Best of: The 10 Most Popular Food Places of 2014

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The burger takes it all?

It’s so lovely to watch Berlin grow as a foodie-city and enjoy its rising fame and the fruits of a decade-long development. 2014 has been an especially good year for food in Berlin, not only because I discovered new favorites and cherished old time loves, we enjoyed great food festivals, listened to kitchen tunes and watched new initiatives bloom, but because you, the readers, have developed an even bigger craving for recommendations and then showered the reviewed places with loads of love making their effort worthwhile. 2015 holds new promises, but let’s rest for a moment and praise the stars of the past year with a list of the ten most popular food places of 2014.

This list has been compiled using the stats of this very blog, ranking the places by page views for the articles.

Berlin, Berlin food, Japanese food in Berlin, Gobento 10. Go Bento
This Japanese place off Helmholtz Platz is focussing on food and food only: there’s no interior design worth mentioning, you have to bring your own drinks, and only 18 guests are fed from Wednesday to Sunday nights. But oh are they lucky – Bento boxes filled with little bundles of Japanese joy. And so very reasonably priced, it’s actually unbelievable. Read the whole review here.

Berlin, Berlin food, food in Neukölln, Ban Ban Kitchen, Berlin Nori Tacos, Korean food in Berlin, Korean Soulfood 9. Ban Ban
Go down South Hermannstraße to find this Korean kiosk serving street food with a lot of soul in the form of nori tacos, bulgogi burgers or kimchi fries. Also the home of the winner of Berlin’s Best Burger #5. Read the whole review here and listen to their playlist in our kitchen tunes.

Vegan lunch at pele mele, neukölln Berlin 8. Pêle Mêle
Eating clean and vegan in Berlin gets easier and easier and not only in Neukölln! Still, it’s the easiest down South, with Pêle Mêle being a very fine option with their smoothies and sandwiches. Read the whole review here.

Aunt Benny 7. Aunt Benny
The ever underrated Friedrichshain experienced a push this year, not only but also thanks to the efforts of this beautiful café. Known to serve some of the best brownies in the city, it is certainly the loveliest breakfast place in the East. Read the whole review here.

matcha latte at two and two cafe, Neukölln 6. Two and Two
Berlin is now in a state where a café serving a mix of Japanese and French treats thrives – this small place on Pannierstraße (one of the most interesting streets of 2014) not only creates delicious Matcha Latte, creamy hot chocolate or sweet home made pastries like Cannelés but also offers a choice of Japanese stationary too cute to be true. Read the whole review here and listen to their favorite songs here.

Berlin Thai park, Thai market Berlin, special places in Berlin, Berlin Thai food5. Thai Park
I will never grow tired of calling this my favorite food place in Berlin. Sadly, it’s not Thai-Park season currently, but the Vorfreude, my dears! Read the whole review here.

District Mot's three burgers going into the race

4. Burgers & Hip Hop
This list wouldn’t be complete without the foodie event that killed all foodie events in popularity and persuasiveness (and it would actually be on top if I added the page views of every single article). The combination of Burgers and Hip Hop is so simple and so striking it regularly unites foodie and music lovers alike. And the voting! I have to give special props to three-time-in-a-row-winner District Mot. Turns out everyone’s got an opinion on burgers, but this one won them all over. Let’s do it again! See all the articles here.

stilinberlin-fiveelephantdetail 3. Five Elephant
A Philadelphia style cheese cake so good the whole city agrees. It’s served in this wonderful Kreuzberg café that also has great coffee. No wonder it’s in the top 3! Read the whole review here.

Berlin breakfast, breakfast in Berlin, The Breakfast Market, food in Berlin, Markthalle Neun, Big Stuff Smoked BBQ

2. Breakfast Market
Breakfast in Berlin is a conflict-laden topic (at least for me), so when this wonderful market opened its doors in the summer of 2014 all of us heaved a huge sigh of relief (again: me). A market full of delicious breakfast options! Sandwiches! Wheatgrass smoothies! Korean kongee! And so much more. I loved it, and you loved it even more, making it the second most popular food place of 2014! Read the review here.

1. Asia Deli
Finding a great Chinese place was kind of my task for 2014 and after kissing many frogs, I finally found this gem in Wedding. And it turns out you were as excited as I was, making this article the most popular of the year and flooding the place with visits. However, I heard that the original chef left. Which means we’ll have to check the place asap to see if it is still as good. (Fingers so crossed, it hurts.) Read the review here.


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