Berlin’s Best Burger: Anniversary Edition

krispy kreme burger at burgers & hip hop with stilinberlin
Is it a donut? Is it a burger? And was it the best!?

Thank you so much for coming by last Saturday to celebrate the birthday of our favorite food-party, Burgers & Hip Hop, with a European battle of the patties – we felt excited, delighted, happy, exuberant, bubbly, and all the things you feel when so many lovely faces show up for your birthday party. And thank you all for enjoying the burgers our local heroes and European guests served you, and voting for your favorite – we guess you also can’t wait to find out who made the best burger of the night, can’t you!? Enjoy:


We all know that Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese, and the guys behind this cheese-enterprise easily mastered the Swiss burger with the Notorious B.F.S. with loads of people falling in love with the smelly Raclette cheese and the juicy Rösti added to the beef patty.

burger chief-7578

We heard the praise for Amsterdam powerhouse Beef Chief everywhere on Saturday, people loved the Pimento cheese, the chipotle ketchup and the brioche bun of the yamama burger. And the lovely guys and girls serving it.

thrill burger-7508

Arriving with an impressive black truck, Thrill Grill served us the Thriller, neatly packed in a pretty bun, quickly served and nicely stacked with bacon, mayo and some pickles.

piri buckshot-7550

Last time’s winner Piri served the much beloved Buckshot, the chipotle cheese burger, and scored very high, receiving the most votes of all (support your locals, well done Berlin!). Too bad they missed the top 3 by 0,02 points – this is a cruel game…

original patty men-7548

Is it a burger? Is it a donut? A Burnut?! Original Patty Men from Birmingham, winner of the British Street Food Award for the best burger 2014, call it “Big Verns” Krispy Ring – a Krispy Kreme glazed donut with maple bacon, cheese and a beef patty. The few chosen lucky enough to get one (they brought only one box of donuts) loved the crazy combo. But the high score of 4,45 of possible 5,0 points was mainly reached with the Helly Nasty burger. It won OPM the third place, mostly thanks to its much praised chorizo jam.

schiller burger-7584

Schiller Burger is definitely a Berlin burger-celebrity and already competed last time at the big Cheese Burger battle and landed a very respectable third place. This time they even increased their score to a smashing 4,55 points, beating previous winner Piri and thus serving up the best Berlin based burger this past Saturday. You can get the Cheese Surprise at one of their five joints in town, so… go!

le reflectoire-7529

Ooh la la… this Parisian Burger of Love triggered passionate reactions (some people decorated the voting sheet with loads hearts, others proposed to the burger on site). While not technically a burger with its pulled boeuf Bourgignon, it scored so high we might just ignore the lack of patty: 4,58. The guys behind this amour fou are called Le Reflectoire. Here are the other reasons they won: 12 month old Comté cheese, a homemade French bun, mayonnaise made with three fresh herbs, spinach and red cabbage pickles, apples and fried onions, and the lovely French server reciting the ingredients with an irresistible French accent. Félicitations!


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  1. marine on


    Congrats to the frenchies, called Le RéFECTOIRE ;-)


  2. who done it on


    was the winner really a burger ? is a burger not always with a patty ? i smell le rat !

  3. Burgerlove on


    You’re sure you really tried them all?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      It’s a public vote with over 250 votes for all the burgers. I personally only tried Piri’s veggie version

  4. mitch on


    Seriously, the voting is a joke, as it is public and most people only try one or two burgers.
    But that’s since the first burger & hip hop was out. The best REAL burgers never won. Instead some crazy weird sandwich took the first place.

    But the worst is, the prices extensionally increase from party to party. 8€ for a (pretty small) burger and 4€ for a mediocre beer is unacceptable IMO.
    But this trend seems to spread all over Berlins hipster partys. Neue Heimat also offers overpriced food and drinks.

    Maybe I rant too much, but thats not in the Berlin spirit I known for the past few years.

  5. noof on


    is this place in Berlin? and if not please recommend a burger place but its not ham!

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