Berlin’s Best Burger: #5

Is this Berlin's Best Burger? Read on to find out...

Have you already recovered from Saturday’s Burgers & Hip Hop bash? We’re still struggling, to be honest, but got back on our feet only to count the votes you guys gave for all the fabulous burger vendors grilling patties until late at night.
Because three-time in a row winner District Mot took a break due to a lack of staff (everyone being on vacation), the field was wide open for a new winner and the excitement of the vendors as well as of the audience was noticeable. (Some people even handed us voting sheets on the dancefloor when the burger floor was closed.) Naturally, we’re all excited to see who won the title “Berlin’s Best Burger” this time!

Again, another serious apology to those who had to wait outside, but we had to close the door due to safety reasons.

Here are all contesters and the top 3!

burgers and hip hop stilinberlin-7228

All-time french-Bistro favorites 3 Minutes Sur Mer joined the race with a malt bun, pulled beef, tarragon maionaise mayonnaise and an extra of grand ma’s Schmorrgurke.

burgers and hip hop stilinberlin-7256

These two beauties are the creation of j.kinski, they used homemade spelt-focaccia and finest organic beef – calling them Creamy Pope and Fuzzy Revenge.

burgers and hip hop stilinberlin-7246

The pie-artists of hellogoodpie (loving the name) came up with a very original add-on, after assembling the burger made of a beef patty with crispy smoked bacon, coleslaw aioli and caramelized onion, they smoked the whole thing once again in front of marveling customers.

burgers and hip hop stilinberlin-7231
The combination of one comfort food with another is what you’re seeing here: the Ramen-burger by Fräulein Kimchi. With people praising the originality of the fried noodle patty as well as the delicious and spicy kimchi.

burgers and hip hop stilinberlin-7251

Heat & Beat joined the race for the first time with the gorgeous Defcon5 burger with Aberdeen Angus beef patty, red wine reduction and as a very special and crunchy extra: sweet potato chips. The veggies were served with a red bean and olive patty topped with mango and coriander.

All of these sound amazing, right? And they were, but three were even better:

burgers and hip hop stilinberlin-7242

Gracing the yard of Prince Charles with their bright green truck, Gorilla Barbecue was psyched to join our feast and served up some serious burger magnificence with so many components one can’t believe it fitted all between two brioche buns: beef patty, bourbon glazed dates onion relish, cherry wood smoked bacon, goat’s cheese, honey mustard chipotle-thyme sauce, roasted walnut crumble and slices of pear. This combination won them a great score (4,18 of 5 possible points) and loads of love from the burger community.  

burgers and hip hop stilinberlin-7226

Everyone loved the energy Burger de Ville brought to our little party – their secret? Beautiful classic burgers served with an extra big smile out of a shiny silver truck – they certainly made an effort to make you burger-lovers happy with their delicious cheese burger and veggie burger with haloumi and portobello mushroom. It was a delight to see them having so much fun and thus we’re totally not surprised they came in second place with a great result of 4,51 of 5 possible points!

burgers and hip hop stilinberlin-7260

What you see here is the new winner of Burgers & Hip Hop: Korean street food favorite Ban Ban Kitchen from Neukölln – they’re taking the trophy from District Mot with their sensational Ninja Chicken feat. Busta Limes – a combination of Korean BBQ chicken, kaffir lime leaf infused aioli, oshinko radish, pickles, krupuk chips (a big hit with many voters), and fresh cilantro. (The veggie version was the same with a soy patty.) It was an instant hit on our tasting table and with most of the voters scoring a crazy good 4,68 of 5 possible points! CONGRATULATIONS!

With this result they actually also outperformed District Mot’s score from last time (4,56) and we can’t wait to see what happens when these two encounter each other in October! Can you!?


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  1. Anni on


    FYI: The pie-artists of hellogoodpie do not serve any Burgers. That was just once for promotion. But they do serve delicious pies, so it’s worth a visit anyway!

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