Chinese in Berlin: Shaniu’s House of Noodles

Hand pulled noodles at Shaniu House of Noodles Berlin
手工蔬菜拉面 Hand pulled noodles with vegetable broth

Oh Wilmersdorf, you beautiful district beyond the park, brimmed with undiscovered West-Berlin delights and blessed with the city’s maximum density of very fine Chinese restaurants. Like this place just off the hectic Bundesallee, called Shaniu’s House of Noodles and specializing in hand pulled noodles served in different varieties (still a rarity in this city, surprisingly).

gluten cake with mushrooms at shaniu house of noodles berlin
四喜烤麸 Gluten cake with wood ear mushroom and shiitake mushroom

After a first visit in summer, Ash asked me to return to enjoy the hand pulled noodles of the new chef as well as a choice of mains and starters from the menu. The feast began with small sides, among them delicious gluten cakes with wood ear and shiitake mushrooms and tasty green Bok Choi stir fry. After came a big bowl of Sichuan style boiled Tofu with fresh herbs, ginger and loads of garlic as well as a convincing hotness that I needed some helpings of rice to be able to stomach.

Bok choi at Shaniu House of Noodles Berlin
蒜蓉青菜香菇 Bok choi shiitake mushroom stir fry with garlic

When I was already quite filled (my usual problem at Chinese places, ordering so many sides and starters and then mains and never being able to stop until I fall into food-coma), they served us two bowls of the famous noodles, freshly hand pulled by the chef and topped with egg, mushrooms, cucumbers and served in a vegetarian broth. They offer two varieties of noodles, one broader than the other (I preferred the slimmer ones) in different combinations.

It’s not only the delicious food that makes this restaurant worthwhile, but the very friendly staff and service, always eager to explain and cater to your needs. Don’t just keep your choice of dish to the menu but ask for recommendations and specials. The great thing, the more often you return, the better those specials get – a good relationship with your favorite Chinese restaurant can prove very worthwhile.
Even so much that, after having to put my former favorite Asia Deli in Wedding on my revistation-list because they just recently got a new chef, this one is certainly high on the list of options to take over the coveted spot of Mary’s favorite Chinese.

Sichuan tofu at Shaniu House of Noodles Berlin
水煮豆腐 Sichuan style boiled Tofu

Shaniu’s House of Noodles

Shaniu’s House of Noodles

Pariser Straße 58

10719 Berlin Wilmersdorf


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 12:00–22:00