Berlin’s Best Burger: Back for 2015

Against the rain, against the grey, you came and celebrated another glorious night of meat and beat pairing – some say parties in winter are more excessive than ever thanks to everyone’s fatal winter-depression. The low temperatures certainly had no effect on your hunger (and patience) and your voting skills – we’ve got a a new holder of the coveted Berlin’s Best Burger trophy, but we also got some complaints… read on to find out who received what!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop son kitchen veggie-7833

This (and the meat version at the top) was no-doubt the most creative burger of the night – Son Kitchen’s Rice n the hood – a juicy bulgogi patty, kimchi, salsa verde and cheddar cheese inside of a rice-bun. However, eaters weren’t convinced of this new combination…

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop chicha-7846

Peruvian food is not yet well presented in our lovely city and Chicha is here to change that. Their Tupac Amaru with 100% Uruguayan beef had fried plantain, chili mayo and a fried egg on top of it – however, eater’s expectations grew in the rather crazy line Chicha’s kitchen created and obviously weren’t fulfilled.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop chai wallahs-7907

Indian food is on the rise in Berlin, people want it and they shall receive – in Chai Wallah’s NWA burgers a delicious naan bread hugged a veal and pork patty, tamarind fennel slaw and a tikka paneer slice. However, the reason it didn’t score higher (I personally loved their veggie version with a crazy flavorful vegetable-patty!) was actually embarrassingly German: many found it too spicy…

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop beef or not to beef-7902

During the tasting, I would’ve easily bet my money on this one…however, To Beef Or Not To Beef’s very Italian The Smokeface Burgah with a beef patty, smoked Scamorza cheese, Tuscan bacon and Chipotle mayo did not convince enough people to pick up a pen and vote…

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop bao kitchen barbecue-7869

Opening the top 3 is an Asian chicken burger: Bao Kitchen’s What The Cluck!? put Taiwanese fried chicken with Asian slaw and loads of cilantro inside of a smooth steamed bun. I personally also liked the veggie version a lot thanks to the intense sauce – and you did too! Scored 4,14 of 5 possible points!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop mogg melzer-7896

And almost classic contester that always scores high but never made it to the top (yet?) is this beauty by Mogg & MelzerReuben’s F’ing Burger comes along with a beef patty topped with crispy Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and a Russian sauce, crowned with a pickle. You loved it. Scored 4,25 of 5 possible points and a respectable 2nd place!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop gorilla barbecue barbecue-7887However, there can be only one winner – scoring the highest ever with 4,79 of 5 possible points is Gorilla Barbecue’s  Break Ya Speck! A very exciting and harmonious combo of a beef patty with date-onion chutney, goats cheese (so many loving votes for this one alone), pear, walnuts and a honey-thyme sauce. The coveted trophy will grace their green food truck for the coming weeks until we all see each other again! Check their facebook page for venues and tell them Congratulations!


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  1. George on


    Warum schreibt ihr eigtl auf englisch, wenn ihr einen deutschen Namen habt? Zudem was soll das “embarassingly German“ ? Ich soll mich für meinen deutschen / europäischen Geschmack schämen? Im Umkehrschluss muss ich also Geschmäcker aus aller Herren Länder mögen und kann das nicht selbst entscheiden? So ein Scheiß … Kommt mal klar….

    1. Red on

      Keep calm and eat a Burger! Troll…

  2. Jesse L on


    It was called ‘protect ya speck’ I think, just fyi!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thought so too at first, but the sign said “break…” both great names for a winning burger, though

  3. Rubia a gotas on


    i want to go to Berlin in march and this post… I NEED GO!!! i love all this places!

  4. Christoph on


    Not wanting to sing the same tune, but I have to admit that the phrase “embarassingly German” made me squint a little. After those endless debates on whether there is a need to adapt or learn German at all as an expat in this city, I still can’t quite help but notice a latent air of ignorance lingering. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good and right, but I always imagine what would have happened, if in my time in the US, I had at some point published an article about anything calling anything embarassingly American. I am sure I would have had to make a run for it.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Oh, I really hope you wouldn’t have! I think there’s nothing wrong with calling out my own culture for being embarrassingly bad with “spicy” food, especially since this is the reason that most places rather serve bland food than be courageous… However, this is obviously an oversimplification to take the weight of the negative comments on the really very deliciously and complex flavored Indian burger, not a profound cultural critique.

    2. Christoph on

      No offense taken, Mary. It’s just—attidudes develop quickly and they tend to stick if nurtured consequently. Let’s just not. :) Thanks for the article by the way.

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