Vegan in Berlin: Laauma

Update: Laauma closed its doors, and was followed by another vegan place called Lück’s

Isn’t it amazing how instagram became a source to discover new food places – if I hadn’t found this place’s stream, I might have never found it. Because when do I find myself in Friedrichshain? Not very often.
It’s like a little heaven for lovers of vegan clean food, with a beautifully styled interior and a menu to make you drool. Just the name I can’t even pronounce – La-auma? Lauma? La-ooma? But then, what’s in a name?

stilinberlin laauma-9711

Located on Sonntagsstraße not far from the gigantic construction site for the new Ostkreuz train station, this one is all about vegan sustainability. Focussed on seasonal, local and organic ingredients for the menu and using recycled materials like used pallets and wooden planks, this one still doesn’t have a makeshift or eco/esoteric indoctrination like appeal. It’s a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere you’ll meet upon entering.

stilinberlin laauma-9707

The menu is not crazy big, but exciting – a variety of sandwiches like Mr. Bean, filled with black bean oat balls, red wine tomato sauce and Gremolata, or the Super Mario, filled with grilled vegetables, smoked miso tofu and pesto. And they even had a burger offered, I’ll be back to consider him for this list. Or the smoothies, not too green, but filled with superfoods like Lucuma, Maca or Carob. All of which the nice staff will explain to you patiently and you can purchase separately to take home.
There are even some raw options – raw “pasta” with lemon tahini dressing (pictured above and very refreshing on a warm day), and loads of raw bars and cakes. Another specialty is their coldbrew coffee with less acidity than normal coffee, mild taste but a powerful effect.

Heard enough and can’t wait to go? Like so many places, it’s not open on Mondays, but I strongly suggest to put in on your to-do list to treat yourself this week.

stilinberlin laauma-9701 stilinberlin laauma-9694