Okonomiyaki in Berlin: Hanage (Closed)

hanage okonomiyaki stilinberlin
Okonomiyaki, from 5 Euro

Update: Closed in Autumn 2015.

It wasn’t because of a lack of excitement – mine was big enough to put this tiny place on the “Ten Restaurants You Have To Try This Winter” list. Sure, Okonomiyaki is not a refined recipe to begin with, ranging more in the likes of hang-over-fast-food, designed to fill your belly with carbs and sodium. And this is basically the only dish served here. But you’ll never guess what’s really the best thing on their menu…

Despite Hanage Okonomiyaki’s very appealing interior design and a delicious Miso soup as a starter, the rather bland and quite mushy pancakes made of shredded cabbage (non of them available as a real vegetarian option, all contain fish-sauce and there’s nothing they can or will do about it) did not convince me.

My fellow eaters tried one filled with meat and a Kimchi-like paste (pictured above), but were also more excited about the fried chicken starter than the fried batter. So excited about the little crispy poultry, in fact, that they went on to call it sublime, like actually excellent! And started fighting about the final piece. Literally, this place was saved by the chicken!

stilinberlin hanage okonomiyaki-5036
Karaage, fried chicken, 4 Euro, actually excellent.


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  1. Teaso on


    Hi! I had the opportunity to eat an okonomiyaki once in Paris, but yours in the picture looks very appetising ;) Maybe I should add it on my Berliner bucket list!

  2. Stephan on


    Oh yes, I can relate. Unfortunately, their Okonomiyaki is nothing close to the real thing in Hiroshima.

  3. Minako on


    I loooove your blog, it’s so useful and looks amazing!! I’ve tried their okonomiyaki, but they are far away from real Okonomiyaki in Japan…I was in shock, almost pissed haha. But their fried chicken looks ok…

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