Coming Up: The Champagne Studio

Sadly, the Bar Market, this lovely event serving all kinds of cocktails, wines and other booze, is not happening anymore, but the urge to create a new event circling around stellar alcoholic beverages persisted. Sommeliers Helen Mol and Billy Wagner teamed up with Kavita Meelu and Prince Charles to bring us: champagne – not the ordinary bubbly wine, but the speciality from France – in a never before seen variety. As if that weren’t enough, they’re adding Disco music, disco balls, delicious food by Parker Bowles, Vogueing (!) and there we have it: The Champagne Studio, happening for the first time this Sunday at Prince Charles.

When I dropped by to taste some of the champagnes that will be offered coming Sunday, the first thing Billy tells me is that champagne needs to be downed in three big sips – like a mouthwash, basically – because only like this the bubbles are able to open up everything in your mouth and let the alcohol rush to your blood immediately. And only like this you will have this wonderful, very special champagne rush.

Billy Wagner pouring
Billy Wagner pouring, he also mastered the art of opening a bottle with a knife, he might show this off several times on Sunday.

24 varieties from 12 houses will be offered on Sunday, from organic and sustainable ones, to grower champagnes and those with the real Cristal bling as well as the exclusive Krug champagne. I know what you’re thinking, champagne?! What kind of elitist stuck-up studio is that gonna be?! But rest assured, the hosts are all about creating a democratic, casual yet extravagant party, to show you how varied champagne really is – exquisitely delicious yet vastly different in taste and perlage, fruit and creaminess, history and heritage.

At the tasting, I preferred the Cuvée Partition by Champagne Sélèque, just in case you wanna know. The champagne will be served by the glass or by the bottle with prices starting at 9,- / glass. Parker Bowls will serve oysters, pigling and a vegetarian dish, you’ll get two vogueing acts, four Disco DJs (Daniel Wang!). Entry is 19,- including one glass (and the deposit). If you wanna be an early bird, get your ticket here.


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