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vegan food in Berlin Mitte
Green salad with baby spinach, avocado, pistachios, hemp seeds and a macadamia and lime dressing

The Mitte-crowd is going crazy for a new health-food café on Weinbergsweg – Daluma opened its doors last October and has since collected a huge and very devoted audience patiently waiting to pick up cold pressed juices or enjoying a vegan and/or raw lunch on the spot. I finally went last week to check out if Daluma’s food is not only healthy but tasty.

Mitte impatiently waited for this, and I seriously wondered why it took so long before it arrived – a bistro offering cold pressed juices, green smoothies, healthy breakfast and hearty lunch – vegan, organic, superfood-filled and even raw, if you like. Now, a team of three very motivated young men put it into action after two years of elaborate planning: Daluma is located on the very busy (and very trendy) Rosenthaler Platz giving countless of stressed Mitte workers a nice and bright place to spend their lunch break.

vegan lunch at Daluma Berlin Mitte
Quinoa with hemp topping.

Daluma is your best option in the area for those days were you aren’t in the mood for a heavy lunch but rather looking for something giving you energy while keeping you light. You can choose between eating in for which the dishes are prepared fresh in the kitchen, or take your favorites in decomposable plastic containers from the display fridge.
Their menu lets you choose combinations of a base like lentils, quinoa, rice, pasta or raw vegetables with a topping like hemp, tomato, almond-lime or herbs. I tried quinoa with hemp, one of the stronger toppings with a distinguished tart and slightly bitter aroma coming from the hemp seeds, celeriac and lime juice, balanced by a nice sweetness of apple. If you like it, you’ll probably love it.

Chia pudding, acai, Daluma Berlin
Chia pudding with acai topping for dessert.

I combined my main dish – oddly enough – with a half serving of the always freshly made chocolate smoothie Choc-Choc Crave. Half serving not because it wasn’t tasty (it is delicious, so delicious in fact that I rather have it again and again instead of trying another), but because it’s very filling in its combination of raw cacao, avocado, dates and banana and can serve as a breakfast (tried that before, it’s very satisfying). That is only in case you don’t want to try one of their breakfast options: chia pudding, coconut yoghurt or probiotic Müsli with either acai berry, nut or caju-acerola topping.

healthy breakfast at Daluma Berlin Mitte
Toppings to take-away.

And then there are the juices, cold pressed delights prepped in the back with the help of a giant wonder-machine and offered in tasty combos focussing on different health aspects like immune system (the best-selling Run, Forest, Run combining loads of greens with enough fruit and mint to make it nice and sweet), metabolism (the very green Supergreen with no fruit except lime), antioxidant (the earthy Beet Box combining dill and red beets with acai) and many more. If you feel particularly under the weather, try their immune shot Burning Man, not tasty (I know people who’d disagree) but very healthy and powerful: ginger, lemon, cayenne and oregano-oil. It tastes like all kinds of things at the same time (sour, bitter, and so spicy it gives me the hiccups), it seriously burns all stress away (because you can’t think of anything else). And in case you also didn’t know about the many powers of oregano oil: it’s a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.

Immune ginger lemon shot at Daluma Berlin Mitte
The immune shots, not very tasty, but intensely powerful.

You see, there’s a lot to discover at Daluma in Mitte, that’s probably why the café is almost always packed. Which sometimes means rather long waiting lines to get your favorite juice to go. In case you’re way too stressed to cope with lines, they now also offer a delivery service for the central Berlin area at lunch.
Thanks to the surprisingly quick (but well deserved) success, the team already grew to almost 30 people with a head chef and the founders constantly developing new recipes and concepts. Like the soon to be announced retreats and the already available juice cleanses (ask for info in the store).

daluma stilinberlin-7609 daluma stilinberlin-7623


Weinbergsweg 3

10119 Berlin Mitte

Rosenthaler Platz

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 08:00–20:00,
Sat 10:00–19:00,
Sun 10:00–18:00


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