Fashion in Berlin: Michael Sontag

The area around Markthalle 9 is – surprisingly – not only a center for foodies, but for fashion designers. More than one of the city’s best talents established their studios in the surrounding streets. And one of them just opened up his first shop – Michael Sontag.

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If you’re interested in Berlin fashion design, you’ve heard his name. Maybe from Suzy Menkes, who described him as “hopeful” several years back; or you’ve seen his designs on Christiane Arp, editor in chief of German Vogue, who likes to wear his clothing when out and about, and to put it in her magazine.

His just recently opened store is a beauty. Michael Sontag completely remodeled a former unremarkable shop and in doing so discovered wonderful details – like the striking stucco decoration that emerged once the old ceiling was removed.

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The renovation was done in cooperation with StudioCE and Sönke Martensen – they decided to remove the former front of the shop and replace it with a giant glass window and door, making the inside super bright. From the outside the oversized glass forms a striking yet reserved break in the Altbau-facades. With barren walls and a screed flooring, the shop creates the perfect taken-aback while being extraordinarily elegant background for Sontag’s designs who can easily be described with the same terms.

His dresses, coats, pants and blouses are lined along one wall in his distinct colors of this season, an intense red stands out against the woolen grey, pure white and deep black. His cuts might seem simple at first, but when worn the delicate draping creates and aloof and graceful look, that still has a very casual, almost cosy appeal to it.

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In addition to his clothing, he showcases his jewelry designs and some accessories, with more to come in the next weeks. It is the best location to try one of his designs, with the designer himself being present and quick to make recommendations or even suggest changes.

I personally can’t wait to see if and how this new level of customer feedback will influence his designs! And hope you will welcome Michael Sontag’s first store with open arms. (Which means, shop there.)

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Vases by Johanna Schweizer, via Brutto Gusto
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Michael Sontag

Michael Sontag

Muskauerstraße 41

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof

Opening Hours:

Tue, Wed, Fri 13:00–18:00
Thu 15:00–20:00
Sat 11:00–16:00