Stadt Land Food: Hidden Chefs

Dylan Watson

Did you know that this week will be the best week for this city’s foodies and food-activists? It’s Stadt Land Food everyone! A gigantic festival celebrating great food and good agriculture. Organized by Martkhalle IX, this festival will take over not only their own holy halls, but the surrounding streets and squares, where not only the biggest Street Food Thursday as of yet will happen, but also markets with wonderful products. And there’ll be an award for the best street food, and there’ll be workshops where real food crafts will be demonstrated and so much more, you better take a look at their website if you don’t want to miss out. A very special event happening during this week is Kavita Meelu’s newest adventure, a dinner series called Hidden Chefs! (Read closely, we’re giving away 1×2 dinner seats for one of them!)

Kavita’s assembled Berlin’s youngest and most exciting chefs who are not yet having their own restaurants to present a menu for you to feast on. So what actually looks like a hot and new indie band in the upper picture, is Dylan Watson (second from left) and his crew. You might know him from his supper club “Jung, Grün & Blau”, he indeed is one of the most interesting chefs currently residing in our city and please let’s all work on him not leaving, aka enjoying his food as often as possible. They’ll bring you ERNST, a tasting menu taking inspiration from Autumn’s earthy and delicate assortment of produce. There’s no menu yet (and there won’t be a written one  at the night of the dinner), because Dylan takes inspiration of what he’s able to find on the day of the cook, adjusting and changing bits according to the quality of the produce. This one will be amazing, rest assured. It’s happening on Friday, October 3rd at a secret location at Markthalle IX, find more info & tickets here.


Starting the series on Thursday will be Kristof Mulack, an autodidact with a big Berlin personality, who’ll hide in the cellar of Long March Canteen and will bring you a radical regional menu with loads of exciting techniques and courses named only by their ingredients: cucumber, eel, juniper or beef, leek, onion to arouse your curiosity even more. Intrigued? More info and tickets here!


Ben Pommer, a true Berliner (born and raised), left the city to take a work tour at some highly distinguished kitchens, only to come back about a year ago because he finally feels like Berlin became a city for high class food. He’ll be working on rekindling his Berlin love with a menu served at (one of our favorite bars) Schwarze Traube. In sync with Ataly Aktas, crowned Germany’s best barman, he’ll present six courses of contemporary bar food with six composed cocktails on Saturday, October 4th. Read more & get your tickets here!

hiddenchefs-7453Finalizing this wonderful series with a big F will be Mr. Susan, presenting Korean-German comfort food at (our new favorite Italian place in the area) Nudo. Going through the alphabets of Fs with ferments, fresh, fancy, fried, filling and float this one will be effing delicious, for sure! Happening on Sunday, October 5th! More info and tickets here.

That’s not all, we’re giving away 1×2 seats for Mr Susan’s dinner on Sunday – tell us what makes Berlin’s food scene so exciting in the comments and you might win! The winner will be chosen Wednesday, 5pm!


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  1. Nadine on


    Berlin offers of course the Best Extravagant Rebellious Lasting Imagenary Nasty food in the whole world. And that’s the reason why I will never be size zero. ;-)

  2. Helena Nacinovic on


    Berlin’s food scene is exciting because it feels like the city is waking up from the idea of not having interesting food options. Berlin is discovering its vocation for a gourmet life with a conscience, it’s very interesting to watch this awakening!

  3. Marie on


    Berlin Street food is so exciting because it just started. I’m living in berlin for six years now and Street food beside döner and currywurst was not a deal at all. While my time in Cape town i learned a lot of other Street food possibilities and visited so many markets that i’m kind of addicted now to learn more about Street food. So for it’s quite nice that berlin has Started to give Street food the right attention, it deserves. I’m excited to See what is cooked in berlin. How the different cultures, all based in Berlin now for years, express their individual way of live. AS berlin is a mixed City where every special and uncommon Person find as well as all others a place to be and to express theirselfs, i guess in streetfood the same is happing and i would be so happy to be a part of it.

  4. Logan on


    I think what makes Berlin’s food scene so exciting is the fact that it is so welcoming of different cultures and experimentation, very much like the city itself. You can find riffs on the traditional German cuisine mixed in with fascinating flavours and dishes from all across the world. Not to mention the various street food vendors that have popped up recently, gathered together for such regular foodie groupings as Bite Club, Neue Heimat markets and of course the legendary Markthalle IX!

  5. Maren on


    It is constantly moving away from Döner and Currywurst.

  6. Michele on


    They way people from all over the world are already expressing themselves in Berlin in an arty and/or fashionable way finally found its way into the food section. There are no borders anymore and food becomes art, which is obviously the best thing ever.

  7. katjuschka007 on


    Food = Love = Berlin
    Best place: Thai Park Fehrbelliner Platz – homestyle Thai food and massage afterwards, and that is just one great example how foodies can enjoy Berlin more that every other German City!

  8. Ole Udsholt on


    The Berlin food scene is just like what makes everything about Berlin truly special: it has everything you ever dreamt of. But remember some dreams turns out to be nightmares – but some one else might find your nightmares exciting and worth wishing for….

  9. Tair on


    It has everything you could want. a chill vibe and people from all over the world cooking their local foods.

  10. Mihaela on


    I fell in love in Berlin for its diversity. Whenever I walk randomly in the city, I am amazed by its ethnic diversity. This translates further into food diversity, whether it’s the Thai park in my neighborhood, some random street in Kreuzberg, packed with an Italian, Indian, Asian, Lebanese and Curry place, all getting along in some crazy harmony, I learned to know the city through its most authentic feature: the food. I sometimes spend tens of minutes just trying to decide what to have for dinner, since the options are unlimited! I queue at Mustafa when it rains and at crazy morning hours, to avoid the long line, I have my favorite Lebanese place at Nollendorfplatz, I found an Italian just around the corner with a pizza to die for and I’m even considering taking Macarons lessons! For all this and for everything that is still coming, I would not want to live anywhere else.

  11. Mary on


    Variety and experimentation are the two ingredients that I love about Berlin food scene, and coming from a traditional cousine like the Italian I was gladly surprised to find a totally different set, far away from just wurst and einbein. Berlin is much more than that on the plate!

  12. Nicole on


    Neben der unglaublichen Vielfalt gefällt mir besonders die Leichtigkeit und unangestrengte Gastfreundschaft. Man isst tolle Speisen aus frischen Zutaten eben auch mal zusammengedrückt auf Holzbänken oder auf umgedrehten Kisten. Unter U-Bahnbrücken oder neben lauten Straßen, aber urig und gemütlich ist es trotzdem!

  13. Susanne on


    I have been living for two years in Berlin and I’m from a small town. Here I knew all those years only restaurants that do not offer good food. An Italian restaurant serving schnitzel. An Asian restaurant where you can buy french fries or a grieches restaurant serving pizza, were available. And then I moved to Berlin. The varied cuisine is indescribable. A whole new way of life. Most of all I love the fresh foods that are to get even for the small purse. In Berlin, it is possible in every culinary culture dive. And the possibilities are endless. Berlin and your food, I love you!

  14. Leo on


    Berlin is all about celebration of food. Celebrating perfect coffee in the morning, healthy lunch, sweet coffeebreak, amazing dinners and complemented by a perfect drinks. We are soo spoiled here.

  15. Jenny on


    Authentic food mixed with local infusions – just the perfect combination.

  16. Kate on


    What’s best about Berlin food? All the choices, for sure! Coming from San Francisco (with a chef for a brother-in-law), Berlin reminded my husband and I so much of where we come from, culinarily-speaking. Beyond just the assortment, the openness this city has with food – from festivals to supper clubs to new flavors and ideas – is inspiring to any foodie. Keep it coming, Berlin!

  17. Martin Schmitt on


    Drei Faktoren machen Berlin so aufregend
    1. Die Gelassenheit. In keiner anderen Stadt Deutschlands wären Aktionen wie die Thai Wiese möglich. In München hätte sie das Ordnungsamt schon längst geschlossen
    2. Die niedrigen Preise. In keiner anderen Stadt Europas sind die Lebensmittel und die Mieten derartig günstig, was nicht nur zum Experimentieren einlädt, sondern außergewöhnliche Küche kein exklusives Phänomen einer Oberschicht macht.
    3. Die Verbindung von Ost und West: Berlin ist nicht nur international, sondern auch ein kulinarischer Drehpunkt im Austausch zwischen West- und Osteuropa.

  18. anja on


    it’s so exciting to eat out in berlin because
    1. you can pretend to be eveywhere for one meal – it’s so international,
    2. everybody would find something that he could afford,
    3. you can eat something completely different everyday for probably ten years.

  19. suse on


    Berlin’s food scene is so exciting, because you can visit every day the foodculture of an another Country.

  20. Dani on


    What makes berlin a food scene so exciting? Simply it’s multi-faceted culture. There’s no other city with this multitude of variation. Everyone can find something they love!

  21. sarah on


    the berlin ffo scene is so nice and enjoyable, because it’s like most parts of this city: unpretentious, relaxed, exciting and not always only likned to expensive prices.

  22. Maria on


    What makes it exciting is that there is always something to discover. As in many other fields berlin had so much diversity and so many people with new ideas. Love this place

  23. Cvmy on


    What describes Berlin food the best is: “soooo much to eat, so little time…”
    We try to make every bite count and Berlin food never fails!

  24. nicky on


    What makes Berlin food scene so exciting to me is that it’s not all so obvious and easy to find. The city has so many hidden gems, that are just waiting to be stumbled upon! From a tiny Korean snack shack by Tempelhof to the ladies cooking at Thai park, I keep discovering nice places and love it!

  25. sofie on


    The Berlin food scene is variety, innovative and young. Too many talents but in a very good way

  26. Romana on


    Die Foodszene ist jung und experimentierfelreudig. Jedes Mal gibt es etwa Neues zu entdecken.

  27. Lucie on


    You can keep on discovering culinary “hidden Champions”…

  28. Jia on


    it’s simple in a good way, always fun and above all so so yummy!

  29. Anne Rattey on


    What’s most exciting about berlin as a cuisine city is that the quite recent trend of fusion cooking has been part of the berlin-style kitchen for pretty much the last century. be it roasted duck filled with plums and apples (savoury and sweet) or boudin noir with spiegelei and jam – berlin tongues have never been satisfied with just one taste, but have welcomed a combination of flavours from all edges of the taste spectrum with their unpretentious curiosity – be it for the love of experimentiveness or for a lack of resources.
    so it is not despite but because of its history that Berlin is the perfect spot for chefs and other food entrepreneurs to build on this foundation of open palates their very own Berlin cuisine.

  30. Keosun on


    Die Experimentierfreude und die Begeisterung der oft jungen Köche, Gastronomen und die Risikofreudigkeit machen Berlin zu einem El Dorado für Gourmets

  31. zoe on


    Die Berliner Ess Kultur ist einzigartig, da sie so experimentell ist und sich stetig weiter entwickelt. Immer wieder gibt es irgendwo etwas neues und außergewöhnliches. Es macht unglaublich viel Spaß neues zu entdecken und sich immer wieder überraschen zu lassen. Ich liebe Berlin für diese Vielfältigkeit, die nicht nur beim Essen zu sehen ist.

  32. Patricia Charlotte Revera on


    Berlin .. Berlin ..
    From what I notice .. the Berlin food scene is very fashion.That make it special.
    Food must look cool , must look stylish and follow new trends ….just like clothes.
    On the plate we find a fresh combination of colors , provocation and innovations.

  33. Daniel Best on


    Entschuligt mein Deutsch, den Vorrednern angeschlossen hat sich diese Stadt in letzter Zeit zu einer internationalen Fressmeile gemausert! Es ist enorm wieviele neue Konzepte mit Erfolg angenommen werden und es macht sehr viel Spass Teil davon sein zu dürfen! Insbesonders ist die koreanische Küche sehr im Kommen, doch an diesem Sonntag scheint es jemand wirklich ernst zu meinen, indem er dem schon Dagewesenen mit einem spannenden Menu dem Fass den Boden ausschlägt!

  34. Puck on


    Whether you feel like having a real American bbq burger, a pasta di mama, an authentic Vietnamese Pho, a Thai green curry, Indian chicken tikka massala, English steakpie with mushy peas, the best French cheeses and wine or just a lovely plate with sauerkraut und wurst, Berlin gives you something new each day…

  35. Eltjon RRAMILLI on


    Berlin is a new city in a globalized generation, it is glorified by the whole idea of love and freedom. It is an atmosphere of change that instills within its guests all the emotions of a well cultivated generation in a painful historic environment; aiding one another and creating bonds with people. Food is common ground to every language and every nationality, making it the best way to adapt, agree and accept!

    So to wrap it up, what makes the food scene so exciting in Berlin is the extra care to their guests. In Berlin you are not just a client or a customer, you are a visitor, a friend and even family. Customer satisfaction skills come from the heart and the food is cooked with the ideal passion for the sole purpose of amazing the guest.


    Eltjon Toni Rramilli

  36. Mary Scherpe on


    Thank you all for commenting, the winner already received a notice :-)

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