Coming up: Burgers and Hip Hop Round #6

We don’t know about you, but it’s about time to fix our burger cravings yet again – Burgers & Hip Hop at Prince Charles is back! This Saturday, it’s all about a classic: the phenomenal cheese burger. We’ll pose the very important question of who’s making the best cheese burger in the city? To get you in the right mood, not only will there be the finest of Hip Hop, but (for the first time) we’ve added a cheesy R’n B floor that will melt your hearts.

Judging by the following list of the city’s contesters for this Cheese edition of Burgers & Hip Hop, it will get more exciting than ever before:

Buns Mobile has only recently won the Street Food Award for ‘best food truck‘ at Stadt Land Food festival and Schiller Burger is already a city’s favorite, opening more and more of their burger joints. The latest addition to the city’s burger scene, Tommi’s Burger Joint, was only recently voted ‘best burger in London‘ (judging by The Independent) and has already landed 2nd place at Burgers and Hip Hop with their simple yet delicious cheese burgers made with a Medium rare Black Angus patty – will they this time take the trophy home? Also trying their luck at the burger party are the guys from Piri’s – while they specialize in chicken burgers, they have been already highly requested by many of you to take part. Pic Nic 34 will introduce their Italian take on a cheese burger and in case you’ve always wondered where the cheese flavor hanging in the air at Street Food Thursday comes from, it’s Melted Cheese! Serving delicious raclettes, their motto is “Sweet dreams are made of cheese“ and there’s nothing left to be added! As always, Zwei Dicke Bären joins the fun with their delicious ice cream sandwiches, because what would a burger feast be without a sweet treat afterwards?

We’re already counting the days – so join the party and of course VOTE for Berlin’s best cheese burger — this Saturday at Prince Charles from 15:00 on! Entry is 2 Euros before 22:00 (no re-entry) and 10 Euros after 22:00. Join here!

Last but not least, it just wouldn’t be the same without our Tasting Table! Of course, we’re again looking for Burger aficionados like you to be part of our jury! If you think you got what it takes to crown the best cheese burger of the city, then feel free to leave a comment below!


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  1. Natanael on


    Comment: Damn I know whats tasty. I’ve worked at a Italien place for several years and do know what a good burger should be about.

  2. Cristhian Fierro on


    A feast? A burger.
    – Easy and delicious as that.
    Do I know food?
    – I can well difference good from bad and extremely good from very top excellence!

  3. Simone Bodo on


    Burgers make the world go round! Like life it needs to be in balance!

  4. Jonas on


    I have very big glasses and a very big mouth. The glasses are not only for seeing the burger but also to catch wild flying grease and determine how juicy it really is.

    The mouth is for eating and saying “mmmmmmmm” in between bites.

  5. Jack Shipman-Mueller on


    When I was 15, I went on a road trip in the US from the west coast to the east, ranking burgers. Got a burger at most every stop. Learned a thing or two – and one thing’s for certain, if you’re eating your burger with a fork and knife, it’s time to go home. (Let me in on this – I’ll do you proud.)

  6. Davide on


    I’ve got the attitude for this event ;-) let me enjoy it!

  7. Jan on


    One Thing I learned on my Burgertrips all over the World:
    Berlin has the Best, without doubt!!
    Let me help you crown the Best Burger of the Best Burgercity in the World:)

  8. Michael Gurney on


    Good afternoon,

    I would love to be one of the Burger critics for the following three reasons;

    1. I eat 1 burger everyday which I put down to my passion for the dish.
    2. I believe I will bring a new perspective being an Englishman who moved to the City a couple of months ago.
    3. My tastebuds have been finely tuned to understand the difference between a great burger and a burger that you dream about for weeks.

    Please do get in touch!

    Yours faithfully,


  9. Andres Dam on


    “the first burger of the day is always the most delicous one” (AD)

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