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le reflectoire burger at burgers & hip hop with stilinberlin
Last time winner Le Reflectoire from Paris!

And we’re back! Did you miss us and our lovely grilled patties and soft buns? Did you think we were done with the burger-fun? Seriously? Obviously, we weren’t, Burgers & Hip Hop is alive and well and will get even better this year with loads of new additions coming your way… But we’re postponing those for the spring time and will celebrate a very classic feast this Saturday at our beloved home Prince Charles! So make sure you come and fill your winter-belly with deliciousness and shake it off later.

We’ve gathered loads of newbies and old favorites for a traditional grilling – Mogg & Melzer will bring their fabulous pickles, Gorilla Barbecue their green truck, Bao Kitchen their Taiwanese burgers with chicken and Asian slaw and cilantro, and To Beef Or Not To Beef an Italian inspired ones. The newbies are the Peruvian Chicha with Uruguayan beef, fried plantains and chili majo, the Indian Chai Wallahs with naan bread and a tikka paneer slice, and the Korean Son Kitchen with grilled Kimchi and a Bulgogi patty. Veggie versions are brought by Son Kitchen, Chicha and Bao Kitchen! Drooling yet? Of course, our favorite ice cream sandwiches Zwei Dicke Bären will be there for your sweet tooth.

These creative burgers are waiting for you to enjoy at Prince Charles from 15:00 on Saturday – the grills are hot until 22:00. Entry is 2 Euros before 22:00 (no re-entry) and 10 Euros after 22:00 for the after-party with faboosh DJs (like yours truly playing from 22.30 on the burger-floor).

stilinberlin burgers hip hop trophy-9442

And don’t forget to join the vote to find Berlin’s Best Burger! Exercise your democratic rights and vote for your favorite to take home the much coveted trophy!

As always, we’re looking for 3 hungry patty-afficionados to join the very official and important Berlin’s Best Burger tasting table! Leave us a comment explaining your burger-knowledge until Friday and you might be lucky enough to try ALL burgers and receive those coveted guest-list spots for the after party!


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  1. Sophie Tremblay on


    Hi Mary!
    I’ve been a huge fan of your blog since I moved to Berlin a little over a year ago and I would be more than honored to sit at the tasting table! I started my own blog, FoodieBerlin in May of last year and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I love food, always have, and couldn’t wait to be a part of the industry. I’ve grown up around the world (most of my childhood spent in Morocco and South Africa) and I’ve eaten so many varied things from Michelin Star Restaurants (courtesy of my French father) to rustic prime BBQ (courtesy of my American mother). I’ve been to three of the Burgers & HipHop events, have seriously enjoyed them and will, in any case, be there on Saturday. I can’t wait to try all the burgers and hear what you have to say. Liebe Grüße! Sophie.

  2. patrone on


    would love get a place in the grand jury of burgerism.
    i have gathered grand knowledge of the ins and outs of beef-cheese-bun combinations overseas as well as in germany.
    i traveled to minneapolis in search of the famous juicy lucy, the city where cheese filled pattys were invented, to try both versions at matts bar as well as the famous 5-8 club. i see myself and my stomache fit to eat n try ll of the burgers that BAHH has to offer and hold them against the approximately 800 diffrent burgers i have eaten in my life.
    please bless me with this opportunity.

    yours truely,


  3. ivy on


    hi mary,

    i am a college student / burger fiend. besides spending my time studying i travel around new york (and now berlin) looking for the best burgers. the hudson valley has been a great place for experimentation with ingredients and also boasts some of the freshest meat. very much looking forward to the kimchi burger~~one of my favorite bars at home makes a great one. of course i have also eaten burgers in los angeles, chicago, philadelphia, and miami. i may be a small american girl, but i have a big appetite for unique and delicious burgers!! can’t wait for this weekend!!


  4. Charlotte on


    I love burgers so much that I write poems thinking about them.

    Ode to a cheeseburger what a wonderful thing
    With pickles, onions tomatoes and cheese
    I’m easy to please
    With its buns and seeds it has no needs
    Except to fill you up even if you get stuck
    And yell oh shucks!
    With its cousin the French fry
    It tells no lies
    With ketchup in your right
    and the last fry in your left
    Its just the burger on your plate
    It truly is impossible to hate

    Please pick me!

  5. Honza on


    As a matter of fact, my burger knowledge is so profound that when Coolio was writing his hit song Gangsta’s Paradise, he based it off my song Burger Paradise, using the same melody, but changing my original lyrics:

    As I eat my way through the burger I have
    I take a look into my hands and realize there’s nothin’ left
    Cause I’ve been eating and chewing so long,
    That even the waitress knows that the burger’s gone
    But I ain’t never eaten a burger that didn’t deserve it
    Always eat them medium rare, ’cause that’s just how you serve it
    You better get a side of fries and leave the fork down
    Or you and your friends are up for a walk
    I really hate to brag but I gotta say
    Berlin has better burgers than the USA, fool
    I ate the kinda B’s the little homies wanna get
    On my knees in the night saying prayers so please let me try

    The best burgers you can find, in Prince Charles on a Saturday night
    The best burgers you can find, in Prince Charles on a Saturday night
    The best burgers you can find, in Prince Charles on a Saturday night
    The best burgers you can find, in Prince Charles on a Saturday night

    Needless to say, he is a better rapper than me…

  6. Luke on


    Meat, Mary, is my greatest passion in life, and the burger is its most perfect form.

    Having been raised on a small beef farm in Upstate New York by my father, a local restauranteur, and mother, a second generation Sicilian American, I understand that meat – especially beef – is the defining characteristic of a meal.

    I am not, however, one of these rich-kid hipsters whose daddy finances globetrotting burger research just to keep the kids out of the mansion. I have had to go to great lengths and endure great hardships, at times even suffering full-time employment, for the sake of my transatlantic culinary epicureanism. It would be great to finally get a free meal in life!

    If you are looking for a burger judge who spent three entire days preparing a Berlin Thanksgiving of exclusively New World ingredients that would have been available to the Pilgrims…
    If you are looking for a burger judge who understands that Bauchspeck is no substitute for bacon…
    If you are looking for a burger judge who call tell internal temperature just from the glisten of the patty…

    I am your man.


    (Ich kann ja auch fliessend Deutsch!)

  7. Dimitar on


    I can’t tell guacamole from feta cheese. But I’m in for free burgers. (Hope the feedback list isn’t too complicated, though.)

  8. Anika on


    Hi Mary,
    I have recently moved back to Berlin after 10 years in London. I love burgers!!! I’ve spent most of my time in London actually eating Burgers – having been a General Manager for the most awesome Burger brand in London and selling hundreds of Burgers every day, it was kind of research to see how the competition was doing (or at least a great excuse ;)). I used to live and breathe burgers – I literally had to test them every day in my working life (not even to mention the amazing tasting sessions for new specials every month) and still didn’t get enough of them. Ask anyone who knows me, if there is a burger on the menu, I will order it! I feel like I have honestly conquered ALL of the London Burger scene, from typical British pub burgers to American style sloppy burgers to Asian inspired fine dining burgers to more than hip Hipster burgers, I have tried as much as I could possibly fit into me. Now that I’m back in Berlin I can’t wait to tug into all these awesome looking burgers you keep mentioning and being a judge in this competition would be the ultimate challenge, as well as the perfect start to my new “Burgers in Berlin” chapter. I can’t wait for Saturday and keep all my fingers crossed that you might pick me.
    Anika :)

  9. Big mufa sniffin pork legs on


    Hey Friends
    Meat is love and we all need love, so more meat is more burger is more Love!!!
    Easy, let´s do it…After try all the burgers, I´m full of love and ready to the after Party.

  10. Lisa on


    Hey, I am a chef, dancer and gypsy and I have worked primarily in plant-based establishments the past 6 years (US, Australia, Berlin, Bali and the UK). I am originally from Austria so I speak German but I like to talk about burgers in English :-) I lived in NYC for 7 years on and off and although I was surrounded with some pretty tasty buns & patties I have to say I was never a big burger fan. Now you might wonder why I am writing this comment, asking to be part of the judges? Because I recently started to get a tiny bit obsessed with the whole burger concept and I have tried a lot of (awful) vegetarian versions so I want to show that although or actually because I work a lot with vegan, healthy and raw food I still eat meat and I have a very refined palate that will help me judge this battle :-)

  11. Giulia on


    Hi! I’m an Italian burger-lover arrived in Berlin few months and looking for the ultimate food-discovery experience here. I dream of making a career out of it very soon, give me a opportunity to prove myself worthy! I come from the land of juicy Chianina beef meat, where our traditional Italian products combined are becoming very very special burgers, so I can assure you I acquired some good tasting experience during the years and I would not disappoint!

  12. lka on


    Weil ich ein gerne gut esse und plan von Fleisch habe:D


  13. Carl on


    Hi guys, I’m Carl.

    I’d like to think that I’ve eaten most burgers in Berlin. But of course that’s not true. But oh god, I’ve had many.

    When eating I am looking for perfection. And sometimes I look for the nearest greasy patty between two dry breads. I eat meat, however last year I was a vegetarian, getting by on veggie-burgers, so I know those too.

    I had an internship in Tokyo for a while. On the side I wrote a few (admittedly shoddy) articles for famous burger blog A Hamburger Today. They wanted me to be their Tokyo burger-tester, trying out all the crazy japanese burgers, but the famous Japanese working hours stopped me dead in my tracks.

    Recently I have been trying to get into the so called “healthy lifestyle”, I would personally love to join the jury as it gives me an excuse to munch down on greasy things again.

    Let me know if you need my help.

    Nom nom…


  14. patrick on


    i love burgers
    and im hungry
    got no money
    for yummy yummy :D

    let me test all this delicious burgers out there! i will share them with my friends and i promise we will rock you at the afterparty

  15. Sid on


    I am no burger-connoisseur or something. As a matter of fact I am living more like a vegan ever since I came to Berlin, except for three dishes: Steaks, Burgers and Döner. I believe the world would be a damn sad place without them. I love meat that´s perfectly done and I utterly enjoy the creativity of the Burger-masters at Burgers and Hip Hop. They just know their shit. And like most of the Burgers and Hip Hop-pilgrims I had somewhat wet dreams about trying them all without ever having the funding or the stomach capacity to do it. But as I will leave Berlin in a few weeks and this will probably be my last Burgers and Hip Hop I thought drastic changes call for drastic measures! So why not be my cinderella-fairy and let me drown in meat, buns, sauces and cheese? Why not give me the sweetest despair when I wake up the next day feeling twice as heavy? The pleasure would definetly be on my side ;)

    PS: Thanks for giving the opportunity, whoever gets it will have an unforgettable night, that will be hard to stomach ^^

  16. tom on


    my belly is an expert on burgers. sadly though, he doesn’t give interviews.

  17. Stephan on


    Hey Mary!
    Thank you for once again organizing this great event!
    I’m a German guy, 26 years old and originally from the “Ruhrgebiet”. During my time in college, I studied a year abroad in the land of the burger – the US of A. There, in Oklahoma and Texas, I found my love for the simple, yet sophisticated dish.
    Now, a couple years later, I moved to Berlin which, thankfully, developed an awesome Street Food scene that is ever-expanding. Creativity of Berlin’s chef never seems to fade. Finally, I was lucky enough to being referred to your blog so that I also discovered Burger’s & Hip Hop. Even though the last volume of this event was my first one, I was quite impressed by the diversity of both, burgers and visitors of the party. I met interesting people and it was quite the experience (I voted for the French bœuf burguignon burger btw). Thus, my mind is definitely set on going again this Saturday whether or not I would be an official judge or not.
    Once again, thank you for all your efforts!


  18. Cynthia on


    I’m not really a burger lover – make me change my mind!

  19. Simon on


    I can eat my weight in burgers. Like a starving ant on steroids.

  20. Pawel on


    I’ve been drooling over these since the first one for this edition was posted a few days ago. I’m going to try them all anyway. It would be a waste of years of burger expertise to not let me vote.

  21. Laird Brown on


    One of my friends claims that sacred cows make the best burgers, which is ironic because I moved to Berlin from India. I lived there for five years and didn’t have a single burger since beef is illegal in most states. So it would be more an act of compassion than reward for competence if you put me on your tasting team. I would also love to go the the after party. Will there be any Morris dancing?

  22. Ayah on


    I simply think that burgers are the best creation that American’s came up with!

    As my last meal, I would proudly have a burger.

  23. Ayah on


    and p.s your blog changes my life in Berlin in the most subtle but beautiful ways! so thank you!

  24. Justin Katz on


    My name is Justin Katz but they call me The Fatboy. I was born in South Africa, raised in Australia and currently residing in the wonderful city of Berlin. Oh, and I love burgers. Rumour has it, if you cut me open, all you will find is ingredients to a burger. If you don’t believe me check my Instagram – @thefatboyeats

  25. Gunangello & Bauski (aka Burger-Bonzen) on


    This is Bauski and Gunangello, also known as the Burger Bonzen (eng.: Burger Fat-Cats or Burger Snobs) We’ve taken upon us to infiltrate the posh scene of Berlin’s burger grill. It’s a quest to uncover those who unworthy of the meat and just live off a “unique” name and interior and to honor those who really live the realigion of pattys, buns and sauces. Our verdict is unforgiving, we do not tollerate deceiving appearances. If the chef doesn’t even know what “medium rare” means, if the patty are not fresh ground but defrost, if there’s too many people in wool hats although it’s summer, the Burger Bonzen will tear that place apart. But if the spirit of the fried cow lives through you, if you can explain the difference in taste between the griddle and the grill even to the vegan and if you put a kitchen-roll on the table instead of cuttlery…we will spread tales of your glory near and far!

    So if you do us the honour we will gladly take a seat at the table to judge the served burgers.

  26. The McDonald's Virgin on


    Hi there Stil in Berlin,

    Recently in New York, I tried a McDonald’s hamburger for the first time.

    The Times did a write up, which you can find here.

    I found the experience more or less bewildering. ‘The food could be better,’ I declared. ‘But they need to tell a better story, talk more about quality, the source of the ingredients, address the health concerns. I can assure you that if they had a great story and a better company culture, this same burger would taste a lot better.’ That’s my conclusion, and I’m sticking to it.

    In any case, I’m interested in continuing my exploration, but widening the stage to an international level. Saturday with you folks looks like a great place to start. As fas as my credentials go, I think the article speaks for itself. I’m articulate (‘I’d come back for the fries and coffee.’), knowledgeable re: burgers (‘It’s a treat. People love them, but no one should be eating one every day.’), and have a nose for atmosphere (‘raucous teenagers were having a good time’).

    Save a seat for me at the judges’ table on Saturday, and we can step up our burger game together.

    Someone who might as well be G. Zakarian

  27. Jesse L on


    I’ve had 8 of the top 10 previously named ‘best burgers’ of Berlin – please let me indulge myself. I’ve got a recommendation for you guys – a joint that I haven’t seen featured anywhere on any list but in my mind is undoubtedly the best burger in the city Rembrandt Burger on Richard-Sorge-Straße! If you let me sit with you at the judging table (and I promise to be as objective as possible) I will gladly take the whole team out for burgers there! Much love to the team – looking forward to the event regardless of which side of the table I sit on tomorrow!

  28. Stephan on


    Hi Mary!
    Did you already make your choice and where will the results be published? Thanks!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Stephan – sry, but the chosen ones already received a mail… Better luck next time!

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