Breakfast in Berlin: Silo

baked eggs at Silo, Friedrichshain

My repeated complains about the lack of good breakfast food in our beloved hometown seem to have worked and more and more local restaurateurs have taken on the challenge. The newest addition to my breakfast-love-list is Silo, the pretty Aussie café in Friedrichshain, serving delicious baked eggs, avocado on toast and a sweet dish that will get you out of bed and onto the East-bound train any morning.

Because: Friedrichshain. Which might even be named as the source of all breakfast-problems in Berlin. Didn’t it start the myth of this city being “good at breakfast”with its innumerous indistinguishable “brunch”-places? Those bleak rows of dull dishes filled with cheap salad, cheese that’s just too yellow and sweaty cold cuts, lukewarm scrambled eggs and squashy bacon – all you can but never wanted to eat for just 10 Euros – certainly don’t serve that purpose well.
But fret not, morning-people. Silo is near, just around the corner from the infamous Simon-Dach-Strasse lies the cosy café with raw wooden interior and a breakfast menu that will make your heart jump. Read: portobello mushrooms in coconut butter on a potato Rösti with greens and tomato sauce (vegan and gluten free!), baked eggs in tomato sauce with feta on spinach with Sironi’s bread; scrambled eggs with infused herb butter, ham and spinach. Getting excited?

avocado on toast at silo berlin

We started with the avocado, goat’s cheese and tomato salsa on Sironi’s sourdough bread; (7,20 Euro) and the baked eggs with added chorizo (9,30 Euro) – the former dish is a perfect and well-tested combo, the Sironi bread as fabulous as we know it to be. Though I could’ve done without the balsamic reduction artistically splashed on top and it obviously is a dish that gains even more when served in tomato-season.
The baked eggs didn’t only look scrumptious in their little pan all covered in sultry red tomato-sauce and accompanied by three perfectly grilled slices of bread. The added Chorizo was described as nice and rich, if not as juicy as it could’ve been, by my fellow-breakfast-partner.

fried brioche at silo berlin

In retrospect both dishes served as a starter for a treat we didn’t even expect (because it’s not yet on the menu) – a stack of beautifully fried Brioche with orange blossom water poached Apples. Between the slices nestled a generous serving of berries and a helping of the before-mentioned house infused herb butter – giving the dish an occasional extra-layer of an interesting and tart thyme flavor that went very well with the soft sourness of the Philadelphia topping. Yes, I’d travel to Friedrichshain for this any Sunday. I just heard the brioche will be on the regular menu (yet it’s only a surprise-guest on some weekends) together with some other new things they are working on from middle of February.

Thank you Silo, for contributing in our quest to make Berlin a better breakfast-city. Because, as the great Leslie Knope put it: “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”



Gabriel-Max-Straße 4

10245 Berlin Friedrichshain

Warschauer Strasse

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 08:30–17:00
Sat 09:30–19:00
Sun 10:00–19:00