. mgee on


    Comee onnnn! You gotta let me be the eater. I can eat tons of burgers+ I know them all. Peace!

  8. Nanuk on


    Poem o’ burgers;
    ever so sweet;
    Succulent cheese
    that’s good to eat;

    It’s got pickles and
    everything except

    It’s the best.
    Burgers & HipHop beats the Rest.

    So please let me be the taster
    and judge the best burger maker;
    I’ll be in the lab like dexter;
    I just hope guac is not extra!!

  9. Lindsey on


    I love some good burgers and pairing that with great hip hop, how can a person go wrong!?
    So what does this redheaded American have to offer??
    1. I am not a picky eater, so I will gladly taste all burgers.
    2. I have a large appetite, so every burger will get judged.
    3. I offer delightfully witty conversation.
    4. I was planning on attending.
    5. I’m a broke masters student.

  10. AJ on


    I am from Indonesia where we eat everything except chairs ;) Burgers are my new obsession since it varies from time to time. For me the best burger is the one which your stomach still asks for eventhough you know youre full! PICK ME PLEASEEEE STIL IN BERLIN! I will show you my sophisticated palate (like they said in Masterchef show) to the tasting event! Choose meeeeeeee ;D

  11. Daniel on


    It’s just a bun with a patty in between… NOT! Burgers became an art!

  12. Maya DuBois on


    Long story short: I am planning a new burger “release” soon, so I intend to try as many as there are out there (or die trying). Would love to join you guys!

  13. Ash on


    Besides once having been a professional nose, I’ve trained my tongue with both obscure and quotidian delicacies from around the globe. From Alabama gator shacks to the Russian palaces, SouthEast-Asian street food, Icelandic fermentarias, truckstop buffalo jerky, Egyptian sheep balls, Singaporean OG fusion, with and without stars from tire companies, grandparents’ secrets, human secretions.. I’ve had burgers from 47 of the United States and at least 3 Canadian province, not to mention various renditions elsewhere around the world. So if anything, we can have a nice discussion about the nuances of what we’ll be experiencing with our mouths/noses/fingers.

  14. Lula Fortune on


    I could talk all day about the burger, but let me just quote dear Mr. Tom Robbins: “A Hamburger is warm and fragrant and juicy. A hamburger is soft and nonthreatening. It personifies the Great Mother herself who has nourished us from the beginning. A hamburger is an icon of layered circles, the circle being at once the most spiritual and the most sensual of shapes. A hamburger is companionable and faintly erotic. The nipple of the Goddess, the bountiful belly-ball of Eve. You are what you think you eat.”
    Let´s praise the burger together on this Saturday!

  15. Agent Cookie on


    I guess there are so many stories out there.
    For me, it was love at first bite.
    Her name was Double Cheeseburger. She looked fabulous.
    My knees went wobbly. I had to know who she was.

    To be continued(at your tasting table)

  16. J.K.-Cool on


    As most of us here I tried many burgers all over the world – but I want more.
    The last three times at PC where fun, but this time I want it ALL! Meat, veggis, fish, sour, sweet, spicy – I will eat every burger for sure. I would be honored to be part of the jury. And now excuse me, I will get some inspiration and appetite for Saturday on .
    A Bientôt!

  17. Bianca on


    I got 99 problems BUT a burger ain’t one guys! … and that would be my chance to try them all, cause one prob is money of course! So stay tuned, eat a lot and dance all night long! cheers(burger)

  18. Tennis on


    Veg is whack…Let them eat Beef!

  19. Ben Elsworth on


    While doing a burger tour of the US, I reenacted the Daayyum video.. additionally at the end of the year I will be doing a fund raiser in Melbourne, Australia where I take on the biggest burger in town (The Bogan Burger at the Napier Hotel) alongside three other major burgers, on the same day, to raise money for bowel cancer.. I’ve got burgxpertice coming out the wahzoo!!

  20. jan mihm on


    Ich bin so burger, babe. You never had as much fun in between your buns…

  21. Niels Przybilla on


    Hi ! I would love to help with my expertise. I am the “1st honour member” of the BurgerCityguideBerlin Group, due to my relentless work on testing & tasting the burgerls of berlin.

    Best wishes


  22. jackie on


    Buns really has the best tasting & best quality burger in Berlin, but I would love to find out if any of their competition is just as good. I care a lot about the bread being used for burgers, so let me join your gang of burger fanatics. Pickles for everybody!

  23. Ed on


    Blending beats with meats,
    Different cultures represent,
    We will taste them all.


  24. Masha Miduri on


    Young wild and free, Living in my mid-twenties,
    Armed with a huge craving appetite, I hope y’all feel me,

    Veggie sweet and sour, Super spicy cold or beef patties heated,
    Delightful burgers of all types, Top notch gourmet my tummy need it,

    Burgers&HipHop the best Berlin combo, Stay hungry n committed yolo,
    Wanna fulfill my oral audio desires, Please take me to burger paradises!

  25. Hélène on


    I tried being a vegetarian, burgers changed my mind :)
    Love travelling for trying new food.
    I know exactly how I like my burger but looking forward to try new experiments!

  26. Dave on


    OH NO – I haven’t seen it earlier. Damn Work. :-(

    I’ve made it my live mission to find the perfect Burger. Everywhere I go – The Burger needs to be tasted. The perfect Burger is like symphony. So far the Mac&Cheese Burger at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar is #1 on my list but I am excited to see whichsymphonies or beats Burgers&HipHop might bring. – If you still have a place on the tasting table and need a critic Burger-Lover – I will be there!

  27. Mary Hennessy on


    I deserve to be a taste tester because I have experienced all of New York’s best burgers and know what it takes!!

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