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Chutnify Berlin Indian Restauran

It’s not advisable to just walk into any Indian restaurant in Berlin. 99% of them are shit. Seriously, Indian food is badly represented in Berlin, but at the same time it’s almost annoyingly present – there are hundreds of places serving bland heavy-cream-curries in heavy-orange-tinted atmosphere. I stopped trying a long time ago and just settled with the fact that there’s none (there wasn’t even a tag for it on this very blog). However, I obviously wasn’t the only one suffering from the lack of tasty paneer – end of last year Prenzlauer Berg welcomed a beautiful addition: South-Indian street food at Chutnify!

Chutnify Berlin Indian Restauran
Bombay Bhel

Berlin was craving Indian food so much, everyone jumped for joy once this opened and so the small joint is packed when we arrive on a weeknight. We were lucky to grab a table, but I would really recommend to book one in advance. The colorful interior is decorated with a lot of love to detail and has a super-cosy feeling (it’s rather dark, hence the terribly lit pictures), the menu comes in between two cardboard wraps and sounds very exciting (including loads of vegan options!): read sweet potato Ragda patty with Masala chickpea mix in a soft wheat bun or Channa Masala rice bowl with chickpeas. The heart of the menu, however, are the dosas, thin vegan lentil-rice pancakes filled with all kinds of things and accompanied by a choice of chutneys, spicy, sour and sweet.

Chutnify Berlin Indian Restauran
The Mean Green Dosa

We started with Bombay Bhel (4,20 Euro), a salad of puffed rice, red onions, lentils, pomegranate seeds, peanuts, cilantro and much more. This dish alone excited me so much with its many complex flavors – sour, fresh, sweet, nutty, tart – and textures, I was ready to call this one the best Indian food I ever had (however, I’ve never been in India, so this label has to be taken with care). The food continued to be scrumptious with Idli – fluffy semolina patties served with curries, sambar (a kind of lentil stew) and chutneys (pictured at the top, 7,20 Euro). This treat was followed by the Mean Green Dosa (9,20 Euro), a dosa filled with green-chutney-marinated paneer cheese, served with, of course, a variety of chutneys (ask for the really spicy one). Oh the joy, I still remember the heart-warming feel of the soft dosa, the squeaky cheese and the many flavors of chutney.

The service is lovely, while a bit confused at times – we had to wait a bit for our order of Chai tea, but it was very worth it. The spicy, warm tea was the best I had in Berlin. You see, I am using a lot of this dreaded best-label, but I really loved it and typing these lines makes me want to go for lunch to Prenzlauer Berg right now. Seriously.

Thanks to Julia for this recommendation.



Sredzkistraße 43

10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Eberswalder Straße

Opening Hours:

daily 12:00–23:00


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  1. Nick on


    You’re totally right! When I first moved to Berlin, I was actually excited by all the Indian restaurants—until I ate at them, that is. I was super excited when Chutnify opened, and it doesn’t fail to impress!

  2. Joram on


    Thank you so much for showing that not every Indian place here is shit. I once liked a place down in Steglitz but over the years it also turned borderline shit.
    We will visit this place and jump into the chutneys!

  3. Vince on


    Need to try this one!!
    I miss the tasty dosas I used to have in the UK, and have only heard good things about Chutnify since it opened…

    However, a reliable option for good north Indian food is Ashoka, near Savignyplatz (Grolmanstr.). It’s been there since the 80’s, and apparently hasn’t changed one bit! The dhal is fantastic (and really cheap!). You can always expect bhangra and indian techno on full volume too. Never been disappointed there…

  4. Yoram Roth on


    I will gladly try this, but allow me to point you to Buddha Republic on Knesebeckstrasse just off Savigny Platz (Charlottenburg).

  5. Julia on


    You are welcome :) Happy you love it as much as I do!

  6. Franci on


    To those who love Indian food:

    Try the restaurant Buddha Republic in Berlin Charlottenburg. They really cook the best Indian food.

  7. Mavin on


    We ate here, I have to say I was totally disappointed.

    While the decor was nice, the service was amateur and so was the food.
    Is it just me or is the whole street food thing amateur in general? It’s a sweeping generalisation, but I always get the impression that the food is secondary to the concept or the design around it. I could be wrong, but it just seems like a lot of designers or other creatives who after cooking a few nice meals for their friends think they have what it takes it run a professional kitchen. Thats a big mistake and one that show up in this restaurant. Decor and everything was really nice, but food was terrible and over-priced.

    W Der Imbis on Kastanienallee is way way way better. It’s a shame that it might be excluded because it isn’t hip enough. Stil in Berlin, if you doing food then please leave the aesthetics of style out of the equation for us to take your reviews seriously.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      You are the first person I know of who doesn’t like this place. If you follow this blog, you know that while I appreciate a well designed place, it can never compensate for bad food. By the way, considering W Der Imbiss as “not hip” is really funny.

  8. Pete Lehmann on


    I live around the Corner of the Restaurant and have been there on various Occasions with Friends, lots of them of Indian origin. Though the Service is sometimes slow, we all love the Food there. Since the Restaurant is always full, make sure you have a Reservation and be prepared that it is not the creme souce Indian Food you are used to from the other Indian Restaurants around.

  9. Christophe on


    I tried so many places recommended on this website that I’m going everytime with closed eyes knowing that it will be amazing, I must say that for the first time I had a bad experience, the food was ok but not very special, the place is nice, BUT the service is really awfull, our waitress wich seemed to be the owner gave us a menu with no explanations of what would be proposed, when I tried to order naan she replied that they are not doing this kind of food without proposing me any alternative, other clients where having dosa next to us… After my lunch I went out angry and with the feeling I was eating in Paris average but arrogant place

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      wow, sorry to hear you had such a bad time! service is a problem in berlin many times, I haven’t heard about it at this place before – the owner is super nice though, so I imagine it wasn’t her. However, this really doesn’t sound good…

  10. mira and lilo on


    we are also in love with that place!!! there is absolutely no better indian restaurant in berlin, the food is just incredibly delicious.

  11. Sarva Prapancha Chakravarthy on


    Chutnify Restaurant yet to go for it. I hope my son Atmaraaj who started his studies in Berlin last month will enjoy eating the South Indian Food sold there. Anyway, he also wish to know is there any shops or stalls that sells ‘Fish or Meat Curry Powder’ like the ‘BABA’ found in Malaysia sold in Berlin, Germany. He is taking the initiative to cook Indian on his own. Please guide us.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I find Yelp hard to trust, Chutnify does have some problems with the service, but that wouldn’t justify a 1-star review (fueled by anger about those “blogs staging a hype”) – try for yourself and see whether you like it or not is my suggestion :)

  12. Ehlana on


    Speaking as an Indian (from Singapore just to clarify) who really misses her indian food, I would definitely recommend Chutnify for your dose of Dosas! The plain dosas are so crisp, they remind me of the paper dosas I get back home. I too don’t bother going to Indian eateries and prefer to make my own curries and masalas at home; that said Chutnify is definitely the exception. Also, I too agree with Ms Scherpe, the owner is Chutnify is a really lovely person, read to recommend dishes and caters, very patiently, to my 4yr old!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      happy to hear you liked it as well :)

  13. Sandy on


    Chutnify is great restaurant! Also, not to forget, ” Indian Express ” ( ). They also have great food, mainly the variety and very friendly environment. Authentic Indian veg and non-veg food. Love it every time!

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