Italian in Berlin: Nudo

Italian cooking is always kind of falling off the table when I think about interesting things to try and explore in Berlin. It somewhat is such a staple, that I tend to not think too much about it… But then, it’s such delicious food with so much potential…! Anyhow, I just recently heard about a fairly new menu-restaurant at Lausitzer Platz in Kreuzberg and so I cycled down from Mitte one surprisingly beautiful evening last week to taste-test Nudo with a friend.

nudo - stilinberlin-9817

Nudo adopts a strategy that feels very Italian to me – one menu per night (with vegetarian versions granted), four dishes for every guest (excluding desserts) and that for an unbelievable price of only 25 Euros.
We started the night with a Spritz on the house before the first dish came – a super soft spinach salad (maybe they massaged it with some lemon, like you do with kale salad?) and a mozzarella that was beautifully soft inside with tasty tomatoes (as tasty as they get in these climes) and some giant basil.

nudo - stilinberlin-9821

This was followed by an incredibly thinly sliced octopus carpaccio (pictured on top) for my friend and a soft and creamy caponata di melanzane with salty capers for me. We devoured these treats, served by a lovely staff, but we knew we had to slow down and eat consciously, if we wanted to make it to the final dish (and maybe even get to dessert).

nudo - stilinberlin-9822

Good thinking, because as a surprise we received an unannounced dish with a small fried polenta, some pickled vegetables and cheese. So good…

nudo - stilinberlin-9824Followed by a vegetarian pasta dish that was fresh pasta with truffles and greens, so wonderfully smooth and delightful. And I’d love to tell you even more about it, because despite all the food I already ate, I finished the whole plate. But it was already later in the evening, I had two Spritz by then and you know, everything more detailed than “delicious!” kind of got buried under a wonderful food induced coziness. And isn’t that what you want from an Italian dinner? This certain heaviness of having a belly full of extremely tasty things, yet a certain lightness and satisfaction because everything you had was so natural?
nudo - stilinberlin-9827

The final dish (no, we didn’t make it to dessert).



Lausitzer Platz 10

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof

Opening Hours:

daily 18:30–24:00


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  1. Sarah on


    Looks divine, I have just come back home to Berlin from a stint in Roma and am already craving good Italian food. Thanks for the tip this sounds like just the thing I need to meet those cravings…and at an affordable price!

  2. Francesco Omar Cataldo on


    wow I’m hungry.

  3. Cara on


    I tried it once on a day where there was a lot of seafood on the menu.
    I thought the dishes were too rustique / hearty for me :-(

  4. Max on


    been there twice, excellent food, very original italian, extremely nice service

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