Coffee and Breakfast in Berlin: Distrikt Coffee

buttermilk pancakes at distrikt coffee berlin mitte

Admittedly, one could say something like… another speciality coffee in Mitte?! But then, let’s be grateful for the many delicious coffee options we have! And thankful that the growing competition forces coffee enthusiasts to come up with distinct concepts, sophisticated food menus and pleasing interior designs. One result of the growing struggle to set yourself apart from all the other third wave coffee places in Mitte (check our guide on Berlin’s best coffee spots here) is this haven: Distrikt Coffee at Bergstraße.

interior at Distrikt coffee Berlin Mitte

First, it has a beautiful interior design – wooden and black steel tables and chairs are placed in front of raw brick walls with a particularly pretty tile floor in the back room. This clean industrial and slightly vintage look is done well here, with simple green glass vases adorned with modest flowers breaking the strict feel.

distrikt coffee stilinberlin-5010

I didn’t come for the coffee, to be honest, but for the breakfast, and wasn’t disappointed as the menu features current breakfast favorites: homemade granola, smashed avocado on sourdough toast as well as toasted banana bread with caramelized nuts and syrup. We started with spicy baked beans on sourdough with cheese and butter (6,50 Euro, vegan option available) and buttermilk pancakes with lime syrup nuts and homemade compote (7,90 Euro). The baked beans featured everything comfort food needs – a silky texture, a satisfying heartiness and a punchy sweetness with a marvelous aroma from the slowly melting butter, however, they could’ve been a lot spicier (even for my sensitive taste buds) to live up to their name. The indeed wonderfully fluffy plate of pancakes, though, had the perfect balance – a nice touch of salt in the batter, with the freshness of yoghurt pairing well with the crunchy caramelized nuts, tart compote and the airy cakes.
The flavors of both our dishes helped us overlook the somewhat conservative plating of the food – I mean wouldn’t you rather dig in to a nice little stack of pancakes?

distrikt coffee stilinberlin-5026

We were quite filled by these two dishes, but when I passed by the counter I saw them: small jars filled with a doughy mix, an inquiry with the staff confirmed my hope…it was bread pudding! Of course, I needed to try it. Seriously, why is it so hard to find this beautiful dish in Berlin? The sight brought back to mind the best bread pudding I ever had and craved ever since. Distrikt Coffee’s pudding is made with pain au chocolate, a secret you’ll only find out after you dug your fork in to the heavenly mix. It is very good. (No, not as good as… but delicious enough to make you very happy and a grey Berlin winter day a lot more bearable, believe me.)

coffee bar in Berlin Mitte

Oh, the coffee, why yes! It’s good, yet strong – very strong, all drinks are served with double shots, unless you ask them not to. They’re using different beans from international coffee roasters like Ozon London, The Barn Berlin and many more with public cuppings happening almost every Friday at 3pm – check their Facebook page for more info. Their tea is coming from Companion Tea in Kreuzberg and is served in beautiful porcelain cups.

companion tea, distrikt coffee Berlin Mitte
Distrikt Coffee

Distrikt Coffee

Bergstraße 68

10115 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 08:30–17:00
Sat–Sun 09:30–17:00


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  1. Lisa on


    Vielleicht solltet ihr euren Lesern die wichtigste Information nicht vorenthalten: Frühstück gibts erst ab 09:30 Uhr. War heute um kurz nach 8 dort und musste im Endeffekt mit einem Croissant vorlieb nehmen. Etwas enttäuschend..

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Oh das ist in der Tat enttäuschend und auch überraschend.. So sehr, dass wir nicht drauf gekommen sind, dass es so sein könnte.. Sorry!

  2. Anna Wegelin on


    Mary! Wir sollten unbedingt mal Foodtechnisch etwas zusammen machen <3

  3. martin on


    3,20€ für ‘nen (mitte(l)mässigen)Capuccino?! Soviel zahlst nicht mal in München. Wer’s braucht.. Dann lieber zu den 5 Elephanten.

  4. Doug on


    I’m not sure why I’m still surprised how consistently wrong these reviews can be. Yes, I come from NY where good food can be found easily anywhere, and cementing a good review requires more than some exposed brick, edison bulbs, and the work of a recent design school graduate, but come on. Are your standards THAT low, or is this site just the front end of a pr agency? The coffee is fine but overpriced, the design is trite in that desperately-trying-to-look-like-I’m-not-trying that is so dear to Berliners but incredibly regressive to anyone who’s actually lived in a metropolis, and the bread pudding was grimly dry and tasteless. Sadly, I’ll probably return for the free wifi and because that’s how limited this city’s options are, but I sincerely hope they improve their game, or that Berlin will finally become a place where competition necessitates quality.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Wow, you are angry about Berlin, aren’t you? Since you’re ranting this much about the city’s low standards, I am almost inclined to suggest you grace another city with your kindness… Almost only, though. Hope the upcoming spring lightens your mood.

    2. Doug on

      Ok, whatever, it’s your name on the masthead; our tastes are different. But I’d love to see someone taking on the potentially interesting story of food culture in a changing Berlin with intelligence and integrity.

    3. Mary Scherpe on

      And I am standing by my recommendation.

    4. expat_NY on

      haha great, “Yes, I come from NY”

  5. Laura on


    8.6 on Foursquare and 4.8 on Google.. seems most people agree! Thanks for the tip SIB – I’ll be checking it out tomorrow :)

  6. Dennis von Preussen on


    “Doug” sounds like he’s from LA, or maybe Silicon Valley, but certainly not New York. Real New Yorkers are assertive, but not rude, and Doug is both rude and angry. Not cool!

    This Chicago apologizes for his fellow American citizen.

    I love Berlin!

  7. Tom on


    8€für ein hartes scheibes Brot mit Avocado und Rotebeete!!! Viel zu teuer . Frischer Orangensaft , den vielleicht vorgestern gepresst hat. War heute 19.05. 16 sehr euntäuscht!! Nie wieder.

  8. Sophie on


    Well, after the angry New Yorker, I must say: I do agree by now.
    There are no more poached egg salads, no more pancakes, just sandwiches. The kitchen has changed a lot (to more lazy recipies) and this is why I don’t go any more.
    And about the teens with instagram accounts – let’s leave this place to theme. We’re grown ups now.

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