Coming up: Burgers & Hip Hop’s 1st Anniversary

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The burger takes it all?

Can you believe we’re already enjoying the bliss that is our little Burgers & Hip Hop party for ONE year!? That’s giving us a very welcome reason to celebrate next weekend! And we’re doing so by broadening our burger-horizons. This time, it’s not only about Berlin patty-experts, but Kavita Meelu invited European burger-stars to compete in the art of grilling and stacking. The famed vendors from London, Paris, Amsterdam and Birmingham (and maybe even more) are prepping your next favorite burger alongside your Berlin favs at Prince Charles coming Saturday!
And of course we’ll all vote for our favorite again! (If you want to be part of our official jury-table, read on!)

Lined up for your pleasure will be Birmingham’s Original Patty Men, winner of The British Street Food Award for the best burger 2014, The Beef Chief and Thrill Grill from lovely Amsterdam, Le Réfectoire from wonderful Paris and – of course – last time winner Piri’s Chicken, serving up their delicious Buckshot, as well as a long-awaited Berlin based powerhouse: Schiller Burger and the cheese experts of Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese. We’re gonna party like, it’s our birthday.

Happening this Saturday at Prince Charles from 13:00 on! Entry is 2 Euros before 22:00 (no re-entry) and 10 Euros after 22:00. And don’t forget to join the vote to find Berlin’s Best Burger!

Since the stakes are higher than ever, we’re looking for established burger-experts to join us at our tasting table to help us find the best burger of the night. If you think you got what it takes, comment below with a short summary of your expertise and references to get a taste of ALL burgers served and enjoy a thorough discussion with fellow burgxperts. 
We’ll have a team of private TV channel document the event and the jury tasting, leaving a comment means you accept being filmed (and maybe interviewed) at the event.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Prinzenstraße 85F

10969 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

check the website for schedule


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  1. Chuck Zanlunghi on


    So I have just moved to Berlin from America where I loved eating burgers for the past 24 years. But my love truly bloomed when I went to University in a small city in Vermont called Burlington. Now this town is hidden in mountains, but, what only the chosen few know, it is one of the best food sources in the world. Young culinary artists have been moving to Vermont from all over the North East not for fame or money in the culinary arts but to have access to local farms bounty of fresh produce and access to the all natural grass fed beef. Let me just start by saying while in University I ate a burger every Wednesday in University ($5 burgers at all the restaurants grass fed with choices like jalapeno + Vermont Cheddar, guacamole + bacon, BBQ Bacon, egg and pork belly, just to name a few) like people in the south go to church. Now the problem since I moved to Berlin is that for some reason, when I bite into the burger the juices don’t gush out like I am used to, so I am interested in seeing if the best burgers are anywhere near good enough for my taste buds, because they have been screaming for a burger all summer but have only tastes charred pieces of “beef” (but seemed more like beef jerky). So yeah if you want an experienced burger taste bud I think I am the man for the job, if not I will try to attend anyway to maybe taste a better burger than Berlin has offered me so far.

  2. Justin Katz on


    Hey there! I am a Sydney food blogger who recently moved to Berlin to study and of course eat. Ive had a love of a food since a small age and i am so lucky that it has blossomed into this full blown passion. Simply put, i live to eat. Check out my Instagram and i promise you, you will not be disappointed @thefatboyeats

  3. Emma Bermingham on


    I’m a 24 year old self proclaimed burger fanatic. Food is my passion. Born and raised in the glorious green fields of Ireland, I know good meat and where to find it. I like to make burgers, eat burgers, talk about burgers and talk some more about them (much to my friends dismay). I also love buns, but thats another story.
    I moved to Berlin a year ago and filled a Burgermeister loyalty card in one month. Other qualifications include being dubbed the “tall burger” in work, (not quite sure how I felt about that). Forgetting I had a burger for lunch and then getting another one for dinner was another accomplishment of mine.
    I’m not a one burger kind of girl and like to shop around, so I won’t be a biased judge. I’d love to open my own burger restaurant some day.
    All in all I’ll be looking for the perfect meat-sauce-bun combination. Is it too much to ask for?

  4. Alex on


    “I really can’t wait for the next edition of Burgers & Hip Hop. Since I’ve been attending almost every time since the first edition, their 1st Anniversary is a MUST. Especially, because it’s the first “international” edition with a selection of the best burger vendors from all over Europe.
    Why should you invite me to the tasting table? Well, I’ve been backpacking several times throughout South-East-Asia, so I LOVE every kind of street food. When you want to create the perfect burger, take the passion these people in Asia are preparing their food with, add some juicy and perfectly grilled beef, salad, bacon, cheese and some homemade sauces and put it in between the two halfs of a bun. I’m sure all the vendors that are joining the event on Saturday will exactly do this!
    Just two weeks ago, I could experience a really fantastic burger at BurgerBar in Amsterdam, the patty made of Kobe beef. Can The Beef Chief and Thrill Grill compete with it? I can’t wait to find out! So I”m really excited tasting these internationally famous burgers from there and also from UK and Paris. How will they rank compared to some of Berlin’s best burgers joints? I can’t wait to find out and support you crowning the best burger of the 1st anniversary edition…”

  5. Abbie Ra on


    While I may not have the classical background of a burger-lover (I was a veggie for 2 years) I have fallen very hard, head-over-heels and passionately in love with burgers.
    My love started with Manchester-institution “Almost Famous” eating my way through various burgers from restaurants, trucks and homemade version “Almost Famous” has still a special place in my heart. Now that I moved to Berlin, I realised that I need a new companion, especially in this cold and grey time of year. A girl without her perfect burger is just heart-breaking.
    This is the perfect event to find a new burgerlove and for you guys the perfect opportunity to make a girl happy again.
    I have so much love to give, I just need the perfect burger.
    Let me know, if there will be a happy ending to my story, the ball is in your corner now.


  6. Mayya Saliba on


    I like them thick, pink and juicy.
    I need one of those a couple of times a week.
    I tried many flavours, in every trip.
    I am a gourmet.
    My expertise: attention to details.
    You can tell the food quality level out of a city’s burgers.. So far has been a disappointment.
    I am food depressed in Berlin!
    Heal me?

  7. Camilla Carrara on


    Hello! I’m Camilla, a 23years old italian fashion designer with a huge passion for food.. Aesthetical research for me is compulsory and for this reason I love to find studied structures/shapes in my dish By the way the most important thing is the quality of the ingredients! I’m italian, for us good food is a need! I love travel around Europe and during my trip I always try burgers, but let me know that sometimes they are a true delusion…And every time is a big pain But I will never stop to try, this is my way to live So please, let me be part of the jury, I really love to eat and be critical so I’m perfect.

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